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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. that's not news through , they been saying that shia are not muslims for like forever , salafits and wahabis don't consider shia as muslims , sunnis consider shia to be misguided and blinded by hate , sufis don't seems to care about shia but shia consider sufis to be misguided , and I saw post here that quoted shia hadith about sufis and say that they worth then satan ! ... anyway it seems like all muslim sects consider themselves to be the real muslims and other then them to be kafirs and not true muslims . . I don't really see why do they care , Christians have more sects then islam yet you
  2. I also heard this , and I heard that shia do pilgrimage to kerbala ! ... I also saw video about shia sheikh who said that shia should go to kerbala rather then mecca to support their other shia not spend money to mecca and support saudia . and I did agree with him that the hajj became more like business and saudi government became so greedy .
  3. Hi , thank you for the answer . I have another question about Eid aladha ... How is shia prayer of Eid , is it same as sunni or different , and can I pray alone in house ?
  4. How ? where do I find one ? I live in non shia country and their no shia masjids near me !
  5. is their a hadith or verse in quran to support your statement ?
  6. when I was child I used to draw people and make stature of them body & face , but one sheikh told me that drawing & making statures of people is haram cuz Allah in day of judgment will tell me to make them alive and if I couldn't I will go to hell ! since that day I stopped doing it , and now I suddenly remembered that incident and wanted to ask if it was true , that making statue of people as art is haram !
  7. hmm , most sunnis only hear bad things about shia because of the propagenda media that protray shia as having graves in their mosques and insulting the prophat companions , it's mainly because scholars like yasar al habib who keep insulting Ashia , and wahabis love to spread his clips where he insult Ashia and omar and say to other sunnis see what shia doing etc . also Wahabi and salafits try so hard to became the mainstream islam , I don't know what they want exactly why now do they want to spread their version of islam , it's like we didn't have islam before they come ... they sp
  8. honestly I don't know , I never meet transgender in my life , so I don't know if they mental ill or really have some medical condition , I only read about them in news and wiki .
  9. I wouldn't marry a transexual person , simply because I want children and I wouldn't be able to have one with a transgender person . second I wouldn't stay in marriage that based of lies and desiption . third , something you didn't know is that simple check up before marriage would show you if the person you marrying is male or female .
  10. would you allow christans in Iran or saudi arabia to eat/slaughter/raise pigs and open stores and sell pork ! I am not saying that we compromise our beliefs for them but can't we give up cow meat for more tolerant and peace among the two communities , specially when it's not a must to slaughter a cow in islam and this have been an issue among those two communities in that country .
  11. I know but hindus mainly fight Muslims because of cow cuz it's sacred to them .. I think muslims should stick to sheep or goat sacrifice cuz cow might increase the hate among the communities , it's just like how christans should refer from eating pigs in muslim countries , right !
  12. my parents are kind close minded , they nice people kind but when I talk to them about politics or religion sects specially shia and sufis they get worried and not want me to explore other stuff cuz they think I will get brainwashed , and whenever I talk to them we end up fighting and my parents are old and diabetic so I rather not make them mad , but I can't act that I agree with what they believe in so I isolate myself instead
  13. I am talking about Cow slaughter ! , hindus worship cows not goats !
  14. first wanna ask if shia have Eid adha on same day as sunnis in 12 septamber ? , second Eid Mubarak third , what's is the moral behind sacrificing animal ? I know the Ismael/abrham story , but I don't understand why have to keep carrying on this tradition of slaughtering an animal every Eid ? also muslims of india always get in trouble with the hindus and it create hatred among both communities when muslims slaughter cows in Eid al adha , should muslims take hindus feeling into consideration and not kill cows !! as for this practice is it sunnah or fard !
  15. I think you still same person even if you lost your memorizes . . see this . somehow even if you lost all your memorizes their is still thing that inside your heart that doesn't disappear and it stay with you and that thing is the real you therefore you don't loss yourself and still be you .
  16. shouldn't prophat know what gonna happen to this ummah cuz of this marriage to an underage girl , many now marry children and say it's sunnah .. also if prophat mohammed didn't make aisha into um al moamnen / mother of believers then the problem of calapha might have been avoided ... I am not blaming prophat on his decision of course I am use he wanted to unite the tribe of mecca and those were political marragies to unite the arab of arabia , But why didn't he prophecy the problems that gonna erupt from such marriage .
  17. european women was in worst situation in middle age of europe but look at where they are now leading and even becaming presidents and leaders of their countries ... saudi arabia have long way to go .
  18. would you be happy if muslim start praising krishna and bowing to idols to sympathy with the hindus would you really call that person a muslim or what he did as represent of islam ! .. also out of all things they choose to do to copy muslims they go and hit themselves and bleed ! , I see this as mockery not as something to be proud of .
  19. I am actually award that japan is not perfect nation but they still better then most muslim countries , and they actually working into solving the problems people posted here , so it's not like Japanese sitting still waiting for savior to come and take them out of their misery unlike what shia muslims and christans doing waiting for jesus and mahdi to come and save the day ... which is something I don't like and don't accept cuz it contradict with my belief that islam is self depended religion and don't try to make muslims dependable on blind faith , Allah didn't tell us to wait for anyone , h
  20. Introvert , I don't even talk to my own family , I am scared of the outside world , I prefer being alone and I am happy this way . . humans are scary .
  21. I understand that Omar was brutal against the kawarijs so shia don't like him , but why do you not like abu bakr he was the one of who first people to believed in prophat Mohammed s.a.w and stayed in gar hiraa with him and immigrated with prophat from mecca to madenia , so what's the story behind shia rejection of abu bakr as first calepha , also I read that even imam ali give him bayaa and accepted him as first calaphite ! also can someone give me some online source to read about imam ali biography cuz I can't find authentic one , I brought a book but it's from sunni perspective
  22. ok then explain how did islam expand in past with out any mahdi ? , also how do you say he is son of hashan al-askari when he isn't born yet ? >>> I respect shia views so that's obviously why I am here on this site I don't hate you but I also reject any blind faith that doesn't make sense to me .
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