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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Unlimited and limited are very vague and ambiguous terms; indeed one could say that God is limited. For instance I can scratch my head while God is unable to do so. And in the broadest sense, this could count as a "limitation". However, these kinds of definitions are not relevant when it is said that God is not limited. What is meant by 'unlimited' is that God is not limited in 'ability'. That is, God is unlimited in every power that He possesses." You are limited by your perception and your awareness of space time it's like a square saying a cube cannot exist because in 2d space the idea of 3d simply seems like skewed dots.
  2. Metaphysics isn't Mumbo Jumbo mathematics fall under the category mathematical concepts define our reality so well and yet they are only mental models for keeping track of things numbers don't exist in physical reality and the things we've chosen have been to represent distinct concepts. Most people that are atheist or non religious are usually materialist the belief that things are merely physical and don't exhibit a value beyond their physical worth but this is somewhat absurd as moral systems require a metaphysical justification because physically humans are no better than rocks or vegetables from a mere physical perspective and the innate ability of autonomy and freewill also have to be done away with as from a physical standpoint such things cannot be demonstrated or proven.\ However, even within physical spaces things indicate properties beyond merely physical means they can be quantified through the use of numbers although physically measured we have established as merely abstract construct. Furthermore, from the point of view of Occam's Razor the idea of a conscious entity separated from some physical notion of existence makes sense, not under the justification of Gods such as Zeus or others who have physical features and are bond by time or space but quantum physicists although not totally proven posit the idea that even electrons may exhibit consciousness. The idea of a higher power fits so well that without it morals, inner worth meaning etc retain their value without it all is lost and we have to accept absurdist and nihilist theories that from an existential point of view are inconsistent with themselves if nothing has a purpose or meaning then even theoretical or plausible meaning should impossible to assign. Also we don't need to resort to the God of the Gaps fallacy which makes every single thing attributed to God, why is the chair here? God did it, but simply so establish the existence of some aspect of time and space that is greater than the sum effect, the effect being consciousness, mathematics, all of existence etc.
  3. [MOD NOTE: Mods cannot watch every video posted on this site; viewer discretion is advised. Please report a video that has inappropriate language or images.]
  4. Also the Qur'an also uses the pronoun “we” in many passages disproving your claim God is restricted to being male. Finally Shias are not Arab nationalists such behavior is Jahil or ignorant from the standards of Islam.
  5. Additionally the “He” in Arabic is a gender neutral and one of the names of God is feminine. Also Allah comes from the Semitic root Al Ilah the God you can find this same word in Hebrew, Aramaic or other neighboring languages. As for the moon God theory that’s been debunked and is mainly claimed by Christian preachers.
  6. This a lengthy post so it will take some time to discuss however the very existence of Non Arab Muslim communities denies your theory also in the context of multiple cultural aspects Islam contributed to many different changes such as spread of the Persian language all the way to India etc. The Berbers and Arabs have hostility because the governments ban the language however this only applies to the context of North Africa.
  7. Sunnis keep posting this Hadith from Sahih Bukhari that has Shia narrators they claim it’s Muttawatir. How do we make sense of it? “The best of this Ummah after its Prophet is Abu Bakr and then Umar". (Imam Ali) [Ibn Abi Asim , Ibn Abi Shaiba, Ibn Asakir and others]”
  8. Complex matter but I'll give my 2 cents science is based on causality if an infinite regress is possible we have an inherent paradox why the finite energy in the universe when there has been an infinite amount of it even by the laws of energy conversion infinity "*0.0000001% of that energy is still infinity. Many atheists say "our notion of causality has to be abandoned and needs to be reconsidered" therefore making an infinite regress possible but if causality is thrown away then science and logic are too a simpleton could claim "the universe was created yesterday" and according to this view he would be correct as logic has been abandoned. Additionally spontaneity does not produce order 2nd law of thermodynamics and physical objects have no intention, destination, or end goal other than to degrade or towards stability I.e. ball on top of hill goes down hill not up hill. Argument from Design would be considered a fallacy but we can argue argument from intention which can only come from a conscious being.
  9. Iran protesters attack religious school in Karaj province http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iran-protesters-attack-religious-school-karaj-province-920822649 via @MiddleEastEye
  10. I disagree this guy is giving wrong advice he's blue pilled and doesn't know women
  11. http://journals.plos.org/plosgenetics/article?id=10.1371/journal.pgen.1003316
  12. All these groups arose because they were oppressed
  13. Saying that's PC is not an argument. As a Shia it's better to have religious enemies than atheistic enemies. Let's also forget about Palestine and the Rohingya because they're Sunni, this is nonsense.
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