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    USA but want to move to Kerbala INSHALLAH to serve our Imams. Need your prayer for this please.
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  1. Son, did you watch the whole video? They are not Muslims but they were defending Muslims from terrorists racist devil worshipers. Watch the video first.
  2. Where have you been all this time? Did you just find out this now?
  3. That's exactly what my reply meant, did I say anything different? lineage of Abu Sufyan (LA) or children of Abu Sufiyan doesn't mean the same thing?
  4. Look on the bright side son, God loves you so much that he has guided you to the truth so your hereafter will be pleasant and full of rewards INSHALLAH. Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) guides those who want to be guided. The people who will go to heaven, this life is hell for them. Be strong son and hang on to it, life is short and a test for the next life which will be for ever. Only Shia Islam says that no matter what religion you believe in, be a true believer in that religion because God will take a test from you from that religion, this is how merciful God is. Islam (Shia) is truly the chosen religion of God, if any one but knew!
  5. What does Ali an Wali Ullah mean to you?
  6. Alhamdulillah, good to hear that brother. THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL OVER FALSEHOOD, VERY SOON INSHALLAH. May Allah swt guide all of us on the right path, the path of those whom Allah has favored, not the path of those who went astray INSHALLAH. Thank you brother for your kind words, and God Almighty bring nothing but happiness and good health to you and your family inshallah and keep up on the right path INSHALLAH.
  7. LOL let me ask you this genius, if your life was in danger (God forbid), wouldn't you repent before it goes to court, knowing that it will spare your life whether guilty or innocent?
  8. Your description of Abu Sufiyan L.A. is incorrect, The correct description of Abu Sufiyan is the same Abu Sufiyan L.A whose wife had Hamza a.s(uncle of our Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.) killed and ate his a.s liver. The same Abu Sufiya that made a deal with the 3 so called Caliphs who took power and looted the Ummah's treasury for their own pleasure and who used and abused their power. Yes, the same Abu Sufiyan's L.A. children that's still in power and call themselves the Al Saud family. But other than that I believe you are right. Inshallah TRUTH WILL PREVAIL OVER FALSEHOOD VERY SOON INSHALLAH.
  9. Because everybody is counting on each other (the group) to show up, so if someone doesn't show up without calling, you mess up their whole plans and it might even waste their time, that's why they might be a little upset. If they know one or two are not coming, they can consult with each other and decide what to do next or if they should continue with it nor postponed it....hope that made sense.
  10. Thank you, so with that being said, can anyone still get "stoned to death" knowing that God said to let go of them if they repent?
  11. Ok let me ask you this, in order to stone a guilty person, don't you need 4 witnesses who ARE NORMAL, MEANING THEY ARE NOT INSANE OR CRAZY, THEY ARE JUST, MEANING THEY ARE GOD FEARING AND ONLY JUDGING THE TRUTH, AND ARE NOT AN ENEMY OF THE ACCUSED, that they have SEEN with their own eyes, the accused of having an affair and there is not even .000000001% chance of being wrong?? FYI if you can not have 4 above described witnesses, then you can not "stone to death" nobody. This is what I am trying to prove, yes, God has allowed it to happen but it make it IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! P.S. God also says that if they repent then let them go!
  12. Jesus Christ never contradicted Mohammad s.a.w. or any other prophets! Neither did Mohammad sa.w. contradicted any of the previous Prophets, Prophets never contradict each other, they actually confirm and compliment each other. Without Jesus Christ ( Isa a.s) Islam WOULD NOT BE COMPLETE! You know Jesus Christ a.s through the rewritten Bible, you don't know the real Jesus Christ Isa a.s. through the Holy Quran! The Original Holy Bible would compliment the Holy Quran, it wouldn't go against it. The problem with Islam we have today is that every Tom Richard and Harry think he is a Muslim scholar where they know nothing about Islam themselves.
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