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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. we should respect other's religion so they can have open heart toward us , we shouldn't act with arrogent and superiority against other's , I like to use reason and logic when I debate with non muslims and even fellow muslims . and I think understanding where they coming from will help deal with them better .
  2. you can prove your point with out accusing other's of being ignorant , cuz different religions have different view on god , like someone might say that god can do anything so how is it impossible for him to be incarnate , that's according to lets say a Hindus or christian beliefs about god would be contradiction , cuz Christians believe that Jesus was incarnation of god , and same for Hindus believing in Krishna Rama Shiva etc as incarnation of god or avatars of god mean god come in their form .
  3. many born muslims are turning to atheism cuz religion and modern scince have many contradiction , and the common born muslim inherent their religion so don't know much about it , I think for muslim scholars/marjia to learn about modern science is must so they can reach the young muslims and prevent them from leaving islam and keep them on right path , don't you agree ! .. ah and actually most arab atheist I come cross on internet were Iraqis !
  4. Isa wasn't christan , he was prophat sent to bin israel , and Musa wasn't jew he was hebrew Egyptian not jew , he rejected the anceint egyptian gods and called for the ones of one Allah , but his people after he left them they deviated and worshiped the cow . as for the religion of prophat Ibraham he was muslim , and it's mention clearly in Quran . { ما كان إبراهيم يهودياً ولا نصرانياً، ولكن كان حنيفاً مسلما} Abraham was not a Jew nor a Christian; but he was true in Faith, and bowed his will to Allah's (Which is Islam), and he joined not gods with Allah.
  5. cuz we don't want to blame it on the alcohol like what majority of Christians now day do , they fell into adultery then say blame it on alcohol .
  6. I mean the world history not the islamic history , also by science I mean the evolution , Darwinism , the big bang etc .
  7. do you think marjia , sheikh , imam , scholars have to have degree in modern science and history along with their religious study ?
  8. Allah is unlimited so their is no cup that contain Allah , and I don't think human body can contain Allah .
  9. I didn't say god favor that , I said that's what the people did at that time and claim it was approved by god . I don't believe that it was provide by Allah such unspeakable crime againt captive women who happen to fell into enemy hands , Allah say to treat captive of wars in good manner not to enslave them and have sex with them -_- .
  10. you didn't answer anything , your comment is pretty much prove that I am right .
  11. their was no DNA test during prophat time ... and we all know the story of antara ibn shadad and how his father refused to a knowledge him as his son cuz he was son of slave woman , so we all know that nasab/heritage is very big deal in arab culture and if father didn't acknowledge his child then the child is illegeitiment . I don't think a free women in time of prophat would have taken such risk of putting shame and dishonor her family with mutah .
  12. in Mutah their is no need for ishar/public announcement or aqd/marriage contract , so the guy can easily deny that the child is his or that he even meet that woman .
  13. permanent marriage have rules , and if wive get pregnant the husband is obligated to support the children , but in mutah it's different the women is only temporary wive not permanent one and she doesn't have same right , and once the time end then she no longer his wife even if she got pregnant ... and that's the same with prostitution once you done with it you don't have anything to do with the prostitute .
  14. well I agree that no one is born as anything not even heterosexual , you develop those stuff from your surrounds as you grow up , that explain Bi , cuz if you born with sexual preference then you would either be homo or hetero but to be both mean it's choice .
  15. no the people had sex slaves at that time , so they probability weren't in need for mutah .. I know many people here would disagree but mutah to me seems like legal prostitution .
  16. allowed for 15 years old ? .. are you serious this is illegal , also whoever the female that agree to do mutah with him would be older and that would be pedophillia , and if it's younger girl that would also be illegal . AND boys his age should focus more in study and do sports , he probability watch porn or music with nude stuff that's why he have that desire , people should advice him to turn his interest into other stuff then sex not do mutah , what if he got girl pregnant would he take responsibility and be father at 15 .
  17. so you think mutah is better then masturbation , ok .
  18. but the dajjal will be able to do miracles too !
  19. how would I recognize him , if I didn't know how he look ? their many fake people who claim they mahdi , I remember someone claim to be mahdi the guy who started ahmyddia but people say he lair cuz mahdi suppose to be of arab decedent , but you know arabs are not race their is many different kind arabs , their is black arabs , white arab , brown arab , even asian arab ... so what is he described as I want to know .
  20. is their specific image of him , like is he gonna be black/white/brown/Asian/biracial ? I am carious if their is hadith that describe his looks . .....
  21. I heard that the cyprus greeks were killing genocide the cyprus-turkics that's why turkey interfered to save the cyprus turks .
  22. isn't it weird that jews were waiting for their messiah but when he come they rejected him , christans waiting for the spirit of truth to guide them to all truth but when prophat mohammed pbuh come they rejected him , I predict that even when mahdi come muslims would reject him .
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