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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is Aleppo, a dead city. Hopefully it can be raised from the dead.
  2. By MONA EL-NAGGAR OCTOBER 28, 2016 “We’re not allowed to even go to the supermarket without permission or a companion, and that’s a simple thing on the huge, horrendous list of rules we have to follow.” — Dotops, 24 “The male guardianship makes my life like a hell!! We want to hang out with our friends, go and have lunch outside. I feel hopeless.” — Juju19, 21 “I don’t mind taking my dad’s approval in things he should be a part of. These very strong social bonds you will never, ever understand.” — Noura These are three of the nearly 6,000
  3. Barring any major unforeseen event, on October 31 Lebanon’s parliament will elect as president the octogenarian Michel Aoun—a Maronite Christian former army commander and leading ally of Hezbollah. His election will have been facilitated by the decision of former prime minister Saad Hariri to endorse Aoun on October 21. Hariri is the leader of the largest Sunni Muslim bloc in parliament, and his move should bring to an end the presidential void that has been in place since May 2014, the longest since the end of the war in 1990. Aoun’s anticipated election will bring much-needed déte
  4. If Bashar was "elected" by his people than was Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Sisi, Zinadine Bin Ali, and Kim Hong Il. Also, Maliki Sunnis pray like Shias.
  5. Salam, Theoretically I'm a 20 year old adult and I have a "student" job and I'm completely independent. Realistically I depend on my parents to pay my college tuition and the costs of my apartment, so I'm still dependent on them, and I will probably continue to be dependent on them until I graduate and get a job that pays an adequate salary
  6. Are you saying that people who drink alcohol become abusive and get divorces because that is a ridiculous slippery slope, sure people abuse alcohol but people abuse many things, Alcohol in many countries is used in parties and to facilitate social interactions, I would say tens of millions of people drink alcohol and are not abusive, nor are they alcoholics, and nor do they divorce their wives. Also, obesity contributes to tremendous social costs in any health care system, so it really does affect a lot of people. The problem with this bill is the Iraqi parliament are trying to force religiosi
  7. Clinton Adviser Proposes Attacking Iran to Aid the Saudis in Yemen Michael Morell is a former acting director of the CIA and a national security adviser to Hillary Clinton — one who is widely expected to occupy a senior post in her administration. He is also an opponent of the Iran nuclear agreement, a defender of waterboarding, and an advocate for making Russia “pay a price” in Syria by covertly killing Putin’s soldiers. On Tuesday, Morell added another title to that résumé: proponent of going to war with Iran, for the sake of securing Saudi Arabia’s influence in Yemen.
  8. Harrowing accounts of torture, inhuman conditions and mass deaths in Syria's prisons The horrifying experiences of detainees subjected to rampant torture and other ill-treatment in Syrian prisons are laid bare in a damning new report published by Amnesty International today which estimates that 17,723 people have died in custody in Syria since the crisis began in March 2011 – an average rate of more than 300 deaths each month. ‘It breaks the human’: Torture, disease and death in Syria’s prisons documents crimes against humanity committed by government forces. It retraces the experien
  9. What benefit does Iraq gain from banning alcohol ? And are they next going to force every women to wear the hijab and ban music, this is a very slippery slope
  10. Iraq’s parliament has passed a law forbidding the import, production or selling of alcoholic beverages in a surprise move that angered many in the country’s Christian community who rely on the business. The law, passed late on Saturday night, imposes a fine of up to 25m Iraqi dinars (£17,000) for anyone violating the ban. But it’s unclear how strictly the law would be enforced, and it could be struck down by the supreme court. Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol, but it has always been available in Iraq’s larger cities, mainly from shops run by Christia
  11. Daughter tries to prevent father from going to Mosul
  12. Salam, The only side in this conflict that people should support is peace, a rational dialog that ends the conflict, supporting endless battles will not end this nightmare, there are various UN plans and non biased plans that carve a way to unite Syria and end this conflict.
  13. So a totalitarian corrupt police state which has oppressed Syria for the last 50 years has played no role in creating terror, resentment, and the kinds of radical attitudes that lead to this sort of conflict. Taking a black and white point of view of good guys versus bad guys oversimplifies a very complex conflict that has been boiling for a long time which has killed Syria.
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