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  1. I did not apply any analogies brother. My point was that Islam and politics are intertwinned with each other. Today we consider karbala and events around it to be a part of religion. We consider talking about Imam Hussayn to be a part of deen. But in the time of Imam, such conversations were a part of political views. So, Allahyari's attacks on marjiyyat and wilayat al faqih are not merely 'political views'. He speaks in the language of enemies of Islam and serves their cause and therefore deserves all curses and condemnations.
  2. You are playing with words brother. This is not what I said nor is it in the video that his channel is paid by CIA or MI6. By the way, the intel works in shadows and you won't get a receipt from his office, so whats the point. But the video focuses on the background of the man and it is clear he is a fitna. Engineer Mirza is a flop show long time. Anyone with 2 brain cells can reach to this conclusion. Same is true for deobandis as well. You don't need to compromise with an MI6 agent to do this job for you. Ulema have widely criticised and spoken on these topics in detail from mimber. People should just listen to them and remain in contact with them to stay informed on these issues. Calling Ayatullah Bahjat (رضي الله عنه) a magician is not 'opposing the political views'. Calling Ayatullah Waheed e Khurasani with such points is not 'opposing the political views.' These people are not related to politics. Calling Shaheed Qasim Suleimani 'a dog of khamenei' is not 'opposing political views'. And what a question brother, political views? Was it okay to call Hazrat Muslim ibn Aqeel these words in the time of Imam Hussayn (عليه السلام)? Politics and Islam are intertwined. Islamic history is entirely political. 'Opposing political views' may or may not be equal to opposing the Islamic principles. Let me conclude now, Brother, Pakistan is in a sad state if they need a man cursing on their scholars to defend ahlebayt (عليه السلام) in debates. Not mentioning the volumes of work done by Shia scholars in the past 14 centuries to answer everything and not mentionong the scholars of today who speak about all this in details through member and discussions. This means people are disconnected with the scholars and that is a sad state. For a sunni, I could still digest that because they have a leadership crisis. But for shias, we have the most richest and best leadership in the world and what we choose to listen out of all? Allahyari!!!!!! Honestly!!!!! Are we serious?
  3. In the time when Muslims are at open war against the kuffar and zalimeen, only the munafiqeen fly off the handle. Even in history, we read about munafiqeen talking rubbish at the time of prophet during wars. This cannot be tolerated.
  4. Agree with that brother. But I called him an agent by evidence. Evidence lies itself in the clip. He was investigated and arrested for being in contact with such elements. Just watch the video it will clear out for you. And agents do exist among us brother. Like just recently Iran caught a mossad spy network operating in Qom. Yemen also busted one such network.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/100088352936979/posts/pfbid02tq9nrryWL7v4shmtszNBXMke7x1bso1kopCLrnPSVYPFuzVUXZs8y5dRRwAjxGnQl/?d=w&mibextid=CYgPv5 Let those who do not know mufsidyari (Allahyari), may listen above video about conduct, character and career from his seniors infront of whom his life crystal clear in hawza records who remember him as the Hawza dropout.
  6. I need your answer on nahj ul balagha sermon 164 where Maala Ali (عليه السلام) actually mentions the relationship of Uthman ibn Afwan with the prophet (S): https://www.al-islam.org/nahjul-balagha-part-1-sermons/sermon-164-people-are-behind-me Brother, the entire point is that shia community or in general humanity is slowly becoming repulsive about reading books and doing hard work. It's sad. But habits of hard work and detailed reading should not escape from shias (specially) as it is the path of Imam Ali (عليه السلام).
  7. It always happens on this forum and this is the reason I try to stay away most of the times.
  8. Yes. It is recited in almost every house and I for certain know that it has a broken chain. But the matn Or the content itself is not harmful or deviating from the true belief and this is the reason it continues.
  9. To the point that if a scholar starts doing what you are doing here, he will be called a muqassir and will be abused and attacked from all sides and will face greater challenges to the point that he may loose any significance in the community.
  10. I remember once when my aunt narrated an incident when she went to hajj and ziyarah. When she was in Masjid un nabawi, a caravan of Iranian women started marching towards baqi. Saudis authorities are not able to stop Iranians, so they always visit Jannat ul baqi (unlike others). She thought of getting in that group but was unable to follow as there was a lot of crowd, so she got left behind. She started crying at that moment and saying 'Ya Fatima tuz Zehra'. Suddenly a lady came from behind, held her hand and kept it on a place and indicated that this is what she's looking for (the real grave). So, honestly I have seen people in India and Pakistan talking about grave of Sayyida in Jannat ul Baqi but I haven't heard any great scholar saying the same.
  11. Yes. This if actualized can crumble the entire corporates. For example, in Muslim countries where Palestinians are supported by 90% people. Not only the buyers can boycott. But even those who have showrooms of these products, who have taken franchise. Simply [edit] close the showroom. Done. A HUGE LOSS indeed.
  12. Yes. In fact it's too late. Marja have been saying this for years. But we never cared.
  13. Hashd yesterday has released 7000 men. I found this news from a source.
  14. That's a genuine fear I believe. Seeing how lunatic these terrorists are, they are 1000 times worse than ISIS. I cannot ignore the nuclear options on there table. But all power belongs to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). Hope for justice and peace are alive.
  15. Salaamunalaikum everyone here, @Eddie Mecca @Ashvazdanghe @Abu Hadi and other brothers and sisters. My advice to all those who support Palestinian resistance is that — stop debating with these moral pundits now. We have to keep on spreading the truth. Spreading the information. Whatever we can do in our own abilities to help Gaza and Palestine, this is the time. Liberation of al Quds is near inshallah. There is a lot to do. Gaza is out of fuel. The voices must be heard. We must dedicate our times to gather information from the frontlines and the land. Maybe any channel for support to Gaza will open. I am not sure. But please all, keep an eye and spread so that we can gather maximum support financially, morally and in information warfarr for Gaza. Just STEP UP.
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