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  1. Yeah. That's hypocrisy and I can definitely anticipate that it might be happening on the ministerial level. IR leadership should keep a strict check on such people and stop them from entering high ranking government positions. Actually, there are loopholes, who denies that but the solution is not riots. Solution is not western propaganda. Solution is not attacking the entire Islamic Republic ideology. In India, there maybe rarely one or two people in the parliament who aren't corrupt. Top to bottom the entire politics is based on corruption. But Indians don't tear down their constitution to bring a change.
  2. Salaam, I stopped posting here. But just wanted to post one video I saw of a confession of a 'protester'. Someone here (maybe @GreenTree or @khizarr), justified the burning of ambulances by a narrative that 'they are used by security'. Above video confession proves that it was a false narrative coming from Masih Alinejad (a known CIA asset). I live in India and in my country I have seen people killed, lynched and riots happened because of fake news. Please be careful about that. 60+ ambulances burnt. Who is responsible now for those who died because of it or those who will die because of a shortage of ambulance service (God forbid) in case of medical emergencies in Iran? Try to suppress such false and crminal narratives as much as possible. @Hasani Samnani, I saw a post from you as well where you shared a video viral on whatsapp. You know that laying down such false accusation on dead is a grave sin. It was shared to me as well and it was proven fake in the next minute for me. Be careful, this can lead to bitter conequences and those who will instigate or promote it will be accountable in Akhirah.
  3. I don't know in detail about this. But all of these are known people of the moderate camp and moderates in Iran tend to incline towards the west.
  4. Al Mayadeen, Tasneem news, fars news, presstv Although, I prefer twitter more. The local Iranians. follow sm marandi, aryajaey. There are several other tweets but these would be enough.
  5. As a part of a social construct this point is valid. But when we include the political factors, this is a very narrow understanding of how it all works. The prophet (S) was asked to enforce on every muslim (except the sick, poor and disabled) to go on the expedition of Tabuk against the Romans. If [some of us] would have been there [some] would have definitely said that "O Prophet! Why you and your lord are forcing us to go on a war. Let us choose it by ourselves whether we want to go or not." Enforcement is needed as a socio-political requirement. Iran is on war with the global tyrants not only militarily and economically. But on all fronts. Why are scientists murdered by foreign agents? What has a scientist to do with politics? But Iranian scientists were murdered as an attack on the scientific capabilities of a nation. If hijab enforcement law is removed completely, enforcement will still be a reality. Enforcement through media, through the foreign sponsored actors who will ensure that indecency is promoted, hijab as a dress will be demonised to an extent that no one wears it even in the streets. So, [some of] you are ignoring the enforcement that happens mentally, psychologically and through the power of media actors and celebrities. Through movies, social media platforms etc. The problem that [some of you] recognize is genuine. Besides all these rioters, there are some who oppose the hijab. But what's the solution? Where the administration failed? I believe they missed an important step. Alongside, a permanent hijab law enforced, they should have also created social role-models to promote hijab. They should have stressed upon the media side to promote it. Movies not only celebrating the martyrs and the war heroes and Hazrat Mukhtar etc but also the significance of all the social and moral constructs that form an islamic society. They should have banned all the media which is causing chaos, fake news and hate speech. And these enforcements must be implemented more strictly on officials and intellectuals that are seen and imitated by the public than the common Iranian itself. "Practice what you preach" policy must become the standard. This is the reason people joined Imam Khomeini and still support Imam Khamenei although they don't follow Islamic values that strictly.
  6. Surah At Tawbah 124) And whenever a chapter is revealed, there are some of them who say: Which of you has it strengthened in faith? Then as for those who believe, it strengthens them in faith and they rejoice. (125) And as for those in whose hearts is a disease, it adds uncleanness to their uncleanness and they die while they are unbelievers.
  7. I guess now people will open there eyes clear: This one is something above our remote imaginations which has happened in Iran. All those debating over here must must open there eyes. This is not at all a protest now. It might be before but now it is pure chaos filled with hate of Islam (not IR). BANNER OF IMAM HUSSAIN BURNT I even have reports of people who said that even mosques and Quran was burnt. But unless I have a video evidence I won't confirm it.
  8. Salaam, Today I completed Surah At Tawbah Alhumdulillah. And to my surprise, not even for one second in that entire chapter I was not able to relate the hypocrisy of many companions of the prophet (S) mentioned in the chapter with the hypocrisy of muslims today. They just follow the taghuti trends and that's it. They don't follow the truth. I saw people putting images of crying children from Syria whenever the US wanted to stage an attack. I saw them talking about Uyghurs when US was hell bent about driving the narrative against China. I saw them madly supporting Ukraine from the first day when at the same time the US and NATO decided to push a naarative. Although, Ukraine crisis is 8 years old. I saw them pushing Yemen crisis when US and Saudi planned tp create fake NGOs in the name of 'helping yemen' and defaming the Houthis. The only narrative MSM never pushed was on Palestine last year in Ramadan where there was an exceptional level of activism to defeat US and allies in war narrative. So, all what people follow is trends. And unintentionally and unknowingly they become the soldiers of the enemies, pushing there narratives and helping there cause. This is exactly what happened with the Kufans. I mean common, they were not playing, they were serious about a revolution under the banner of Imam Hussain and that's why they wrote letters. But when the time came to act, Yazid and Ibn Ziyad had started attacking Imam with the war of narratives, fake news, psychological warfare. He scared people by Yazid's massive army, he attacked woman so that they manipulate men and also pushed the narrative that Imam Hussain is on the wrong side. Finally, they ended up supporting Yazid and leaving Imam. All of them. We must stay careful that God forbid, it should not happen that unknowingly while shouting the slogan of Hussain, we end up on the side of Yazid.
  9. Islamic Republic is filthy rich to pay millions of people for shouting slogans in there favor. Wow. Those who agree that protests have happened, which I never denied (but I believe that it has been dominated by riots) should also concede that demonstrations are happening in support of IR as well. Need more like these?
  10. Okk. So, who paid them? Who paid this clone? Who paid these? You are an 'expert', so who paid them?
  11. You gave the answer to this question in your own post. You said, "I am against violence and these western puppets who have an agenda." Yes, this is the agenda I am talking about. Talking about the morality police, so far what I have confirmed from the Iranians is that there is no protocol that allows morality police to beat any woman that violates the laws. If any officer has done that action must be taken and he/she must be suspended. But that doesn't mean you can ask for the collapse of the entire system. This is the point we can easily relate the CIA talking points. As far as the case investigation is concerned, there is not one proof that she was beaten by the police which was the cause of her death. And even her father has said that these 'protests' have nothing to do with her daughter. https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/mahsa-aminis-father-breaks-silence:-protest-not-for-our-sake Why are arms being smuggled for the protesters from Azerbaijan? This is exacty what happened in Syria in 2010-11. I have more evidence that all this hype around that innocent girl is a farce and a plan to destroy Islamic Republic.
  12. This narrative that they are using ambulances to arrest people is completely flawed. I heard that also actually. It was given by Masih Alinejad of VOA persian and everyone knows that she is a stooge of the west and has close contacts with the American administration. But let us study this as well: 1. How protesters distinguish between an ambulance and morality police cars? 2. If they even discover it through something intelligent then why are they burning it? Does it translate to peaceful protests. Burning the ambulance and lynching the police officers. Is it non-violent and peaceful? So, this was a terrible excuse and again it needs credible evidence. They are unable to provide a credible evidence for Mahsa's murder, let alone this scenario.
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