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  1. I personally believe a dialogue between Muslims and Christians is not only about on what we believe and what our critics are toward eachother. Important is also to find similiarties and informative stuff each other on which we can agree.
  2. An Armenian friend of me who lives in Britain used to live with his family in Iran then they moved out to Azerbajian. As he said, the Armenians have been always been treated good in Iran except in Azerbajian and Turkey. A lot of Armenian groups who live in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine have been liked accepted by those countries. During the genocide in the Ottoman empire many levantine and iraqi people helped the Armenians from those massacres. Saving the Armenians wasnt only a religious thing, but also something to help someone from the same suffer. The Levant and Iraq fought and suffered as also from colonisation and the Ottomans were part of their enemies too, even if they are muslim also. In the palestinian territories some palestinian Christians arent even real Palestinians, they are Armenian descent. Like I said the minority of those Armenians who live in those countries have a long good relation with them.
  3. Yeah I heard about him and he seems a very interesting guy with good views.
  4. Wa aleykum salam I understand what you mean. But i also saw a different view from those people since I was always on contact with Orthodox Christians. About Serbians and Russians its mostly, because of their nationalistic pride that they have such a bad view on Muslims, but we need to understand why they do this? Serbia has suffered with the Ottoman empire and the pride of this nation take the pride to being a Christian also and even the Bosnian war showed many tragedies on any side. About all tragedies during all those conquest and wars we have to learn about it. And I grew up with many people from the Balkan people and the Serbs respect me even as Muslim and they said themselve its pointless to judge other religious people and not to stand to your own mistakes. Serbia as also Croatia and Bosnia did mistakes and some people learned about it and some not. Islam is also the second major religion in Serbia like in the Muslim Sandzak province Novi Pazar. In the Internet you will find Russians who have a good relation with Hezbollah and the SAA as also the Assyrian people and they appreciate the Shia Islamic defendtion of Churches and their religion. Of course what Russians did in Chechnya and other islamic provinces in Russia is a very complicated situation. I personally think in all those bad cases we should view all sides what those people say, if we even want to understand the reason of those conflicts
  5. Asalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuh brothers and sisters Its have been a while that I was visiting ShiaChat again. I want share some experience I made between the realtionship of Shia Islam and Orthodox Christianity and especially also in the eastern world. Orthodox Christians are well know as people from Eastern Europe like Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc. or in the Balkans like Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece etc. and also in the MIddle East in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey. I sometimes talk with a friend of Bulgaria and seems to have a very symphathy for Shia Muslims. He told me that both religions share similiarties in many views of practising religion itself and as also the suffer of the crusades (Orthodox Christians suffered from the 4th crusades, there have been in many centuries a conflict between Orthodoxy and Catholicism). Aswell he appreciate the support of shiite militias helping christian minorieties like Hezbollah many times did. Also take a look into this webpage from a Orthodox community which talk about the relation between the two religions: https://souloftheeast.org/2016/01/22/the-orthodox-shia-alliance/ What text impressed me really of this page was that part: " From the first, in the Shia-Sunni split, there have been interesting parallels with Christendom amongst the followers of Ali. Martyrdom is treated very seriously by the Shi’ites on account of the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala, which, in particular, is of a Christian type. The seventy-two followers of Husayn, who were hopelessly outnumbered in the fight against an army of five thousand, behaved chivalrously, riding out one at a time to draw the fighting away from their main camp, in order to protect the women and children who were with them; Husayn himself did the same thing, and fought in personal combat against the armies of Yazid, and was killed. His body and those of his followers were mutilated outrageously. But in that battle, they laid down their lives for their friends in the same way many military saints of our Church have done. This is not to say, naturally, that the Islamic theology they held to, with its Arian presuppositions, is correct or justified, or that Husayn (or Sheikh al-Nimr) should be treated as a saint by Christians. Only, rather, that the Shia Muslims have for their own prominent spiritual model, a type which (whether consciously or not) recalls the self-sacrifice of Christ." It was also a pleasure to read the comments and some are very interesting how they view us: "Mark Citadel says: January 23, 2016 at 2:34 pm Powerful article. I am very much interested in this topic, as Russian Christian Reactionaries are reaching for alliance with the Shia resistance in the Middle East. I think one can also draw a parallel in the semi-aristocratic nature of the priesthood. Sunni Islam is far more akin to Protestantism than anything else, in which anyone can become an Imam. Shia understand the need for the Traditional structures of warrior and priest in a far more authentic way. I was amazed to find the Alawite sect celebrate Christmas as we do!" "AriusArmenian says: January 26, 2016 at 5:12 pm I rejoice in the victories of the Syrian people over the head choppers and liver eaters that are backed by the US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals and its Middle Eastern proxies. For me it is personal. I will never forget that a Syrian army of mostly Muslim young men fought and died to liberate and protect Christian Kessab after the Turk vermin opened the border to allow the Western backed jihadis to enter and kill Armenians. What did the West do? It backed the Turks and jihadi vermin. The US will back Turkey no matter what it does." Note i dont want to make any conflict because the man metioned Turkey. The relationship between Shia Islam and Orthodox Christianity is very common in the Middle East likewise the relation between Armenia and Iran especially during the time were the Ottomans persecuted the Armenians and they were accepted by the Iranians and also by Syrians and Lebanese. In Lebanon the famous founder of the Amal Movement Musa as-Sadr (R.I.P) had a good relation with Christians. On February 19, 1975, fathers of the Saint Louis Capuchin Cathedral in Beirut was the first time in the history of Islam and Christianity that a Muslim cleric was carrying out a Christian religious rite and that was Musa as-Sadr! During the disastrous civil war in Lebanon, he said in an interview: “One of the most important objectives behind the plots that struck Lebanon was to destroy the form of coexistence and national unity in Lebanon. When coexistence is targeted by a plot, the symbols of coexistence will definitely be the first to be attacked." “I do not suppose anyone in Lebanon to be a symbol of national unity as much as I am, because in addition to the cultural, social, and political contacts and all-out relations I have with all Lebanese sects, I reached a point that, three years ago at Saint Louis Capuchin Cathedral, I preached Christians during the Lent. No one in the world has reached such a position. That was just like a Christian clergyman preaching Muslims during the Friday prayers. So I became the symbol of national unity, and thus, the plot directly targeted me,” “We have gathered for the human being; the human being for whom religions came; the religious which were of the same origin, and each promised the emergence of the other, and acknowledged each other,” "Every bullet that is shot at a Christian town is as if it is shot at my home, heart, & children." - Sayid Musa Sadr A similiar untiy can be also find in Syria between the Alawites or the Shia minority toward the Orthodox Syrians. Since the independence of Syria againt the colonialist power of France, unity was a very important symbol even today with the government of Assad. In my opinion the eastern world is more open when its about the dialogue between Islam and Christianity (besides from any secretarian group). Instead in the western world it seems difficult to talk about it since the media and authors are potraying Islam far from Christianity. We really should be open about it instead of giving us judgements which nowadays sadly happen many times. Thats all what I have to say Wa aleykum salam
  6. Sorry brother my fault. I know there are still Iranians who love Islam^^
  7. Most of them are very Liberal or are nationalists. Its become famous that most Iranians becomes Atheist or Zoroastrian, because after the revolution and disagreeing with Islam. They werent really into the Religion and their familys didnt really teached them about Islam, its just a matter of how you grew and teach your children and does not only happen to muslim people, it happen also to christians, jew etc.I really would be curious what does this women know about the Ahlul Bayt, about the enemys of the Ahlul Bayt, about the morals and teaching of the Ahlul Bayt and their hadiths, but I guess she called her herself to used to be Muslim (without knowing what sect she belong) just in generally and left Islam with reasons which seem for me in my opinion only used by people who use the typical stereotypical judgements from the mainstream media and political views. The Ahlul Bayt was always against slavery, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his followers suffered a lot under the treatment of the Ancient Pagan Arabs and he liberated the arab people from the slavery and from those rulers and also during the times where Imam Hussain (as) died, his family and his followers got a very bad treament from Yazid (la). Nobody nowadays can be a "real muslim", only the Prophets, the 12 Imam, the Ahlul Bayt and all their loyal followers. Nowadays everyone can call himself a muslim, but does he/she really care about his faith? Does he/she really know everything and exactly about Islam? They rather do what the modern world say then listen to the teaching of Islam and we shouldnt do anything against them and keep our own buisness and spreading the teaching of Islam and the Ahlul Bayt. Some Ex-Muslims couldnt imagine how the live of Ex-Atheist changed better when they converted to Islam. Wa salam brother
  8. I believe that the Bible deny the Trinitiy a lot and there are several verses who proof this. Trinity is from pagan influence and it was used by the Romans like for their Gods like this: Jupiter (the roman God as the father role), Juno (wive of the God) and Minerva (the daughter). Not only Romans also like the Hindus who called it Trimurti and those are Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the keeper) and Shiva (the destroyer). Do you know this story about Arius from Alexandria who was one the ancient Christians scholars who denied the trinity and believed in the absolute unity of one god. Constantin was the one who decide about the Trinity and the ancient Christians didnt had any choice to talk or defend themselve about this thing.
  9. Wa aleykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh brother At the moment she refuse to have a look in the Quran. I tried many times to explained it her, but she only say "Why you deny the verses in the Bible" which make me the discussion not always easy. I think Hadith are important sources also and they can help you also to understand the Quran. There are many important Shiite ancient books which non muslims should try to read to understand what Islam and the Ahlul Bayt (as) means. Its also nowadays a problem that non muslim people can not view a difference from the Quran in their main language and Arabic language and the real meaning of the verses.Thank you for your advice brother and Inn Shah Allah she will collect good experiences. Wa Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
  10. Thats also what made me thinking a lot. The Bible was changed so much by the Romans and many things what Catholic or Orthodox Christianity have today is mostly adopted by the Romans from Pagan influence like even rules who are not even compareable to the Bible.
  11. Asalamu aleykum wr wb my brothers and sisters I want to ask you if there are any Quranic and Hadith sources for those Bible verses. My mother is a Christian lady and she show me that verses. Another question is: How is it that the Bible calls Jesus son of God and Allah swt should be the father? I found even enough Bible verses who explain that God is one and almighty, however this son and father thing is confusing me a bit, but I can remember there was something about the difference of the translation of the Bible like differences in Latin, Hebrew, Aramean and Greek. I would be glad if someone can send me good sources. Wa salam
  12. Salam aleykum There is maybe few question about this in the forum, but im a bit confused. Some say Alawites pray to Imam Ali, some say they dont accept the 12 Imam, some say they believe in a trinity that makes them look like a islamic christian sect or something, but honestly some brothers/sisters told me that they are "Shia Muslims" or just a "Ismaili sect" and they practise the same Shia way. Well those myths tell me that seem looks like the same myths against Shia Muslims which mostly are not true. Also I saw several pics from the Al Assad Family which they are praying or Bashar kissing the Quran. Does someone know more about Alawites?
  13. Wa Salam brother Im live Switzerland but orignally im Italian
  14. My favourites are Vegeta and Piccolo from DBZ Sandokan - is a malaysian warrior and the cartoon and movie was made in Italy Zoro from One Piece Big Boss from MGS King and Armor King from Tekken Lol its a pretty special list
  15. This is very informative and I didnt knew about ISO. We can also see how the trust grow to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Example Orthodox Christians, Druze, Alawites and Communist support them also. I think same that is not easy for Iran to help Afghanistan and Pakistan if the countries are full of Talibans, US/NATO troops and corrupt politicans on side of Saudi Arabia.
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