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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The universe is created with energies, some we can see and some we can not see, there are some good and some evil, of course it makes sense that there are forces in which we can not see that can have negative effects in life, but with prayer and belief, it most certainly protects you against evil.
  2. Yes sure my email is farwahassanq@gmail.com
  3. We are based in London, I just need the largest file (picture) of your piece, we will send you a contract, the magazine is going to be a quarterly issue, so it will be published 4 times in the year, but I would like to see your art work first
  4. Yes I need some Art depicting anything to do with Shia beliefs, i.e Karbala, Imam Ali (A.S) or Imam Hussein (A.S). The magazine is going to feature Art from many religions and beliefs, and being a Shia myself I would love to feature some Shia art. Syed Raza Ali do you have a website or any form of social media for your Art?
  5. Salaam everyone, I am the editor/in charge of an up and coming magazine (untitled at the moment), we aim to showcase creativity in any form in order to educate people about a better life, the focus is Art and Poetry, Art being Film/Fashion/Installation/Painting/Sculpture/Photography e.t.c, but there will be sections on spirituality, health and a few selected articles as well. I want to ask if anyone knows any Shia artists that would love to participate? Kind Regards Farwa
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