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  1. The question still remains unanswered; pity. This is my last post on this thread as I don't wish to waste any more of my time on this as I see this is going nowhere except in circles.
  2. That's quite an assumption on your part. The Quran, if translated correctly, without reaading Hadiths into it, has an internal consistency which makes sense. Hadiths contain certain writings that outright contradict the Quran but are also internally inconsistent. How do you reconcile the two? As Sam says, this drives a wedge in your thinking process, and the only way for you to make them both true is to become capable of "doublethink". I'll leave it at that, as so far there has been no serious attempt to answer the question. Instead there's been a defensive stance taken on what I've said. That was not my intention. I was merely presenting something for the OP to consider, as people can get so caught up in which set of Hadiths are the correct ones (Sunni vs Shia), and killing in the name of religion (hadiths) rather than following the Qur'an. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uUTV8ojTkdE
  3. This doesn't answer the question. I'm not interested in what sunnis think of Shia and vice versa. The question fundamentally remains how can you verify any of the Hadiths which are essentially hearsay. This question remains unanswered.
  4. Do you have the references where "it is clearly said in Qur'an that we must follow Ahlul Bayt"?
  5. If the Hadiths can be unequivocally proven then, yes, it would make sense to follow. How does one prove the Imams or the prophet actually said what the Hadiths claim they had said? You're hitting around the question, but not actually answering it. Take Nahjul balagha, for example, how can we know Imam Ali had actually written it? Was it not written/published 150 years after the passing of Imam Ali? We face the same problem again. 1. If you follow Hadiths you are essentially following men. 2. If you follow Quran you are following what the prophet gave you.
  6. The problem is, again, they are referring to Hadith (written 100-200) years after the prophet in order to interpret the Quran. How can we know that the prophet even said what they claim he said, or even the Imams had said what the hadithers claim they had said? 100-200 years is a very long time, that's about 8 or 9 generations with no original witnesses. Are you saying we are to believe these Hadith writers? Essentially we are following Hadith writers (not the prophet or the Imams), not Quran, if we follow this method, no? The Qur'an says that it is God who guides. It also tells us to use our brain as the speaker in the first video has said. Qur'an is guaranteed protection by God, Hadiths have no such guarantee. All the information sunnis and Shias have for their religions comes from Hadiths, and the Quran serves as an add-on. I say this because without Hadiths they are unable to make sense of the Quran alone. Which means they essentially rely on Hadith, not Quran, which means they follow men (Hadith writers) and not God.
  7. I don't know that ISIS are following Qur'an only. nor do I know that salafis or wahabis follow Qur'an only. This point is also refuted in the audio if you'd like to have a listen. It is not my intention to have an argument as such but I would like very much for someone to come up with a credible refutation to all the points made in the audio. So far, there has been none.
  8. Looks like this is going nowhere. It's precisely what Sam Gerrans is getting at. A Muslim can tell you nothing about God without reference to Hadith written by men two hundred years or so after the prophet had passed. 1. Qur'an makes no mention of Hadith or mahdi. It claims to be complete, a complete guidance (which means we don't need anything else) The Qur'an is saying this, not men. 2. Hadith says you must follow Hadith (Ahlul Bayt) plus Qur'an, and if you don't you'll most certainly go astray. In other words what it's saying is we must follow the interpretation of the qur'an given to us by Hadith writers, otherwise we go to hell. I know which I would choose. I would choose the words recorded by the prophet over words concocted by men.
  9. It's written in Hadiths which are hearsay.
  10. How can we know that the prophet instructed his followers to hold on to the qur'an and Ahlul Bayt?
  11. How can one stray from way of truth if one is following the Qur'an?
  12. What is dangerous about following the Quran?
  13. Have you listened to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F-BKegiUac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhvnW3_jc9E&t=371s Makes a lot of sense.
  14. I could not have said it better myself. These fake Jews of Khazaria have had their own independent Jewish homeland since 1928, Birobidjan, on the border of Russia. There is no reason on God's earth for them to be occupying the land of the semites, the Palestinians. They should go back home and leave the Palestinians in peace. More information can be found on jewishrepublic.com
  15. These fake Jews of Khazaria have had their own independent Jewish homeland since 1928, called Birobidjan, on the border of Russia. There is no reason on God's earth for these usurpers to be occupying the land of the semites, the Palestinians. They should go back home and leave the Palestinians in peace. More information can be found on jewishrepublic.com
  16. Have you listened to sheikh Imran Hossein? He's the only intelligent Sunni speaker that I've listened to. He speaks about real matters that affect the world today. He even provides a solution out of the mess.
  17. Ask them why; there usually is a good reason. The primary reason is the meaninglessness of life, second is despair. If you can identify the causes perhaps you could help them. Sometimes it may well be practical help. For example, there's no use telling a starving person to believe in God while not helping them out with some food. Whenever people gathered round to listen to Jesus speak, he normally fed them all as well as feeding them spiritually. Otherwise, all your preaching is meaningless and empty if you cannot extend a helping hand. I notice there are many Christian shelters for the homeless etc. But, I've yet to see an Islamic shelter for the homeless; it seems not to occupy any importance in the lives of muslims. People I think are too busy concentrating on their own plates. A man came and asked Jesus, "what must I do to follow you". Jesus told him "Go sell everything you have, give it to the poor, and then come follow me". The man walked away downcast. Jesus knew this man's wealth was dear to him and is the reason he asked him to do that. The man was unable to give up his wealth and so compromised his life in the hereafter. I have yet to meet a Muslim; sadly, I've not come across any. I only read about them.
  18. Was not the prophet 25 years old when he married his first wife who was older than him?
  19. Save yourself some money and add some sea or rock salt to your water along with some magnesium citrate with a little fruit juice.
  20. If you eat lots of fat and no carbs, it will give you energy throughout the day, so a bowl of strawberries & cream, for example, or peaches and cream; or eggs, avocado (whole one) and vegetables. Do not drink water after the meal; if you must, have a tiny amount of fruit juice. Otherwise the food will sit in your stomach for hours and make you sluggish. You can drink all your fluids during the night, eating melons is a good idea than drinking just water, and stop drinking an hour before you eat at suhoor. Don't forget to add a little salt to your water. Personally, I would try and live on only fruit for the month if I was fasting, but since people are going to be eating other foods anyway, I thought the above may help.
  21. Jesus said that if a man even looks at a woman lustfully he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
  22. I've heard the Qur'an says it is haram to have relations with a child. A seven, six or even nine year old is a child. Does it makes sense then, that the prophet who brought the Qur'an would contradict it?
  23. Sadly, there are many Muslims, I would say majority, that are the whitewashed tombs Jesus spoke about. He was actually speaking to the Pharisees, but it may as well apply to the majority of contemporary "muslims". They follow the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law; perform their perfunctory exercises three or five times a day. Why do they even bother?
  24. Here's the website: http://web.archive.org/web/20160125215036/http://iamthewitness.com/ and a little background:
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