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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalm alaikom brother, Welcome to the forum, may you find here discussions that interest you. as for the second question, i'm afraid i don't know, as for the third, yes its here http://www.shiachat.com/forum/forum/40-multilingual-forums/ .
  2. Salam, I personally feel really guilty when there is a sin involved, but i never really felt guilty suddenly, it's always something i do, so maybe you've done something wrong, i would personally use this feeling to my advantage, feeling khushuu and having a soft heart does not come easily, i would advise that you use this and make a long dua, such as abu hamza or kumayl and use your guiltiness feeling to cry and really feel the words of the dua, weep as much as you can since it's easy in that state. Not every bad thing is necessarily bad for you, use them to your advantage.
  3. In early days, sayeds used to be known to wear black turbans and also black scarfs like the ones you see in muharram, but now everyone wears them, before it was used to show that someone is from the bloodline, white belts were also worn to show that a person is a mirza (sayed from mother side). Alot of other colours where used to identify a persons qualities and relations but i forgot them, hope this helps. And no, at this day and age, it wouldnt be inappropriate.It would be if you are wearing it to decieve people to show you respect as a sayed, as for non scholars wearing black skullcapes,im not sure, waiting more views on this matters.
  4. It's the remembrance of the ahl ul bayt after the fight of karbala where the women and children and the remaining men were forced to walk a long distance on their feet and chained to one another. I personally wouldn't recommend going like this to a sunni but using a softer manner. we all might be misguided, and i once heard a wonderful sayed say: i dont want the people of different faiths to become shia, i want the shia to become real shias. Sister i hope im not crossing any boundary here but on a completely unrelated topic and COMPLETELY none of my business what so ever, i would not recommend using your real name or placing your picture on a wesbite like this, or anything open ended forum infact. but again none of my business. salam.
  5. oh snap, nvm everything i said, :3
  6. Brother, one time the prophet pbuh asked fatima al zahraa, what is the best thing for a woman, she said that i don't see a foreign man and he does not see me, meaning she doesn't want to interact with a man who is not mahram for her. here brother, you started engaging with her, you didn't mean any harm, but engaging in a woman has to have a reason. and i can't see your reason for ever wanting to engage in that way with a woman. My age does not matter.
  7. This sentence SHOULD NEVER appear on a shia post, never, a religion which tells you not to question, is no religion at all, even angels question god himself when he said he was to place a khalifa on earth. always question, questioning is not denying or mocking, it's asking for knowledge.
  8. Well, it is your fault, but not completely, like, you started the fire and she kept fueling it until you got burned, basically, why would you try to chat with a girl in the first place :/
  9. Yes brother, those "shias" you speak of are also known as "sunnis", and the difference is quite clear, one of those follow people who are only normal people, and the other follow the chosen people from god.
  10. I don't know the rules, but marja permit dogs that are used for gaurding, fatwas state that the soldier who has a gaurding dog can even sleep near the dog if he has to, but for keeping him pet im not so sure :/
  11. Yeah i came across those too, likely they were my friends, and although i did not stop them, i was hanging out with them and told them it's you, you eat this non halal food and after we finish the hang out i'll eat alone, usually they feel bad and ask me where can we find halal food, and we just switch to that place, but most times some people won't listen, and there's really nothing we can do, we have options, and it's our duty to state the facts and tell them the results of their actions, ofcourse that is only if you are sure they will accept the advice, and will not result in any harm for you, also brother please make sure you use soft talk, don't go there like "eating this will result in you burning in HELL !!!!! " stay calm and teach them of the mercy of Allah, ahl ul bayt said "teach people about our good talks, for if they heard our speeches, they will follow us".
  12. There are some things brother i do not wait for my marja permission to stop it, or start it.
  13. Salam, Emerald is one of the holy stones, the prophet said : wearing emerald negates poverty. It is the second most expensive ring after diamonds, if you are a girl, you can wear it on any ring (if it was a ring) and if you are a male, you it is best to wear in on your right ring finger, if it is already occupied, wear it on your right pinky, if it is already occupied, wear it on your left hand middle finger, if its occupied, wear it on the left pinky. It's a good notice to say it's better to be on wudhu when wearing it, but it's not necessary.
  14. Salam, yes brother you can go to majlis, but i dont think you would want to start their, although every human is different. so give it a try, and try to listen with your heart and mind, in my place it doesnt matter what you wear, but black is the universal colour for mourning and sadness, doesnt have to be black, any dark colour would do, if you dont have brother, its okay to go in anything (not a fashion show though dont over do it XD)
  15. Sorry, about 70 without the women, my mistake.
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