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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/PeymanAsadzade/status/1258121610369789952
  2. Islam was spread over a period of time conquests did not mean forced conversions Also man made laws are constantly changing do we take God's law or what man says that changes with culture?
  3. By that logic Kufr, Zina, emotions over logic are “the choice of the...people”
  4. Nope their language is closer to Farsi they are Indo European they came from Central Asia then migrated with Persian tribes into Iraq and became the Medes, also their culture is different and they were Zoroastrian before.
  5. https://m.jpost.com/Israel-News/Israel-Katz-We-sympathize-with-the-Iraqi-peoples-struggle-for-freedom-606788/amp
  6. https://m.jpost.com/Israel-News/Israel-Katz-We-sympathize-with-the-Iraqi-peoples-struggle-for-freedom-606788/amp Israel is cheering you guys great job
  7. Browse through 5 seconds of Kurdish twitter and they don’t consider themselves Iraqi, 92% voted to secede and no Kurd has loyalty to Iraq.
  8. There are no Shia proxies simply people saying to not be in favor of violence, I suppose this is how Iraqis are quick to jump to conclusions, quick to judge, gossip and backstab.
  9. If you guys become Arab nationalist/supremacist this quickly I will advice all Non Arab Shias to be cautious even South Asians because this is toxic and you’re acting with the same logic the Saudis do when they blame internal problems in their own country. I don’t think these protests will bring more reform in fact they might bring another Saddam it might turn to Civil War now good luck this is what you wanted?
  10. No it’s not extreme no one says Iran is an angel not even Iran and now at the lowest point under sanctions this is what Iraqis are doing? Wallahi if this is the level of racism I can’t suport Iraqis again on any matter, you’re on your own and if Baghdad burns Kurds and possibly Northern Sunni Arabs will secede. The South of Iraq is getting drier by the day you have little to no agriculture, also most of the oil is in Kurdistan so honestly if you guys burn yourselves destroy your own buildings I won’t have any sympathy, this is not a protest this is violent, backwards, provocation. if you justify violence or hatred then I can’t support you or any Iraqi for that matter.
  11. So everything is Iran's fault even corruption from Sunni and Kurdish parties too? Is it also bad that Iran helped to rebuild Iraq and that Iranians have never burned Iraqi flags while on social media all Arab Sunnis are RTing Iraq burning and "Shias" who are Iraqi are tweeting racist things about Persians and saying derogatory dirty words towards them and now there is massive violence?
  12. False it matters the protests were peaceful now they're violent, Iraqis are threatening tp boycott Iranian goods to further cripple the country and the Iranian Embassy was burned. Peaceful protests would not involve derogatory remarks or violence it's not protest then, also Iran has done a ton for Iran sending engineers to rebuild the country and this is how your people repay the favor? Shias will further divide and separate because of nationalist Iraqis like you, it's fine though once your country is unrecognizable and people start becoming secular by the day don't complain you reap what you sow.
  13. Yeah let's weaken Iran and Shias even more whilst the Saudis are having fun
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