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  1. all these dreams have no spiritual meaning
  2. here is my interpretation of your dream the pathway to Islam is simple, the pathway to follow the Imam is simple, but you are unable to even see the basic truth because your reading into things to much and expecting fireworks in order to understand the simple message of going forth stop looking for fireworks and see things for what they are, straightforward truths , just follow what you know and you will be on the right path and stop complicating things that are not complicated i.e dont look for special prayers just pray your normal prayers every day as well as nafilah prayers that's what the dream is telling you, your over complicating things which are not complicated and your over readings things which are meant to be taken for what they are i.e literal
  3. I have not watched that video, but that is just an opinion from some random people for the intelligent people with vision and sight they can see the miracles of the Quran and the deniers will deny based on prejudice and bias but the facts remain the Quran has TONNES of scientific miracles, but if you look at the Quran as if it where revealed today yeah an ignorant people can argue otherwise , but the intelligent will see it for what it is
  4. The Jews have in the past received God's punishment MANY times, God punished them over and over again, but the final punishment will be the most humiliating and final. Then you will receive EVERYTHING you did to the Palestinians and Arabs and any other people that stood in your way of your selfish greedy goals a coward filthy nation of zionist shepard jews
  5. Israel creates hate and your "extreme irrationality" only comes from you filthy side , you dress up solider men with weapons and tactical uniform to go and fight and attack children and women that is the biggest cowardice act in the world , but your day will come , it has been promised and foretold , your day will come when every Jew in Israel will fear and flee like it is the judgement day for them and when they hide behind a rock, the rock will say "there is a Jew behind me" God's punishment to you will be a horrible punishment look at your filthy people attacking innocent people, and they always target women and children, and God will target you and them, but He wont send in cowards like you to attack your children and women, He will send in MEN real MEN to teach you a lesson you will never forget
  6. you filthy dirty Zionist, you once again show you true colours there is plenty proof , but the biggest proof is when 10 soldiers surround 1 woman and are so afraid of her that they end up putting 10 bullets in her body and the last Palestinian war Israel sent in its special forces, which got chased out by Hamas not to mention the fear they face when they fight Hezbollah
  7. The Quran is God talking, THAT's where God spoke the ides in the Quran are not possibly thought about in the human mind, and the revelation in the Quran was truly a revelation it had things in it when people knew nothing if the Quran was revealed today it would contain things in it that we dont know but are eventually confirmed , however God choose that time because these are the end of times the Quran talked about scientific miracles , such as "He created all things from water" nobody knew that back then, people speculated, and also "he created man from a clot of coagulated blood" and many other thing about space, geology, sciences that man could have not know especially men in arabian desert where ignorance was rampant and wars where the topic of the day and many amazing statements , such as another "where the two seas meet one is salty and the other sweet but they do not mix" and many other statements which was impossible for any man to know especially not in an arabian desert where the people where illiterate and books and libraries didnt exist when the Quran was revealed it revealed amazing things , at that time, if it had been revealed today it would have had to have the same impact and talk about that which we dont know today , things we have no idea about so the fact that revelation was backed by evidence , but NOT only for the people of that time, but the people of all times , is the proof sure you can make excuses and try to make stuff up, but thats only if you ignore the time that they were in and pretend that everyone had tv , google, and internet back then and planes to fly wherever they want and all the general knowledge we have today people didnt even have electricity back then, they couldnt stay up at night learning, especially not when they were majority 99% illiterate and their whole life was dedicated to fighting and dominance of one another you seem to have a very ignorant point of view about people back then , especially the arabs , they used to worship gods made from dates , water was very scarce so they couldn't go wandering in the desert to discover and explore and they were not interested to do so so that book was a miracle of all miracles even the bible doesnt have that kind of content, where God talks to you directly, QUran has no contradictions , it is perfect text but you can deny it all you want, and that comes from your blindness about it, from your cheap excuses about it , anyone can make excuses not to believe in anything, i can choose to justify not to believe that the earth is round right now , but does it make me right? of course it doesnt so yes God said alot ion that book He said amazing things, that are still coming true and stay true
  8. the rules we live by are rules set for us He also created an antelope and a lion, and He made the antelope food for a lion, in the antelopes eye that doesnt seem like justice at all but we are not talking about his attributes and names, what i am talking about is what is being discussed i.e His intelligence His omnipotents, His Omni conscious we know of His attributes because HE told us, if HE didnt tell us we wouldnt know anything about it, and we would guess what they are and probably guess wrong , or we wouldnt even know if He has them but He never told about HOW HE IS or WHY HE IS , and that is what i am addressing here and THAT is what is being discussed wrongly because you assume , and thats where your first mistake lies that HE is like a Human because he SHARES some characteristics that we can have so if you stop assuming , and start going with the info you will find that you HAVE no argument because such a argument doesnt exist, because WE cant comprehend infinity one of the oldest realization to us is that we dont know infinity , what it is and what it means , you can speculate and pretend to know by saying such things as "it is not a number" it is n+1 as an abstract definition, but still maybe it is not that because we are thinking about something linear so if you stop assuming so much and start looking at how much we DONT know you will find that it is impossible to define God because Had he wanted to eb defined He would have defined Himself for us and created the capacity for us to understand Him but He has also left some hints in the universe how do we understand for example a distance of 91 billion light-years (28×109 pc) [the size of the universe] its impossible to grasp this , and even things much smaller then this so not only can we not understand infinity but we cannot understand much smaller things and only a fool or a bitter person would say "because i dont understand it it must not be there" or "because it is not within my scope of grasp it must not be there" this is just the bitter arrogance of an ignorant person who thinks that He is the greatest thing in the universe and everything else is below him hence if he cant understand it, it must not exist for somebody who talks about philosophy so much you assume way too much, you make cardinal mistakes its kind of like the argument for evolution "an ape has xyz dna..." , "a humna has wxyz dna..." therefore since a human has all of the dna strands , this must be the advanced version of that despite many important questions cannnot be answered nor repeated experimentally nor explained how , as if the only way this can also have that is that they must be the same and one , which is again a very linear mind can blurt out due to his not understanding and limited understanding as if the universe is a simple place with just a few simple combinations of a very few set of elements and that they must al react exactly the same way....which is totally wrong and limited since the universe proves to be much much much more complex then that , much more complex for our little minds to understand we have deceived our own self with abstract ideas just because a few of them where right
  9. Zionist, dont blink or you might die of fear yes tot he rest of us here being called a Zionist is a great insult, and you are clearly a Jewish filthy scum Zionist, youve proven it time and time again do you know what is a zionist? somebody who opposes the Palestinians and supports Israel which you clearly do so you know another characteristic of a Zionist? big cowards, which you have proven to be again, if you had the WHOLE world , it would not take away the cowardice fear in your heart, that if even one person like me where around, you would all run haven't you seen how your troops in Israel run when they come face to face with an equally armed soldier? they wet their pants and begin to shake that they send earthquakes through Israel , its easy to go up high and send bombs doen onto a people with no defence its easy to shoot at women and children when your armed with guns in groups of ten and they are single with books in their hands , they started to shoot anyone they assumed had a knife, because you are a coward nation God has instilled such fear in your evil hearts, only hearts with fate that doesnt steal land, and cheat and murder can have no fear , that is the only heart which does not tremble or die even if you kill it and faces 10 of your men fully armed while it has nothing, and dies in pride fighting for truth , while your little cowards run like chickens that is something you will never have, but also God's punishment is upon your filthy dirty heart, and what a punishment it will be when you wont have America or your little pea shooters to help you Zionist filth oh and PS , your filthy scum zionist regime hasnt got everything there is still Hezbollah and Iran who would annihilate you completely if you ever tried to bush the boundaries to that point , and its going to happen, it has been foretold no nation who commits such atrocities has EVER gotten away with it, and especially not such a weak and pathetic one as Israel , out of all the empires Israel is the worst of them because they are a coward nation who attack women and children , cant even handle Hamas i remember when the last war happened , you bombed civilians, but when you finally sent in your "special forces" to go on ground, Hamas chased them out so quickly they probably released their hearts through their pants its easy to shoot missiles against a people in a country prison with no where to go , but you will see when they come for you , when it is a fair fight, your lot of weaklings pathetic cowardice dogs will die without even one bullet, they will die from fear
  10. whats wrong Zionist? did i send shivers town your spine? i guess the best way to identify a Zionist is in his fear and cowardice and hence why he has so much hate and racism and bias , because the Zionist is so afraid to lose what he has, he loves life so much and hates truth because truth means losing his life or some part of it greedy Zionist is ready to kill children so that he can have his square meter of land he wont use , but live in fear on it
  11. And if Allah were to seize mankind for their wrong-doing, He would not leave on it (the earth) a single moving (living) creature, but He postpones them for an appointed term and when their term comes, neither can they delay nor can they advance it an hour (or a moment). Quran (Surah An-Nahl, Verse 61) “Everyone shall taste death. AND ONLY on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).” Quran (Surah Aal-e- Imran, Verse 185) "Thou wilt indeed find them(the Jews), of all people, most greedy of life,-even more than the idolaters: Each one of them wishes He could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For God sees well all that they do. (The Noble Quran, 2:96)" "Think not that God doth not heed the deeds of those who do wrong. He but giveth them respite against a Day when the eyes will fixedly stare in horror,- (The Noble Quran, 14:42)" "Never think thou that the Unbelievers are going to frustrate (God's Plan) on earth: their abode is the Fire,- and it is indeed an evil refuge! (The Noble Quran, 24:57)" "Do those who practise evil think that they will get the better of Us? Evil is their judgment! (The Noble Quran, 29:4)" You filthy Zionist scum will get your due, and what a punishment it will be, we will al come to laugh at you when you are experiencing never-ending punishment for all that you have done in this life to the Palestinians and others
  12. you have been exposed Zionist typical Zionist who fears to show his true face in public, cause his cowardice doesn't let him sleep at night , i bet you are afraid even of a fly's buzz
  13. i guess you just exposed your true motives a level head and think logically? it seems your thinking doesnt go past your own self, you want to look at the Palestinian issue in one instantaneous moment in time when we all know it goes back a lot further then that, and heck even if you did , what justifies them attacking and killing children? i have emotion but i also have a clear head, my anger is justified , if this what is happening in Palestine happened in reverse , how would it be received? i will tell you how, America would probably send in UN and its own forces to come and attack the Palestinians if the situation was reversed but since it is the illegal occupiers and murderers with influence, nobody says anything, and people like you try to defend the cold blooded killers because you are not who you claim to be one thing the Zionists hate is criticism and been exposed for the filthy evil scum that they are, but any sane person can see who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist here , it doesnt take a genius nor even an average minded person, but anyone with eyes can see it again if the situation was reversed, if the Palestinians where chasing down Israelis, taking their homes, and imprisoning the Israelis (children, women and all) there would be international military units entering Palestine and it would be branded "a war to save the oppressed and abused...." so its simple really, the Israeli scum are completely guilty, and the Palestinians are defending with the human rights which allows them to defend and you are not who you say you are, your a Zionist agent pretending to be a Muslims
  14. people want to understand God through human experience which is impossible, or they compared God to a human in the way a human functions why are people so simple minded to think that intelligence or anything else can only have one context, i.e the Human context if you try to identify God through the human you will never succeed, it just doesnt work like that a chair maker is not identified by the chair , you cant say because a chair is made to sit on its designer must be sitting constantly its just stupid logic
  15. emotions? people are getting killed brutally and mercilessly, i think your problem is that your cold hearted we aint talking about some minor thing here, were talking about people being killed unjustly as young as 10 if you dont feel anger and sadness at that then your problem is that your heart is dead even the Prophets and Imams felt anger at injustice , maybe you need to experience that situation in order to grasp what is going on have people chasing you to kill you just because your a certain nationality and fighting for your freedom to live this is the problems with people today, they dont feel emotion at such things but when they watch a moie they are able to cry and get angry at fictional characters and stories wake up to reality
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