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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My mom does not want me to contact the police again. I'm so terrified of him coming back (he stayed the night at my uncles). He said he was going to throw me and my mom out and keep my sister with him, she doesn't want this either. However nobody wants me to contact the police. Would it be right for me to "run away" from home, and tell the police the truth? Since my uncle made me lie in the interrogation. When he came back last night, he was furious and swore on God to throw me out, and divorce my mom. My mom will be very disappointed, mad and sad if I go, but I really fear for my life. Also my uncle booked an appointment with a lawyer to help dad, and I have to be there to lie about my dad being innocent. I live in Norway to anyone wondering.
  2. She said "if he goes to jail I'll kill myself" and "who will take care of me now" also she doesn't have anywhere she can stay and she refuses to stay at a shelter.
  3. I don't know whether she's strong enough
  4. should I tell the police even when there's a chance my mum will commit suicide? She has lost all hope and I don't know what to do
  5. My dad came home last night, and started screaming at us, he was about to beat me up, but my uncle was there, and he held him. He said I work for you guys and you call the police on me. His plan is to divorce my mom, and throw her and I out the house, and live there with my little sister. I'm so scared, everything turned more complicated, bc if I leave I have to leave them. My mom said who's going to take care of me now, and she doesn't have a place to stay, and a very low paying job. I don't have many choices now. If I leave my mom will be heartbroken, but I can't leave with them, since they don't want to go, I can't take my sister with me either she's not legal. I live in Norway to anyone wondering. I'm so scared I'll never see my sister again, and her life will perhaps be at danger if she lives alone with my dad.
  6. mum is on the verge of heart attack and fears that my dad killed himself. I think I’m going to leave tonight when everyone is asleep
  7. Right now I don’t know whar to do, we’re meeting a lawyer on monday, to help my dad, but I really want to get out of this house, I feel so scared. My father isn’t religious and we’re afghan/Pakistani. Talking to a sheikh won’t help.
  8. she is so scared and stressed for him, she looks so pale and I fear something might happen to her but I am so scared for myself. I’m really worried however about what he will do to me when he gets back, if he does, and if not what his family might do.
  9. There is no way of convincing my mother, however my sibling does realize this is wrong, and since shes not legal, she’ll have to live in a foster home, with non Muslim people.
  10. The only way out is alone, without mother and sibling, bc she doesn’t realize how wrong this is, and tells me how could you do this to him, he loves you so much. Leaving means never talking to them again bc my life will be at risk. Read my post over this one.
  11. My father is currently still not out, and I think he may be sentenced. My uncles are mad at me, and my mother is crying and she’s scared, but also mad. Literally everyone is mad that I did it, and they’re lying to the cops to Get him out. I had an interrogation, and they made me Lie. I’m thinking of going to the cops, and telling them the whole truth. Nobody wants to Get out of this house, and my uncles say why did you call them, you should have just beared a couple of beatings and let him calm. I swear by Allah I’m so tired of this, although my dad loves me. He still has almost killed me. Everyone is on his side. If my grandmother gets to know about this, I fear they’ll send me «back home» (although I was born and raised here). I’m so terrified of what’ll happen to me if and when others get to know, and when he’ll get released. My mom, and uncles are saying that I’ve destroyed our lives. I want to go to the cops and reveal the truth, but in doing so. I’ll have to get a resistance order against my dad and his family, other family members, bc I fear they’ll come after me. Meaning the only way out is alone. What should I do, islamically as well?
  12. I’m 18 ANd my sibling is 15
  13. Salam, if you’ve previously read my abusive father thread, then you know that sometimes my father beats me or my Mom up. last night he startes beating my mom up, punching, kicking, and hitting her. He Threatened to divorce her, and he wouldn’t let her leave, he went to the kitchen and said that he was going to Get a knife and kill her. Then he told me and my little sibling to Get out of the house and go to my grandmothers. This was happening around 12 am last night. I was begging Him to stop, and he was screaming at her and everything. Then when we were Thrown out, my little sibling decide we would fall the police, so we called and Said that he was going to kill her, and that he was beating our mom up. They went up and took him to stay with the police for the night. And They did interrogation and I said that he didn’t beat me up now, but he has done it previously, and I said every detail. I was crying and in panic. After we went back up my mom started covering up for him, and lying, on top of that right after the police went she called my uncles, they’re my fathers brothers, we don’t have any family from my moms side here. Everyone told me and my sibling to lie so that he doesn’t get sentenced to jail, but we had already told the police, my dad is returning today and I’m terrified, of him beating me up or killing me bc we called the cops. My mom is blaming us for ruining our and her life with calling the police. My uncles are blaming my mom and asking us why we did it, and saying that now we’ll lose our house and money and he’ll lose his job and maybe end up in jail. I feel so scared. Please pray for me, I’m so scared. I don’t even know anymore whether I did the right thing. I’m terrified of when he’s returning, please make as many duas as you can.
  14. Tafseer al-Qurtubi, 5/392 2 – It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah said: “Allaah has cursed the women who do tattoos and those who ask for tattoos to be done, those who ask for their eyebrows to be plucked, and the women ask for their teeth to be filed for the purpose of beautification, changing the creation of Allaah.” A woman from the tribe of Bani Asad whose name was Umm Ya’qoob heard of that and she came and said, “I have heard that you have cursed So and so and So and so.” He said, “Why should I not curse those whom the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed and who are mentioned in the Book of Allaah?’ She said, “I have read what is between the two covers [of the Qur’aan], and I did not find anything in it like what you have said.” He said, “If you have read it, have you not read that Allaah says, ‘And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad) gives you, take it; and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it)’ Therefore it's not allowed for Sunnis to pluck their eyebrows, because they have this Hadith, but we don't follow Tafseer al-Qurtubi or any other Sunni book, and the Hadith can only be found in Sunni books. Furthermore most of our marjas have said that it is permissible to pluck your eyebrows. However I personally don't know of any Shia Hadiths regarding plucking eyebrows.
  15. Sunnis aren't allowed to pluck their eyebrows, however for us it is permissible.
  16. salam, I was done with my period a week ago, and two days ago, I got a little bit of red ish discharge, it looked a little clea, but too red to be discharge, I just got a little bit of that twice that day, and I fasted the rest of the day, and yesterday I didn't get any, but today the same thing happened. So I don't know whether or not I should fast and pray.
  17. what about micro blading your brows?
  18. Salam alaykum, long story short my dad beats me up due to bad grades, I understand he gets mad bc he wants the best for me and he wants me to get a good education. He also had a very tough childhood and didn't have the chance to get a good education, his dad not being in his life anymore. Both my parents work very physical tiring jobs, and I know that's why they don't want me to end up with a similar job. However it has never and will never help for him to literally almost beat me up to death. Last semester when he saw my grades, I failed in math, and he beat me up so much, and brought a knife, ready to take my life. As much as it's my fault, not getting good grades, I know I don't deserve to be treated like this. As much as the physical abuse is bad and painful, the emotional abuse is worse, I'm not even joking when I say I used to cry every night for at least 1 month after it. Out of fear I've contemplated suicide, and I was very close to actually committing it. He says things like you've been a curse to us from the day you were born or you should just go and become a prostitute since there isn't going to be any other way for you to provide for yourself, and that I shame my hijab, or things like you're the reason I haven't prayed for days, what's the point of your hijab when you're so shameless. He took my phone and started accusing me of talking to boys and a lot more. At this point I don't know what to do. I'm a 18 year old female, which makes it harder. I have considered running away and my heart breaks every time at the thought of my mom and younger sibling, but at the same time I really don't know if I have another choice. I'm also scared of him beating up, or worst case scenario killing them, if I run away. As for talking to him about it when he's calm, or making another family member talk about it. My dads side of the family knows, and have talked with him about it being wrong to beat your children and in that moment he agrees, also after he beats me up, and days pass and he calms down, he tells us that he regrets it and all, yet couple months go by and the same thing repeats it self. So making someone talk to him is not an option. I've also seen my mom get beat up by my dad from since I was younger, and I swear I can see how depressed and unhappy my mom is. I don't know what to do anymore. I really just want to disappear from them, and if I had a job or any money, or place to go, I would have moved out abruptly. I feel so hopeless in both my education, life and family.
  19. she says that 'bad women' get their belly button pierced, but I personally am not doing it for anyone but myself..
  20. but what about the fact that my mom doesn't know
  21. As salam alaykum, I was wondering whether getting a belly button piercing without my parents permission would be haram or seen as disobeying them, I'm 18 btw, and I would get it done with my own money, if that has anything to say. I want to get one for my self, and not to show it off. Even if I get one, no non mahram would ever see or know about it, and no one besides close friends (girls) would see it, and a woman would do the procedure.
  22. Salam, I've been trying to recite ziyarat ashura for 40 days because of a hajaat. Yesterday I was feeling sick and I just laid in bed instead of praying, and right before 12 am, I just prayed Maghrib and Isha, and decided to pray the other prayers today, I recited ziyarat ashura after 12 am, and I was wondering whether it Counts as if I recited it yesterday or today, should I start my 40 days again from today or just continue? I know I have too pray, but please reply to my question instead of telling me about praying.
  23. Salam, I started on a Monday, should I start again on a Wednesday, or should I just continue, also I don't really get what you mean by Reading it in two sequences. And by two rak'at prayer, should I just pray like in fajr and at the time of niyyat should I just say in intention of gifting it's reward to the Imam, I don't really know any other prayers besides my obligatory salah.
  24. Salam alaykum, I have a couple questions regarding reciting ziyarat ashura for haajat fulfillment. 1) Can my haajat still get fulfilled if I recite it by reading the transliteration from a book, and listening to it, bc I don't know the ziyarat? 2) When reciting ziyarat ashura for 40 days, for haajat fulfillment, do I recite it when I'm on my period as well? 3) The parts of it where it says to recite 100 times, do I have to recite it 100 times, or is it okay with just one? 4) Also the part where you have to be in sujood, if I don't know ziyarat ashura by tongue, and I'm reciting by reading from a book, do I have to be in sujood, bc how can I be in sujood position when reading the text from a book.
  25. As salam alaykum, hope you're all well. I have a presentation on a historical person in history class, and I chose Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) in hope of learning more about him, and I want to present about his life as genuine and proper as possible, since it's in front of mostly people that have never heard of him or just heard misconceptions. I unfortunately can't say I know much about the Imams and their lives, so I was wondering if someone could help me. Basically I have to choose an issue around his life, and try to answer that through the presentation, I'm thinking of going with why did he fight at Karbala. I don't want to give any false information, therefore I was wondering if someone could help me a bit with his life, such as his birth (where he was born, when), death, where he lived, education, work etc, basically the beginning of his life. What he has done that made him so famous today (I can't just say he is a Shia Imam, but also how he is relevant for non Muslim history as well in general). Theories on him and why he did what he did, his thoughts, and view on it all. I also have to talk about the how community and society around him was at the time, how people were treated, difference he made and other important things in his life. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me with this, I personally have just started getting closer to God, and my religion therefore I don't really know that much besides the basic, and I don't have anyone to ask. It would mean a lot if someone personally told me, or gave me links to sites that have answers, please don't provide information if you don't have the source. Thank you so much to anyone that helps.
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