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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. both , religion in general used to limit or hold people development , and now day salafits and sectarian shia/sunni etc hold islam and muslims development , and fitna sheikhs/imams are the reason for the emerge of groups like isis , like it or not isis are using islam to gather people , and they actually succeeding cuz majority of muslims are uneducated and behind in logic , science ,and basic knowledge & education of 21 century .
  2. ?? whenever I talk about some problems in muslim communities , people say they not real muslim , or they not following real islam . is real islam or who can be called real muslim , give me example so I can exam how real muslim should be like .
  3. you missing the whole point , I don't say if their was no religion it would be better , I said that religion limit the people development cuz people hold into religion too much that they reject anything that coming new , did you know in middle age of europe the priests of churchs forbidden people to use lamps on street in night time cuz he said that the light is only for jesus , same for muslims many muslim males still want to do female genetail mutation kitan and they claim it's part of religion , do you know that only recently it's been banned in some countries and considered as crime !
  4. that's the main problem with muslims now day they still living in past , we did that we did this , and don't look at what now need to be done . muslims still live in 15 century while the whole world already moved on and living their lives , if we talk about glory history then china had history of being world first in trade and guess what they still are number 1 today , so it's not about whose history is great it's about who can keep that great history a matter of present and plan on future , not keep it in history books and be proud of history they didn't even have any hand in creating .
  5. I don't know if Isa pbuh failed or not , but he did say to his followers that their is many things have have to say to them but they can't par them now so he entrusted the rest to the spirit of truth to guide them to all truth , and we muslims believe that the spirit of truth is prophat mohammed pbuh .. so I think Isa s.a.w did fullfill his word and we muslims follow prophat mohammed s.a.w . as for you saying the ummah was driven by jealousy and hunger for power , well shouldn't imam ali r.a as leader have done something about this , instead he give the caliphate to Muawiya !
  6. no offence but I am muslim and I do believe that islam or religion in general kind limit people development , specially when science contradict with religion people tend to pick religion over science and that hold the science back and in most muslim majority country people tend to keep some thinking and culture that hold the development of those nations , and off course I don't need to say how salafits and wahabis are holding the development of gulf countries eventhought those countries are rich in oil and good economy , their is no real development or education in those countries , once their
  7. Quote: According to Shias he pledged baiah to the first three caliphs to not cause rifts ^ doesn't this mean he failed in end , cuz the shia/sunni split did happen in end , so his sacrifice was all in vain cuz it still didn't prevent the rifts .
  8. I think it's ancient asian culture , cuz it is present in ancient china before their communist party try to destroy all the religious and oldest traditions in china , same for japan the samurai honor killing/suicide , and even in korea where the queen would drink poison to keep her husband the king honor , or the daughter who got raped kill herself to safe the family honor , their is many examples of honor killing in asia cultures , and in india hindus used to burn the wife with her deceased husband to protect her husband honor and that she not marry again , cuz hindus only marry for one time
  9. sasuke is cool character , and I don't think he have dumb expression , he really smart and was top of his class , even beating up the hokages in their meeting . maybe you need to finish watching naruto shippuden first , sasuke have many good fights at the end
  10. you are exaggerating , itachi after killing his family he went and joined terrorist group , and wanted to kill naruto to collect the nine tails , like it or not itachi was wrong in his decision to kill all of the clan , he could just arrest the revolutions or kill his father and end it , no need to kill those of uchiha who weren't involved
  11. he didn't have killed all young uchiha children who had nothing to do with the revolution , and you can't blame the uchiha clan for wanting Independence they were mistreated and pushed into corner by the second hokage and followed by that their policy was mistreating them , even danzo was student of 2nd hokage who oppressed the uchiha . itachi was wrong and he even admitted to sasuke that he was wrong and that if he talked to sasuke about it , he believed that sasuke could have changed the uchiha clan , itachi is NOT HERO .
  12. you supporting a killer , and traitor .. well I am glad sasuke killed itachi , it was such amazing episode
  13. Itachi is the real EmosadisticDouche through he killed his whole clan INCLUDING the innocent uchiha children who didn't know anything , he genocide his whole clan and brainwashed sasuke into taking revenge and he actually reason why sasuke did what he did , I don't like itachi , and can't understand how people like murder traitor like him , whatever his reason was and I did finish the manga so I know why he did it , but still not forgiven .
  14. I can't remember ! I spend my childhood watching anime and reading mangas , still do those stuff now ^^ ! probability my best memory so far is going to korean restaurant with group of kpop fans I meet online , that was the first time in my life I felt happy and free to do what I want .
  15. (6) وَيَقُولُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا لَوْلَا أُنزِلَ عَلَيْهِ آيَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّهِ ۗ إِنَّمَا أَنتَ مُنذِرٌ ۖ وَلِكُلِّ قَوْمٍ هَادٍ (7) And the ones who have disbelieved say, "Had there been a sign sent down upon him from his Lord!" Surely you are only a constant warner, and for every people a guide. surah al raad verse 7
  16. many hate sakura but I actually like her , she was abit useless in naruto but in naruto shippuden she have many good fights and she useful in the ninja 2 war , she best female medical ninja after tsunade
  17. because they are both humans with needs , if man can't control himself for more then 4 months , what makes you think woman can ? .. and this is basic human right we talking here , is he can't control himself then at least he should inform the first wife before doing muta , so she can decide if she want to stay with him and wait or divorce him . I am not convinced with the answers been given that's why I keep asking cuz I am not satisfied with the answers being given , that's not argument .
  18. I love sasuke , kakashi , tsunade , sakura from naruto anime
  19. I never said this was debate , I already put Q. in the title above .. and I am just asking according to general people knowledge , cuz shia do muta then at least you should know the simple rules for it . if you don't have answer then you don't have to force yourself to comment .
  20. no I am just showing you what you just said seems like , if man can't take it to stay with out woman for 4 months then woman are same , she should have equal right . if husband treat his first wife like this then he should expect equal treatment , wife should be able to do muta if he absent for more then 4 months as well .
  21. Isa A.S will not return as prophat , he well return to kill the dajal and he will join muslims as one of ummah mohammed s.a.w , and he will be witness on christans misguide and that he never claimed divinity .
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