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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sallam, sorry i didnt logged in for a while in shiachat.had seen ur reply to my post today.so my email is sqkazmi@yahoo.com, drop me a few lines of email,i,ll respond u there and can reply u about ur property buying interest in spain.thank you very much Qasim
  2. Is there any one on Shiachat?interested in Property business.cheap homes to buy in spain? financing options also available. Masallama
  3. Sallam Any one ,on shiachat,who is into the business of computers, and Mobile fones.If there are businessmen ppl,who can export used Laptops and semi new mobile fones to spain,please contact me. Thank you very much. jazakALLAH Alkhair. Masallama.
  4. sallam, can i recomend u some one from nechutal,french speaking shia family ,they can help your friend in understanding the true sprit of shia islam??
  5. so where are you in europe Abeer TALAT??may b we can fine an opurtunity in ur place in europe?
  6. yes we are looking to start something ,either in Germany,Holland,denmark etc.so looking for fellow shis businessmen brothers and sisters,with whome we can discuss this opurtunity.are you from europe?
  7. SALLAM, I want to find business doing shia comunity in the EUROPE.especially in the central Europe. and to exchange some business ideas with them.So please response to me,and lets discuss some precticall business ideas. Thank you very much
  8. My email sqkazmi@yahoo.com has been blocked so that email is not working any more.
  9. Well surely u have reasons what u have stated,its related a bit with what u have stated.But i have seen,He entirely use names like YA ALI ,YA ALI,and Holy names of ALLAHA,and some other holy words related to Imam Ali a,s.And he tries to diagonose ppl,s problem after knowing his or her date of birth and info about their parents. and tell them what is happening with them in their lives.
  10. Yes,all he recommends is zikar to recite,in other to be healed spritually.Well if some one has to try to check wheater this phenamenon gets working with him or her,send me PM and i,ll talk with my friend about them
  11. the prblm like business nd job worries thn social nd marriage issues nd then peace in life
  12. HE is doing that since many many years,ppl ask him for their social,finacial,family problems and he tries to diagonose it spiritually and advice him holy things to recite and in most of cases ppl feel getting cured with that.
  13. well ,yes better to be careful from ppl but we shuld listen to every one and then should think and ponder on it,sometimes we being possessives not caring to pay attention to others but often the other one is saying some right things as well
  14. he is into this knowldge ,as he claim to b from last 22 years,and he says he can perdict what some one is is facing hardships in his or her life.if he or She tell him his/her date of birth and parents names,then he can perdict what is the problem with the person in question. well listening to him,its really seem that he has knowldge any way,rest ALLAHA is ALL KNOWER
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