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  1. This is from Sayed Ali Khamenei Defnition of Ḥarām Music SigningAny sort of music or signing, which keeps human beings away from Allah, the Sublime, and away from moral merits and spirituality and drives them towards lechery, futility, carelessness, and sinful acts, strays human beings from the path of Allah, the Exalted, is considered as lahwī and ḥarām. To DanceBy obligatory caution, it is ḥarām for a man to dance. If a woman's dancing among women fits the definition of lahw, e.g. it becomes a dancing gathering, one should avoid it by obligatory caution. It is ḥarām to dance if it entails sexual excitement, leads to a vile consequence, is accompanied by a ḥarām act (e.g. ḥarām music / singing) or there exist a non-maḥram man. It makes no difference whether or not it is a wedding party. Thank you brother. I think the dancing is clear cut. Again, so under this definition are general instrumentals haram? or sami yusuf/maher zain type music? I know he won't come and say individually what is haram or not, but I find the answer vague and difficult to interpret when it comes to deciding whether a song is haram or not. I do not think they cause you to stay from Allah (swt), is that enough? my personal judgement? wouldn't people have different personal judgments?. So I'm not sure. Brother Ali thanks for the video, I do not speak arabic, I'd really appreciate it if you translate what they said :). TimeforM yes it's difficult to convince family members, I'll try my best to be as flexible as I can, but if I come to the conclusion that something is completely haram then I cannot go ahead with it. Thanks for your input :), but yh I am specifically interested in interpreting what they would consider haram.
  2. Asalamu Alaikum. I will be getting married in a few months and I had a few questions regarding weddings. The wedding will be segregated and in a hall. 1. Is dancing completely haraam? are men not allowed to dance just among the men? Does this depend on the type of music? I would like to play some background music if dancing is completely forbidden. 2. I find the type of music that is halal or haram very confusing in the fatwas. Things like " As for the music, it would be allowed, if it is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings". What does that mean exactly? So is instrumental music haraam? What about songs that have a good meaning?, e.g. sami yusuf, maher zain or similiar iranian, afghan songs. The main help I need is a clear interpretation of some of the fatwas, I've always found them a bit confusing when deciding what is exactly halal or haram music. Please note I am only interested in what would be deemed acceptable by the scholars, so let's stick to this point :). I do taqlid of Khamenei but it would be useful to know the opinion of other marja too, not all my family members do taqlid of him.
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