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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam anybody hear about the retrial ordered by the bahraini spreme court regarding sheikh Ali salman??
  2. Salam is it permissble to conduct muta with someone who does not consider themself christian jew or muslim but believes in one God ??
  3. Salam apperantly this fawta is from grand ayatollah sistani Question: What is the ruling regarding Temporary Marriage with a Buddhist woman who pronounces the Shahaadatayn for the sake of the (temporary) marriage, then she returns to her religion after the time of her contract ends? Answer: This marriage is correct (SaheeH), if it is apparent from her that she did not contradict the shahaadatayn. Can somebody show me exactly where on the site it says this so i am exactly sure its his
  4. What is the ruling when it comes to doing temp marriage with a pregnant single mother who is from Ahlul kitab is it permissible ?
  5. Salam are there any hadeeth that talks about the link between remaining in state of janabat and birth defects while pregnant for exmaple having intercourse then the pregnant women stays in the state of impurity for hours without taking ghusl????
  6. Salam thank you very much for reply but what if she does not agree to ending the fixed married do i still have the authority to end it if does not
  7. Salam to end the temp marriage i understand that you have to forgive the remander of the time and its up to the man for that but can someone please tell me weather or not a man can end it when ever he wants or do both have to mutually agree upon it? Please provide me proof
  8. Salam im confused why dont the top ranking shia scholars in Pakistan announce fatwas for the shias to pick up arms and defend themselves?? Im mean shias keep getting killed there its making me very impatient and upset
  9. Yes they are good im actually taking some during this holy month to try and maintain my gains insh Allah
  10. Salam i need help to know if my salah is 100% jurisprudentially anybody have any links or videos?
  11. I need to know if the Fiqh of my salat is 100%
  12. Salam anybody know where i can find risalah amaliya ?
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