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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Schoolboys who think they are an Ayatollah, even though they've only been Muslim for about 5 minutes, are really the ones that need to grow up, especially if they are disciples of someone like Big Mac.
  2. Wholeheartedly agree. Unfortunately there really is no befitting manner of punishment in Britain today.
  3. Well then, you've obviously visited the many Iranian Mutah Masjids? Or perhaps you're a Convert who can't find a wife, so is continuing your Western lifestyle? Anyway, in your highly knowledgeable opinion, what percentage of Twelvers have practiced Mutah? Take a guess and break it down in to males and females, young and old. If, like you imaginatively say, it is widely practiced, then why does it remain so taboo, and why do most people find it so difficult to find - like you know, the brother who started this very thread? I hope you've helped the poor guy out and hooked him up, because appare
  4. The British public won't take much more of this horrific sickness - a storm is brewing...
  5. All the other Shia sects do not accept Mutah, it's purely a Twelver thing my friend.I said it is taboo, not Haraam - even though your sect considers Mutah Halal, it is still very much looked down upon in your community and rarely practiced. Ask your mother if she had any Mutah relationships in the past and take note of her reaction. There are many valid arguments in support of Mutah and there are many valid arguments against Mutah. You are a Twelver so should follow your Ayatollahs opinion and not think for yourself on this issue. What other people do is not my concern so by all means go get
  6. No insult was intended my friend. Converts are great people, many of them make better Muslims than those of us born in to Islam! They are often more sincere and devout in their faith as they've made the conscious effort to choose it, so don't take it for granted like the rest of us. Watching new Converts pray Namaaz is quite beautiful, they are completely focussed on their duty at hand while everyone else is chatting and rushing through the Rakats and checking their phones every other minute. At the same time though, some Converts make the worst Muslims as they become too engrossed with dogma
  7. You don't need to engage in Mutah to get to know someone. In which case why do most Twelvers see the same Boyfriend/Girlfriend dynamic as being so immoral among Western society? The theory might be different, but in practice, it is the same.Naturally if "Mutah Boyfriends/Girlfriends" become all the rage amongst Twelvers, the community will suffer the same negative consequences that we see in the West. Lets not use the words Islamic perspective my friend, why not be more specific and say it is Halal according to the Twelver perspective. Exactly. Mutah is taboo, and quite rightly so. This fac
  8. Excellent post Sister. It's very rare to see a female perspective on Mutah on this forum. Usually it's just young virgin males expressing their frustrations and sexual fantasies. Mutah may well be permissible but only in extreme circumstances - the same way that eating pig is permissible if we are starving etc. Thankfully it is considered taboo and not practised by the majority of Twelvers. The fascinating thing is how the tiny minority of people who do practice Mutah, use it to conform to a Western lifestyle. A very strange way of using (abusing) Islam to mirror secular morality. Girls might
  9. Not really brother, this guy is a well known black journalist. Maybe not a Muslim, but still a member of a minority here in the UK. As far as the natives will be concerned, this is just one foreigner defending another. Yes, some of this reporting, but not all. In fact most of the mainstream reporting in the UK is quite balanced (despite the accusations of those with a persecution complex) but may well change in the not too distant future. Then we'll look at old issues of the Daily Mail and wonder how liberal things were back in 2013 lol. We live in a Capitalist society, this is to be expected.
  10. I'm sure the author of this article means well, but this kind of rhetoric almost always does more harm than good. If the Muslim (or any) community has an inherent problem, it should be faced and dealt with. Pointing at other people and saying "well you guys are just as bad" solves nothing and makes us look like we're part of the problem.
  11. Is that because I asked if you are gay? If you are, then I can understand your bitterness. Great, not only have you left Islam, you're also beginning to sound like my mother-in-law lol. You mean my loyalty to God? Why would that be blind? Has your "proof" changed the world?No? Well it can't be all that much of a "proof" then can it brother. Not a dilemma at all my friend. Freeing each and every slave, all at the same time, would have caused chaos. Therefore freeing them in small and large numbers over the course of time, would makes perfect sense. Incorrect. Slavery, and in particular the mec
  12. I'm surprised you didn't reply to the last post I made in that thread. Don't you want to describe the sublime metamorphosis you went through to become the vastly superior Atheist you are today lol. True, some of them do, but then you can't blame them really as they are unmarried (therefore don't understand women at all yet) and don't have children (therefore have no bond with a daughter) and are probably virgins (therefore are frustrated and primarily view women as sex objects).For brothers like this, females are mainly an abstract and obscure "theory" which they have little real world knowled
  13. Hating the US isn't really going to accomplish anything is it brother. America is powerful right now, so it's conquering the weak. Back when Muslims were powerful, they also conquered the weak.If you want to defeat a bully, you have to be smarter than him and stronger than him. Whining about him achieves nothing. The Arabs need to get their act together instead of fighting amongst themselves and frittering away their immense wealth.
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