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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Alaykumselam.. Thankyou for your advice. I talk to my parents but not like before. I used to talk for hours..... Yeah I'm regular in Salat ul Layl.. but not focused.
  2. Dear Sisters! I don't know how to start.. I'm not a teenager.. but I'm over sensitive. Tiny things make me cry; I start feeling stuck all of the sudden.. that makes me emotionally down..these mood swings effects my routine life, specifically my studies.. It's getting harder to socialise. I really want Allah to hold my hand.......... I wonder, if there is any prayer that Allah loves the most.. that helps to strengthen relationship with Almighty.. Though apparently everything is fine. But there is some missing link...!!! Regards
  3. I need to call my mom. Missing her. My goal for tonight, is to eat dessert & review some research papers. !!!! ;D
  4. Thankyou Yasmin for your response. You are right. Still, It's pretty hard. May Allah brings ease to all of us.
  5. Salaam! If someone deposits his savings in a government bank. His income isn't enough to support his dependents. He has those savings for a specific purpose; for his daughter's marriage. He is sick but he is working. There are no other options. His job isn't well paid. So, he cannot risk to invest it anywhere else. His salary & the monthly profit from bank helps his family to hardly meet their needs. But still, it's interest. Should he even avoid it?
  6. @Gypsy! I hope..it would be the same for me. I'm trying to replace it. @Avengerafterrepentance, You're so lucky & persistent. @Sidnaq ! I'm sorry but it's not that funny.
  7. Enough to convince me. I didn't ever try to search for this question. For me, it's something my mother believes and i've to follow as she means a lot to me. I always try to convience her that it doesn't really matter. Sometimes, it sounds insulting when you refuse to shake hand. And your future meetings become a bit strange in advance. At least, it happened with me. Well, I'm not sure how long this idea could satisfy me, but it has some kind of satisfaction. "Islam means Submission "
  8. "He wanted a woman worth walking with; she became the one walking ahead of him! "
  9. "Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life." - William Faulkner
  10. Really? Can you believe that i'm already facing serious short term memory loss. It wasn't the same before. A professor asked me, "Do you know who is Anna?" I was like "No". After a while, she asked me again. She was so surprised when i told that i just forgot. In exam, i made so many stupid mistakes. Though, i knew everything...... I just couldn't concentrate. A friend asked me to meet at 14.00 & i went there at 16.00. Because, i got it that way. Every other day, either i get the wrong metro or i miss my station. ah..... i just thought that i'm a lost soul. Does it mean, it's just because i'm too addicted to music these days. i'll must do some research. Thankyou so much for sharing your experience. You gave me another direction. I'm not limited to any specific type of music.. i keep on changing.. sometimes the same for hundreds of times. sometimes, just a random one. So, i need to classify that. Thankyou for sharing these links for detail info. i'll check them. Then, i'll limit myself to the allowed one. later, i'll try to avoid that. It's hard still i need to try.
  11. Asalam O Alekum! I recently found this website. I'm glad that I'm getting answers of many questions even without asking. It's not a question actually.. It's a guilt.. !! For 22 year of my life, I never attracted to music. For me, it was quite strange why some people are too addicted to it. My only interest was reading. Then, I moved abroad. I'm not a very social person & i'm so attached to my family. It was hard but it was for good. That was the time, I started listening music.. Then, i stopped myself. I got engaged in some community projects. Later, i went back home. Then, i moved again for higher studies. Life is better than back home. Still, i miss home. And music is the only thing that makes me alive. I have good people around me, but i'm a bit strange, sometimes, i don't even talk for weeks.. !! I'm regular in prayers. While i'm praying, i feel perfect. But later, i feel bad again. Then, music helps me to go with routine. But it makes me regret as well. It's so confusing situation. I don't know how to deal with it.
  12. Alhamdolilah, my mother advised me the same. No doubt, it's really effective.
  13. I experienced it as well. But I never felt bad. My all non.muslim classmates were so respestful. They always tried to plan something where I could also join them. Now, i have some muslim classmates too. Sorry to say, they're quite judgmental. I'm so surprised to see such stuff. I don't go for prayer in school. I come home and then pray. Maybe, I lack somewhere in my Imaan. But honestly, i'm really sensitive. I don't want someone to comment on me or my believes. It hurts. I prefer to be with my non.muslim friends. Though, I can't join them in all social activities still they make me feel better.
  14. Hi ! I'm Ana. 24 years old, originally from Pakistan, living abroad for studies. I'm just trying to strengthen my believes. That's why, I joined this forum. I found it quite informative. I hope, it'll help me somehow. I don't think that I can contribute in terms of religion. But for educational stuff, i would love to assist . Cheers!
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