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  1. Iran protesters attack religious school in Karaj province http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iran-protesters-attack-religious-school-karaj-province-920822649 via @MiddleEastEye
  2. Enlightened Follower

    Why the wrong guys always approach you?

    I disagree this guy is giving wrong advice he's blue pilled and doesn't know women
  3. http://journals.plos.org/plosgenetics/article?id=10.1371/journal.pgen.1003316
  4. Enlightened Follower

    Muslim persecution in China

    All these groups arose because they were oppressed
  5. Enlightened Follower

    Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    Saying that's PC is not an argument. As a Shia it's better to have religious enemies than atheistic enemies. Let's also forget about Palestine and the Rohingya because they're Sunni, this is nonsense.
  6. Enlightened Follower

    Kazakhstan bans headscarfs in school

    Stifling the Sunni spirit will stifle the Islamic spirit the theological basis of both sects are the same, promotion of Antitheism will not empower Shias. Ayotollah Sistani said the Sunnis are your brothers in faith, but people like you would allow such anti-religious trends to take place
  7. Enlightened Follower

    Transgender law in Pakistan

    Pakistan has made a dangerous precedent, they stated within the bill the concept of gender is "imaginary" which is scientifically, sociologically, and biologically false
  8. Enlightened Follower

    Jonathan AC Brown on Orientalist Scholars

    One example of Orientalist distortion on women's inheritance
  9. Enlightened Follower

    Will the US succeed in changing Iran?

    This is economics and pointing out how the US is attempting to delegitimize Iran there is nothing hostile towards Iran included...
  10. Enlightened Follower

    Afghan denounces Islam because her father passed?

    There was a debate about this centuries back when Mongols ruled over Muslims they lived by Mongolian law and not Islamic law most jurists said this was wrong and Mongolian rulers could not claim to be Muslims or represent their interests...
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/farnazfassihi/status/990810457656131584?s=20
  12. Enlightened Follower

    Sayyed Ammar Naskhkawani done?

    Potential use of alcohol and drugs...?
  13. Enlightened Follower

    Sayyed Ammar Naskhkawani done?

    I'm not so disappointed, I think he likes to spend time with the common people but the luxury bathtubs and excessively spending money seems a bit much The more pressing concern is that Naskhkawani may attend night clubs and drink alcohol which would be far far worse.....
  14. Enlightened Follower

    Benzyl alcohol

    Salam, if I’m not mistaken benzyl alcohol is different than ethanol the type that intoxicates. I’m assuming the product is more akin to rubbing alcohol.