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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. having consensus on his reliability contradicts to his committing sin. not even one time , not tow times, not three times mistakes, about how many times doing invalid acts we can consider him reliable!? can you believe it! having 70 or even 90 Muta'h still reliable and trustworthy!!?
  2. Wahhabis are Kharijites in this time. Ibn Al 'abidin in his book "Radd ul Muhtar" writes, The meaning of Kharijites in our time fits to companions of Muhammad ibn 'Abd ul Wahhab that came to exist in Najd region then over came on the both Holy Shrines (Mika and Medina). They followed Hanbali sect but believed that only themselves are Muslim and whoever is opposite of their beliefs, is polytheist. Then with such an opinion they said that killing Sunnis and Sunnis scholars is permissible. Radd ul Muhtar, vol 4, p 262
  3. no evidence for your claim, and these evidences i have brought to you all are from Sunni books. if they are lies, why do you Sunnis have many lies in your books!!!!
  4. Salaam Alaukum One giant Sunni scholar had got 70 Mut'ah wives!!! Sunni brothers answer me why AbdulMalik ibn AbdulAziz ibn Al-Jurayj had got 70 Mut'ah wives!!!?? Zahabi is a giant Sunni scholar. He says, ibn Al-Jurayj is one of the most reliable Hadith reporters and we have consensus on his reliability, he died in 150 A.H. Zahabi added the most important point about him in which he had gotten 70 Mut'ah wives (temporary marriage). Mizal al-I'etidal, vol 2, p 659 Mezzi says, when he (ibn Al-Jurayj) was going to die, he had 60 Mut'ah wives, and ordered to his sons not t
  5. Excommunicating (Takfir) father of prophet (swa) by Ibn Taymiyyah. Ibn Taymiyyah says, the messenger of Allah is prohibited to asking forgiveness of Allah for his father and his uncle. Majmu'u al-Fatawa, v 1, p 109. However, Fakhr al-Razi said, all ancestors of Muhammad (sw) were Mslims. Tafsir al-Razi, v 13, p39. Alusi said, amongrst prophet's ancestors was no Kaffir, for he (sw) said, I was constantly transferred from the back of pure people to the womb of pure women. Tafsir Alusi, v 7, p 195. Salihi al-Shami said, whoever says the father of prophet is in the
  6. I did not mean that requesting directly from prophet is not worship. If we directly request from Ahlulbayt, it can be a kind of worship so that Wahabis would have right to accused Shia. What I mean is supplicating from Ahlulbayt along Allah's Will is not worship whether be from dead body or alive person. However, Wahhabis gave Fatwa in which even supplicating from dead body along Allah's Will is worship. Since Qur'anic verses and many Ahadith say that the death is not the end of life and after death everybody is alive and would talk to Allah in different ways even sinners talk to Allah
  7. Seeking the help from the prophet (swa) Salaam un Alaykum to you All borders and sisters Wahhabis say, seeking the help from the prophet (swa) is polytheism and paradise is Haraam and forbidden for polytheists. However, it was narrated from ‘Uthman bin Hunaif that a blind man came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and said: “Pray to Allah to heal me.” He said: “If you wish to store your reward for the Hereafter, that is better, or if you wish, I will supplicate for you.” He said: “Supplicate.” So he told him to perform ablution and do it well, and to pray two Rak’ah, and to say this supp
  8. The relationship of Sprits and this world. Wahhabis denies the relation of sprits and this world so that they would say calling the prophet (sw) and righteous leads you to the polytheism. However, in authentic traditions such this relation and connection has confirmed, as Anas ibn Malik narrated from the messenger of God: "The Prophet (ﷺ) as saying: When a servant (of Allah) is placed in his grave, and his Companions depart from him, he hears the stepping sound of their shoes" عَنْ أَنَسٍ، عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم أَنَّهُ قَالَ ‏ "‏ إِنَّ الْعَبْدَ إِذَا وُضِعَ فِي قَب
  9. The worship of alive people is not polytheism, but dead people!!! One of the strange Fatwas of Wahhabis is that requesting the need from dead body or unseen person or disable person is polytheism. However, such request from alive person who is able to fulfill the need is not polytheism. This criteria is one of Whhabis innovation that neither has been in Quran nor traditions. According to the wisdom, if requesting something considers as worship and polytheism, such requesting must be considered as worship of both dead and alive body; otherwise, it must not be polytheism, like pro
  10. Ibn Taymiyyah's Superstition and seeking the help from the messenger of God while under any circumstances, seeking the help from the prophet (saw) is good whether before his birth or after his, and either in this world or the next world. IstighathahOne of the superstitions of Ibn Taymiyyah that no scholar has believed in before him, is that he has denied Ahmad bin Heytemi Al-Shafi'ee, Al-Jouhar Al-Munazzam, P 148.
  11. Wahhabis say, traveling to visit the prophet's grave is Shirk and prohibited. Visitation of the prophet's grave (Ziarah) is recommended in Islam. Allamah Shirbini al_Shafiei says, Visitation of the prophet's grave is Sunnah, because the prophet said, whoever comes to visit me and no request urged him to travel except visiting me, I would be his intercessor on the Day of resurrection. (It is narrated as well in Assaha Al_Ma'thourah by Ibn Sokun) In Sahih Bukhari, Imam Bukhari narrated that prophet said, whoever beside my grave recites Salawat to me, Allah commands an angle to con
  12. Salaam u Alaykum dear friend, This is not the true way to understand right track. Because you want to get all your answers from Quran while Quran itself is not enough to explain all details. Generally speaking, all basic points are mentioned in the Quran but details one could refer to narrations from the prophet as Quran says, "And We revealed to you the message that you may make clear to the people what was sent down to them and that they might give thought". 16/44 "[It is] so He will make clear to them [the truth of] that wherein they differ and so those who have disbe
  13. Salaam to all brothers and sisters. In Sunni scholar's idea it is permissible to building up the graves but Wahhabis would say it is haraam!!! I was wondering if there is a rational reason for this claim. Annuwi says, it is permissible for Muslim and Infidel Kaffir to testate to building up Al-Aqsa Mosque, other mosques, graves of prophets, and the graves of scholars and righteous. The more building them up, the more reviving pilgrimage and blessing. Rauzat al-Talibin, Annuwi, v5, p95, Kitab ul Wasaya, Al-Rukn ul Thani.
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