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  1. Yes. This if actualized can crumble the entire corporates. For example, in Muslim countries where Palestinians are supported by 90% people. Not only the buyers can boycott. But even those who have showrooms of these products, who have taken franchise. Simply [edit] close the showroom. Done. A HUGE LOSS indeed.
  2. Yes. In fact it's too late. Marja have been saying this for years. But we never cared.
  3. Hashd yesterday has released 7000 men. I found this news from a source.
  4. That's a genuine fear I believe. Seeing how lunatic these terrorists are, they are 1000 times worse than ISIS. I cannot ignore the nuclear options on there table. But all power belongs to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Hope for justice and peace are alive.
  5. Salaamunalaikum everyone here, @Eddie Mecca @Ashvazdanghe @Abu Hadi and other brothers and sisters. My advice to all those who support Palestinian resistance is that — stop debating with these moral pundits now. We have to keep on spreading the truth. Spreading the information. Whatever we can do in our own abilities to help Gaza and Palestine, this is the time. Liberation of al Quds is near inshallah. There is a lot to do. Gaza is out of fuel. The voices must be heard. We must dedicate our times to gather information from the frontlines and the land. Maybe any channel for support to Gaza will open. I am not sure. But please all, keep an eye and spread so that we can gather maximum support financially, morally and in information warfarr for Gaza. Just STEP UP.
  6. I request all these keyboard warriors condemning Hamas for everything to spend a week in Gaza. Book your tickets and GO. Maybe you can provide a better alt to people over there so that they can side with you. Even Israel will be so happy that finally 'men with mind and soul have arrived'. Finally, they will have a reason to stop bombing children and find a 'peaceful solution'. [I guess this message is not offensive for the MOD to warn me]
  7. This statement has no basis. Palestinians captured military bases, military equipment from IDF and captured there commanders and soldiers. While this is happening, you are 'sure' that most of those killed were civilians? Don't forget that Israel follows a citizen army protocol. Every citizen has combat experience and every citizen is armed. In a war zone, everyone who carries arms is a legitimate target. So, stop making such assumptions and policing Iran of what to do and what not. Also, hizbullah is more shia than us if you take the note and they are more close to the situation than us. Atleast in hours like these we can trust our fellow mumineen instead of adopting the attitude of kufans.
  8. Dr. Farrokh did a whole 4 part series of speeches on the topic. It is the taxpayer money of Americans. Doesn't matter a non-muslim, shia, sunni Or any scholar. Their contribution to Palestine indirectly is evil.
  9. Jazakallah brother for your response. This reminds me about one more angle that I forgot to mention. You see that ibn Yaqteen had a fatwa from Imam As Sadiq (عليه السلام) to be in taqiyya and their are many such examples in Islamic history. What does Mehdi Hasan holds? Does he carry any verdict from a marja'? One more point, if Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) commanded his companion to go in Taqiyya, you cannot say that their was no point in it. But Mehdi (even if I apply your logic) is just going by his own whim. Trying to tell the Americans about Palestine. What has Americans to do with Palestine? Isn't grayzone then doing much better job? They almost daily speak of Palestine, Syria and Iraq. I can at maximum hold back from defaming him if their is even a small chance that he is doing Taqiyya on the order of a marja' or the Wali e Faqih.
  10. Not to forget, he got in argument with Sayyed Muhammed Marandi on twitter. A man who was in Iran-Iraq war himself and was attacked by chemical weapons by Saddam's army. But no respect and no genuine consideration from Mehdi's side for such a warrior. Taqiyya doesn't obligates you to fight with your own Muslim brother (that too a mujahid). Make fun of him and attempt to humilate him.
  11. Let me be very clear and very honest on this topic. As I do listen to Dore, his opponents, Grayzone, Abby, Galloway etc. I had a look into the Twitter files as well and lastly I started up being really fond of Mehdi 5-6 years back but I digged a lot and easily found his views to be pathetic. He has no political understanding. He is a pure careerist sellout. He compares Iran's defence of middle least with the US occupation of the same region. Now, here people are saying that he is in taqiyya. My friend please. Taqiyya in the digital era doesn't make sense. Era of Banu Abbas was different. They were ruthless dictators who could not even tolerate the smell of a shia of Ali near them. So, Ali bin Yaqteen had quite less sources to actually take a stand against the Abbasids. While Mehdi was earlier in Al Jazeera (fair enough) but now he ran further into MSNBC. I beg for an answer. Wasn't Aljazeera enough for him to get a huge audience that now he has literally gone for something purely Yazeedi? What good is he doing there? Talking about Palestine isn't all. Even Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and others sitting in the congress have the guts to speak for Palestine. This is in fact an evil strategy of the taghut. They create a fancy, fake opposition of their policies to keep the truth seekers in hope that 'a change might come'. Talking about the leftist side: Look they are all against Islam. They have a different worldview and they speak for that. But they and Muslims have a common enemy right now and this is what aligns are opinions. Mehdi is not contributing to anything in West or east or anywhere for Islam. He consistently attacks Iran, consistently opposes Iran's interference in Syria and Iraq (almost opposes Qasim Suleimani). He doesn't talk anything rational or remotely good about hezbullah. He is not among us. Talking from pulpit against Yazid doesn't makes you a good Muslim. Even Biden praised Imam Husain on Twitter. The real jihad is to take some stand or steps against 'Yazid of the time'.
  12. The entire is madly supporting and talking about Ukraine. Anyone can understand the nature of this war and supporting Ukraine means siding with the devil.
  13. NATO is already covertly in the war since day 1. No one doubts that. Ukraine cannot stand Russia for so long.
  14. Not going to happen. People have failed to understand due to the sick media content around, that Putin is not intending any invasion. He just wants 2 objectives complete: 1. Pro-Russian speakers and regions in Donetsk, Luhansk and Donbass secure which are subject to attacks by Nazis of Ukraine on daily basis. 2. Removal of NATO from Ukraine and anywhere near it's borders. Why no invasion? Because strategically, the nation that will suffer the most due to invasion will be Russia. Hell will fall apart on them. Even if Russians stepback after invading, they will always remain a target of hostility.
  15. Salaam, Peace? Only way for peace is the complete removal of the zionist entity from the region.
  16. Salaam brother, This was beautifully added. Although, Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) referred as 'dhikr' is being quoted as an interpretation in Tafsir Hub-e-Ali and this is what brother @Syed Ali Mehdi Shah Naqvi is sighting. But yes, as you mentioned. Use of anzalna instead of arsalna.
  17. Can you also see the tafsir in Hub-e-Ali for the word dhikr used in verse 15:6? Let me make it easy. Tafsir Hub e Ali says that their the word 'dhikr' is the Quran. And in the same context the verse 15:9 is also revealed where he concludes it to be the prophet (S) and the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام). So, tafsir Hub-e-Ali is clearly contradicting it's own commentary on the word 'dhikr' in the same context. Hence, this cannot be accepted. Also, 'dhikr' is never used in Quran anywhere for the Holy Prophet (S) but rather for the Holy book. Examples: Surah al Hud, verse 120 Surah an Nahl, verses 43-44 mention both Ahl ul dhikr and dhikr. Dhikr is the Quran and ahl ul dhikr are the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام). Surah Ta'Ha, verse 3 Surah Al Ambiya, verse 10
  18. Happened again!! Muslim nations must take strong actions against Sweden's actions. Least they can do is to sanction Sweden and shut down it's embassy. How can you even allow such people to work with your country? Never
  19. @Ahmad M I am not a gamer brother. But I will go with the above answer. I did search on google by the way but didn't get anything. There are so many fake Imam Ali quotes that internet is filled up with that whenever I type anything like that all those quotes come up.
  20. Hey, Salams. I have people in Melbourne and in a few time I am also arriving for study. Anyways coming to your topic: Inshallah keep hope in Allah. Today is the day of Arafah. Don't miss these great hours from spending time in Dua e Arafah of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام). Additionally, I know there is a panjetan center nearby in Melbourne where you will find your community. Stay connected to community AS MUCH AS possible. Ask all of them if there are any women in the community ready for marriage. I will also try to ask the people I know. Jazakallah May Allah always help you brother!
  21. Iran imo: Good healthcare? Don't know. Good education? Damn yes. Halal food? 100℅ Shia mosque? Mostly. Good weather? Awesome weather. Parks and things to do for kids safe? Don't know much. Talking about future. Iran is consistently on an upper trend in terms of development.
  22. It won't actually. In fact, the one who will adopt her will become the target of mistreatment as well. I don't know what kind of a weird advice that is. Not coming from a sane person. And it's way beyond my head, how this woman is so much up for it. Plus, her parents. In parallel universe an Indian parent will behave like that to her daughter. Giving so much freedom and okay with everything.
  23. Sister I can help you in this. Assalamualaikum. I am from a proper sayyid Family and although by Allah's grace my close ones are not like that but brother @AbdusSibtayn is right. This region is hell in these terms. I am not saying I will help you with this adoption thing. Nonsense. How evil a person could be to give this advice. But I can give you one advice. It is simple: Your in-laws are just scared about their status in society. People will judge them and no one will marry their daughters bcz people will spread rumors. You need your husband back with all his attention and love and not a second option. Ask them to lie. Lying is prohibited in Islam unless you want to avoid a bigger fitnah and here the fitnah is huge. Decide mutually that if anyone among their relation asks about your family background then just name a remote place, a name quite resembling of shias and that's it. If they ask about family, just say my father's name is Abdullah and my mother's name is so-and-so and that's it. Reason for my answer: This is taqiyya because India is an oppressor country for couples like yours. Lying is also fine because in such a manner you are saving your relation, you are closing a case of chaos which can escalate very quickly. Also, you are helping you own parents in this way. Because if Hindu extremists get to know about this situation, they won't spare you a chance. They are worse than Firaun. Also, leave the country with your husband sooner or later.
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