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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks but there is another problem happened to me if you don't know about that disorder then search about it you will know my situation
  2. Like simple proves for example : who made this world if there was no God these types of proves who only known by common men who doesn't has the knowledge of islam
  3. Salam guys !!!!! I am 17 years old and I am facing very difficult days of my life here I tell you from start. A week ago one of my classmate has told me he is atheist and he doesn't believe on God but he wants some proves so he can start believing on God but I didn't had any prove to tell him but I told him our traditional dialogues for the prove of God but he didn't believed and that conversation also made me confused and made a doubt about god in my heart and here I tell you guys that I pray 5 times a day and a little bit active in other religious stuff so thats why it was very important for me to know about the existence of God because I almost depend my life on God and I had strong hope and I felt sprituality in my worship but now ..... so I started overthinking about the existence of God and how he was made and I also admit my mistake here that I start thinking about the existence of God and the doubt become stronger and the doubt still exist in my heart but I stop thinking about it but that doubt brought me to this disorder of depersonalisation and derealization . And I m not sure that do I have the exact same disorder but most of symptoms are similar to it and some one who knows about it and if someone can help me then plz give me some response but please do not response if you don't know about this disorder because my condition has also related to this confusion ..... so please help me it's getting worse and if someone can help me ,can also ask everything from me in detail because my confusion so complex and cannot be understood easily. So please help me I beg you guys I don't have any hope I only pray from my god for my forgiveness and mercy I am the only son of my parents and I love them so much and I chose this forum because this is very compatible for my both confusions so please answer me if someone can help me and wait for my response. Please understand me I have lots of goals and dreams but .......
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