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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The brother said he spoke to Sheikh Mallah personally about this, knowing a thing or two about Al-Mahdi Institute I know all the people there are very accessible, why not do what brother truth177 did? The response on youtube was a brief one just to clarify he does accept wilayah of Imam Ali which was the main misunderstanding people had - as is clear even in the title of this thread. so I wouldn't expect every detail, personal apology and God knows what else - maybe he now needs to publicly confirm his compliance with every single detail of Shia belief before you guys are satisfied? Maybe a pu
  2. regardless of everything else I think the last remark is a fair point. If indeed he regrets calling that TV channel and he feels it is important enough to publicly clarify his position, why in the world would we not simply forgive him? At the very least, contact the man and speak to him directly if you feel so strongly about it that you're ready to speak so harshly about him in public. what happened to finding 70 excuses for your brother? What happened to advising your brother in private before bringing things out in public?
  3. Salam pls look at the latest debate regarding Almahdi institute even after shaykh ali recorded a video in english refuting claims and anything that say's that he doesn't follow and love ahlul bayt, in which he clearly a Shiite and love ahlul bayt but still on here they won't accept it? Rediculous . The YouTube video is on the following link http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?xl=xl_blazer&v=trbS1LY8Y5w

  4. Socrates and others, how much about this Institute do you actually know to call the entire institution a sham? What do you know about its activities? About the activities of all the teachers and other students/ post-grads? Most people in Birmingham will tell you nothing but good things about the Institute. Having someone whose some beliefs are close to Sunni in an admin position makes the entire institution a "sham", "against shias" and "something we can do without? Come on. They even have proper Sunnis occasionally lecturing there, so what. Its an academic institution, not a Shi'a version of
  5. Yes, it was him, yes he did say that, yes he became AMI's manager recently (not the "head", he's simply in an administrative position now, Shaykh Arif is the head), most other people at AMI disagreed with him on this issue but accepted that he's entitled to his opinions based on his personal research. And yes, AMI generally is quite progressive/reformist/liberal or whatever you want to call it, but don't come up with things like "Al Mahdi Institute is against shias" based on one of its students opinions on a couple of topics which he was not even making in any capacity representing the Institu
  6. The Just Ruler or the Guardian Jurist: An Attempt to Link Two Different Shi'ite Concepts Hossein Modarressi http://www.scribd.com/doc/20507732/Modarressi-The-Just-Ruler-or-the-Guardian-Jurist-An-Attempt-to-Link-Two-Different-Shiite-C
  7. Please post all you have from JSTOR, they have lots of amazing stuff and aren't available for subscription for individual users.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0gluqWhf8E (before you all jump on me: I'm only posting this to show that Shaykh Tijani, with all respect to him, is not an oracle, he does say some silly things sometimes. Not to say that what he said in the video posted by OP is silly either - just a side point really).
  9. Upload it somewhere and share with us after youre done bro.
  10. I see. Could you just mention briefly what was it in there that was controversial?
  11. If this attitude is only to be mocked by true Muslims then what does it tell us about our relation with our religion? That it can only hold us in its grips when its imposed? Take that away and we instantly fall into corruption? By the way Persian Shah, I guess you have missed my post in the Saanei discussion, you mentioned your SC post regarding Saanei's aqaid and I asked you to give me a link cause I wasn't able to find it, could you help me out please?
  12. It's quite interesting to see that its usually the extreme examples of boozing and homosexuality that are used to scare us into believing that without a strict Islamic government we will necessarily fall into one massive chaos and corruption and to allegedly support the entire idea of every aspect of social life being governed by imposing fiqh rules on people. Incidentally, when we look into ahadith we do have some examples of public drinking and homosexuality being punished but we do not see any religious police on the streets of Medina checking if couples are married or related or if women d
  13. Yep, let's take it off Kadhim then and take it back to Shaykh Arif: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgMPu_L0Pt4 The only reason I started this is that Kadhim summed it up perfectly, it's a brilliant post and I hope it doesn't get lost due to that original thread being locked.
  14. The thread in which this post appeared has been locked and will be subject to some cleaning as far as I understand so in case it gets lost or forgotten somehow I'd like to share it here as it is the best thing I've read on this forum in months:
  15. Why don't you all just put aside the two sides you hold onto so dearly in this political debate and just objectively research the nature of modern media, both state controlled and corporate funded. You don't really have to be a critic of IRI to be critical and sceptical about reports on Press TV or any other media outlet. Just like you don't have to be anti-British to be sceptical about BBC. Read some Chomsky folks. Likewise, you don't have to be a blind lover of IRI to accept those Press TV reports which seem credible. Its just common sense and a bit of knowledge on how the media work, I ca
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