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  1. @Z1111 Salaams, I read your post and I feel very sorry about it. I scanned through the comments and there is something I want to mention. I don't want to sound negative or break the love bubble, but know that everybody is different and everyone has gone through different experiences in life, it is who shapes us as we are today. Keep in mind, it is possible that, when you will tell your fiancee, he might have a hard time dealing with it. It is even possible that he might not want to proceed. In the case this happens, then you must know that he is not worth pursuing. If he truly loves you, he will stay with you and be patient. If he truly has Taqwa, then he will accept it and help you with it. Sorry to say this, I truly do hope you all the best for you and may God give you what is best for you.
  2. Salaam Aleikum, Enlightenment is the greatest thing there is because you see Reality for what it really is. In order to achieve this, one must follow the True Path as God has told us to do. You cannot rely on what others do or say, because only very few follow the right path. Enlightenment can only be attained through hard work and in this process you will face many hardships. It is not something easily given to anyone by God. After you pass a test, there will be a bigger test, after that even bigger, etc. It may take years to get there, one must persist! First thing to do is stop all sins that you commit. If you have any addictions, then those must be stopped as well (gradually). Two important things in order to get there is Zikr & Salah. Always try to be in Zikr and always pray your Salah.
  3. Salaam Aleikum, I think you are making the right decision by not working there. Since there is a chance of you working in the meat and alcohol section. Also like you said, you're not in desperate need for money to be doing this job. It is better to leave it and to find something else. Inshallah you will be redirected to something better. Note: This could be a test from God to see what you are going to do.
  4. If you were a girl, I would have married you straight away, LOL! Ideally I would like the same thing as well! There is no need for extravagance indeed!
  5. Allah (swt) has created us out of his infinite mercy with his infinite wisdom. Out of all the beings, the human being is his best creation. He created us so we could achieve/perceive the highest of highest possible (which is Allah swt). He installed a faculty in us (the heart) so we can 'catch' Him. To go after anything less than that is to sell yourself short, because you are going for little pebbles when you can get the best of the best diamond. Most of us are stuck in the pebbles! God knew that when he would create mankind, he would do all sorts of things because he will give him free will. He will do Zulam to himself and to other people. Still God created us, this is an opportunity for us. God also promised us eternal life, which means we can never die (we either go to Jannah or Jahannam). If you place wealth into this picture then you see that money has no value. It gives us the illusion that we are 'free' and 'powerful'. It's quite the opposite. The only freedom is worshipping Allah (swt). When we go for a temporary pleasure, we get a temporary pleasure and that's it, you're stuck. Only when you go after the highest of the highest possible, you can find true liberation and pleasure. When we eat, drink, watch tv, talk to our family members, spend money, etc, we get a certain pleasure, right? Don't you think God has created a certain pleasure as well for those worshipping Him? There is pleasure in worshipping Him! It would be understandable that people would save money and be greedy IF we would take money to our grave. But nobody does! Also, when you die, you lose everything. All of it. You end up with nothing. Wouldn't it be better for us to give when we are alive? Cause we are gonna lose it anyway some day! 'Before death takes away what you are given, give away what there is to give.' Rumi We all would rather want the test of being wealthy than that of being poor. Make no mistake! The test of the wealthy is a very heavy test! You have been given a fiduciary responsibility and you have to answer for every cent that you spend. Most people that I see around me, aren't getting the test answers right. You have no right to live above your standard (bigger house than necessary, big car, branded clothes, luxurious holidays, etc.), you can live in a good way but can not be extravagant EVER. (Extravagance is another topic, but I would just like to hint at the following: Buying things that you do not need, is taking away the right of someone that desperately needs and can use that money in a better way. You are usurping his right!). The test of the poor is 'simpler'. He has to have patience and trust God. He will not be accountable in the same way as the rich because he didn't have any money like the rich had. Note this as well: the poor people will go first to Jannah, then will the rich people go. The wealthy people have been 'compensated' in this world, so the poor people will be 'compensated' later.
  6. Salaam aleikum, Life is not a straight path for some, for some it is. Some go to school, then college, then uni, then work, then get married, etc. You will see that with most people the 'road' is smooth. But for some it isn't. Allah (swt) has different tests for different people. We must accept the tests and challenges. God has not created us because he wants to test us, to some degree there is truth in this. The main reason God has created us is because he wants us to find Him. That's why calamities befall on us. It is to open our eyes so we see the 'Truth'. The tests are different for everyone, you cannot compare yourself with anybody else. God is the All-Knowing. 'These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.' Rumi We both know how this world works. People, when they want to marry, look for that perfect match or 'soul mate', which doesn't exist. Actually, you should consider yourself lucky because of this 'situation' you will be able to filter out a lot of guys, a lot of guys you don't want to end up with. You really want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you because of your situation? All the superficial guys will be filtered out and you'll end up with a handful good ones. These will want to be with you because they like you and not for what you have (or don't have). For a long time, I felt exactly like you. Because when I look around, I'm the odd one. My situation is so different from everybody, my tests and trials are totally different. I cannot sometimes talk to other people about my situation because they wouldn't understand it or even 'look' down on me. But I 'found' God and I understood that these trials weren't in my hands, it has been given as a blessing to me from God. Yes most people will turn me down if I propose to them, simply because of my job, situation, looks, etc (you name it). But I would be happy if they did turn me down for these things as they would be filtered out, making space for someone who is God-conscious and doesn't care about these things.
  7. On the day of Eid, Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Husayn (a.s.) entered the house of their Grandfather the Prophet of Allah Muhammad (S) and said, “O Grandfather! Today is the day of Eid, and the children of Arabs have worn new and colorful clothes, while we do not have any new dress with us, hence we have come to you.” The Prophet pondered over their state and wept that he did not have a dress with him suitable for them, nor did he desire to send them disheartened and with a broken heart. He lifted his hands and prayed, “O Allah! Make amends for their and their mother’s heart.” Suddenly Jibra’eel descended with two white dresses among the dresses of Paradise. The Prophet was overjoyed and said, “O Masters of the youth of Paradise! Take these dresses which have been stitched by the tailor (from Allah) according to your sizes.” Both the Imams saw that the dresses were white in color and hence said, “O Grandfather! These are of white color, how can we wear it, when the children of Arabs have worn colorful clothes”? The Prophet (S) put his head down and started thinking about it when Jibra’eel said, “O Muhammad (S)! Rejoice and cool your eyes. The powerful dyer of the Divine color will fulfill their desire and make them happy by those colors which they desire. Hence O Prophet, do order that a ewer and vessel be brought.” A vessel was brought and Jibra’eel said, “O Prophet of Allah! I shall pour water over these dresses and you wring them until the desired color appears. The Prophet soaked the dress of Imam Hasan (a.s.) and said, “Which color do you desire”? Imam Hasan (a.s.) replied that he preferred the green color, to which the Prophet rubbed the dress with his own hands which turned into bright green color similar to emeralds, by the will and command of Allah. He then handed it over to Imam Hasan (a.s.) who wore it. Then Jibra’eel took another dress and started pouring water in the vessel. The Prophet then turned towards Imam Husayn (a.s.), who was of five years of age at that time, and asked, “O light of my eyes! Which color do you desire”? To which Husayn replied that he preferred the red color. The Prophet again rubbed the dress with his own blessed hands and it turned into bright red color similar to rubies. He then handed it over to Imam Husayn (a.s.) who wore it too. The Holy Prophet and both Imams were overjoyed and they returned back to their mother. When Jibra’eel saw this he started weeping. The Prophet said, “O brother Jibra’eel! This is not the day to mourn, when my sons are rejoicing and are happy. By Allah! Please let me know the reason for your grief.” Jibra’eel replied, “I mourn because your sons have selected one color each. As regards your son Hasan, he will be poisoned and because of its effect his body will turn green. And as regards your other son Husayn, be will be killed by swords and his head severed, while his body will be smeared with red blood.” Hearing this the Prophet started weeping and his sorrow increased. (source: Nafasul Mahmum, by Sheikh Abbas Qummi)
  8. This is indeed an excellent topic :)!! This reminded me of the lectures of Brother Khalil Jaffer: 'The end of negative suffering' The comparison you made with the rail and ball makes sense. You mentioned that once the ball is on the rail, pick it up and take it off the rails. How can you make sure that the ball never goes on the track If it doesn't go on the rail, then there are no negative thoughts. In this lecture Brother Jaffer says that we 'need to watch the thinker' in us. We need to be able to see the thoughts going in and going out. How does one do that? How can you see your thoughts going in and out? I believe that that is the solution to end our negative suffering.
  9. Salaams all, I want to understand my Namaz better and am looking for Tafseer of Surah Fatiha & Surah Ikhlas. Anybody know any good resources? I would prefer lectures over books, so I can understand it better when someone is explaining it. But I wouldn't mind books if there aren't any (good) lectures. Also preferably a Shia scholar, so he can make the connection with Ahlul-Bayt & I can have a 'full' picture and understanding of the Surahs. But again I wouldn't mind a good Sunni scholar either if there is no Shia scholar. Thank you all in advance.
  10. Salaams, I would also like to attend a few subjects from september onwards. I have checked their website and courses. Anybody else that has been there and knows more?
  11. Wa Aleikum Salaam, I saw your post last week and thought I should give it a try. So i purchased 'Light within me'. I have only read 1/5th of it but so far it has truly been illuminating. Thank you very much for the great advice. Once I finish this book, I will check out his other books.
  12. https://www.al-islam.org/anecdotes-ahlul-bayt-ayatullah-murtadha-mutahhari/importance-work#earn-ones-living Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq used to work on the farm to earn his living. And there are numerous other examples of the Infallibles earning their living through hard work. There is no shame at all in working (whatever that job is), rather that than sitting at home doing nothing. Basically 'lousy' jobs don't exist.
  13. I am currently watching a series of Sheikh Bahmanpour and had a question about Hikmah. He talks about people that practise abstinence, wisdom will come out. He mentions that there are people in Iran that he has personally seen. Below is the video, watch from 25:30 to 28:30. My question is: Does anybody know which people or are there any Youtube videos about one of these people? (he didn't want to name any)
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