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  1. @Ali As for as font is consider we have used Iwan Old Style which is Apple's builtin fonts Usually some use helvatica neons. So i will consider you advise on fonts. As for as color is consider those colours are include from this website. Both Greenish and blackish colour is copied from this website. That sign up button is at the bottom due to iPad reason. When ever a user hold iPad it hold from both sides which reduce the thumb space availability to touch the screen. Us taking it to bottom is due to this reason. Lastly the texts are quite overlapped the borders so i will try to align it more inside. The corners can be rounded from all side but keep it all in the signup page will destroy my animation style if i draw the all corners so i use one side corners. But to complete this application i need graphical materials to make it more quite to the website originally. So if you can provide then please help me to complete it from my side so that we can as soon as deliver it and then super admin will develop it and make it available to the end users.
  2. Respected Admin, @Ali You have created a very good and informative platform for the people of Shia Ithna Ashari. May Allah give you more for this act. Let me first introduce you about my self and then my request. I am a Mobile Application Developer (iOS and Android). I have done very good as being a developer but now i want to contribute my efforts in the mainstream of goodness with you. So that people can easily reach this platform. For this i am currently designing the Graphical User Interface of this Website for mobiles (iPhone,Android) Tablets (iPad/Android-based-Tablets). As situations and condition are very tight for every Shia in Pakistan. Therefore it will be very useless request/question to ask you for the database of this website to connect with mobile. I know its very hard to trust on the person you don't even know. I just want you to send me the icons used in this website at this email syedqamar.a1@gmail.com. I don't need anything else. When i will done with the Graphical User Interface i will provide you all of the code with just raw structure so that you can contact officially with any software engineer to connect that raw application with realtime website and make it live on apps stores. This Graphical User Interface will cover 75% of the work load. And i will devote my work for this website with returning price of DUA. Regards, Syed Qamar Abbas. Here are some of the screen shots of the current Graphical User Interface of the Application. Screenshots_iPhone
  3. Quite funny but a logical answer you've put in my mind. Thank you so very much for correcting me in such very little differences between Shia and Sunni.
  4. I have heard from many Sunni scholars 'Molana Tariq Jameel' that after the entering into Paradise everyone will allow to drink Wine(شراب), but i have never heard these kind of words from any Shia Scholar can anyone on this platform correct me if i am wrong that Shia also believe the same as sunni believes in this matter of wine in Paradise????
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