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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. are you trying to show that you are stupid? I asked for his full name. Full name that goes to Immam AL-Musa.
  2. Senior mullah: Mecca riot work of Iran intelligence Sat. 4 Jun 2005 Iran Terror Website Tehran, Jun. 04 – Iranian government agencies were responsible for planning the 1986 attack on Islam's holiest site Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the 1987 riots which left some 500 Iranian pilgrims dead, an Iranian presidential candidate and former Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Mehdi Karroubi said. "I was the representative of the Imam [Khomeini] in 1985 and at the time in accordance with the orders of the Imam we organised events in Medina and Mecca and in the second year we noticed that one of the planes with 110 pilgrims on board had been detained. After following this up, we discovered that certain institutions in Iran had collaborated with the attackers and had placed explosives in the pilgrims' bags", Karroubi said in a University in the western town of Hamedan, according to the hard-line state-run daily Sharq, which quoted him in its Tuesday edition. "Saudi authorities jailed all the individuals responsible for this after having arrested them and told me that I was the representative of the people and in charge of the Iranian pilgrims. They said that these individuals had acted illegally and that I should continue my duties and they will deal with these people themselves", he said. “Some of these people, who are today ‘pro-American’, were united in their abuses against the [ruling] Al-Saud family, sacrificing national interests for their rigid-mindedness. This was why the Arabs acted in such a manner the following year, after our complaint, and martyred a number of people”. Karroubi was referring to the 1987 riot and subsequent Saudi crackdown in Mecca which left some 500 Iranian pilgrims dead. The state-run daily Siasat-e Rouz, on May 18, 2002, quoting Youssef Bakhtiyari, from the hard-line faction of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, wrote that Mohsen Mirdamadi, chair of the Iranian Majlis (parliament) Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the time, was among planners of the act. Bakhtiyari said, “Those who went for Hajj procession in 1987, witnessed the massacre of some 500 Iranian pilgrims by Saudi security forces and police. A group of radical students, among whom were Mr Mohsen Mirdamadi and his friends, planned that after the pilgrims’ march in Mecca, they would enter the main mosque in the city and take over the microphone to the loudspeaker and chant ‘death to America’ and say other things. Therefore, some of these men who are now speaking of reforms paved the way for that heinous murder at that time with their extremist actions”. Top regime officials and state-run dailies had previously blamed the main Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin, for the massacre. The state-run daily Kayhan wrote on August 1, 1987 of the “cooperation between the Mojahedin and the Saudis in the arrest of Iranian pilgrims” and the state-run daily Ressalat wrote on August 4 of the same year, “The heinous, anti-Islamic, and inhuman murder of Iranian pilgrims in the Mecca killing black day was carried out by Iraqi security forces, the Mojahedin, and Saudi police on the basis of a premeditated scenario”.
  3. I didn't see his full name . I saw just three names. It is made up that he is from decendent of Al-Hassian (ra) . They sell this thing in Al-Hawzat. ya Twelvers, It appears that you couldn't get his full name. :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  4. How can the narrations contradict QUran if they were narrated by trust worthy narrators from Immams?
  5. Why didn't he or other Immams compile hadith book for you? I have seen many filthy hadiths in your books but you said that they are not Sahih. Show us Sahih book or tell your Immam to write Sahih book.
  6. I am looking for answer for these question first: He raised against Mansur in order to be Caliph in 145. He got Al-bia'ah(البيعة) from people. What does that mean to fight? Did he fight to get the Caliphah and give it to fifth Imam ? We know that the 5th Imam lived to 148. We will talk about the other decendents of Al-Hassan more after answering the above questions.
  7. Here are my questions again: I need answer for them What is Khomeini full name? What is the name of the family that he came from in India? I need to see the names from Ahmed to Imam Musa al-Kazim.
  8. twelvers, you are professional in history ,add your input to here.
  9. May Allah raise me with Muhammadur Rasoolullah sallAllahu 'alayhe wasallam and my family on the day of resurrection, Aameen. May Allah raise shias with 'Abdullah ibn Saba, Malik Ashtar, Koleni, Majlisi, Khomeni, and all those who have enmity against Allah and His Messengers, Aameen.
  10. True Zaidis are in Yemen so religion is not by ancestery . Let us talk about: Mohammed Abdallah Ibn Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Hassan (ra) Any more input.
  11. What is Khomeini full name? What is the name of the family that he came from in India? I need to see the names from Ahmed to Imam Musa al-Kazim.
  12. I have arabic book , how can i give it to you? Don't you have twelver books or history books?
  13. Where are the moderators? When your Kominin got slendered , twelvers get mad? Sassanids are the ones who shaped your Twelverism. every day i hate these twelvers more and more.
  14. Go and dig into your books if they talk about him.
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