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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If these mods had ounce of compassion in their hearts they would ban users like this who watch CNN, probably love Clinton, sanders and the entire system. We need to raise awareness so funding is stopped for those terrorist groups targeting civilians. What mod here has the love of the Holy Prophets and Imams in their heart and brave enough to ban this user despite the overall liberal moderators on this site.
  2. I like how Trump called out CNN as being fake news and exposing true founders of ISIS and its affiliates in Syria and Iraq. Say what you want but Trump will make positive changes. He'll build a giant wall between USA and Mexico. He'll implement better screening of immigrants trying come from Middle East and South Asian immigrants. We need less of those FOB immigrants here. Anybody who wants to protest against Trump should leave this country so that true Americans can work together to make this country great again.
  3. No it's not worth reading. I didn't read one sentence in fact from that transcript.
  4. Im in shipping industry seeking new clients who want to import any type of goods from the USA. Message me. I can absolutely get you the best rates for importing from USA
  5. most of these women don't love a man for who he is but rather what he can do for them
  6. A lot of these new age females though continue to be brainwashed by media though. Men also
  7. Don't be misguided man. When you grow you wanna grow in all ways. You wanna continue to be healthy. When you get married, getting healthier together should also be a goal. Don't let effeminate media dictate to you instead of Islam
  8. A lot of people hate reality because it condemns the falsehoods they've incorporated into their lives. They couldn't bear to part with their pleasures/desires to live in true reality.
  9. How come these days a lot of women just want to get married for the sake of getting married , as an end in itself? Are there any women that want to get married to improve their physical self, mental , and purification of their soul? It doesn't seem like that any more. Nowadays a lot of women I know just want to get married so they can post pictures on social media about their perfect life
  10. Mashallah. It's great they highlight this fact. The Muslim women look much more respectable and publicizing this logic may help others wake up
  11. I would lay a lot of money down on the table with Donny Trump because he knows to make the $$ cash money $$
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