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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams to all My father has to go to Syria from the NGO he works for. I wonder if Damascus is safe nowadays. We really don't want to discourage him. Do u know anything about Syria conflicts n security?
  2. I wish I could eat whatever I want without getting fat n sleep all day without feeling guilty.
  3. The only reason why there is no female Imam is for the responsiblities God considered for each gender. Imam Ali said to Imam hassan: Women r like flowers. Do not put on them responsiblities which they can not bear. Allah also won't place a burden on a soul greater than it can bear. Alhamdulillah for the religion which respects women more with less responsibilities on their shoulders. N about lady Mariam I'm sure u know more than this.
  4. An Iranian actrees ( Vishka Asayesh) ,in an interview, talked about how she proposed to her husband She used to live in another country n just Bcuz she'd fallen for a guy in Imam Ali series she came back to Ir I like her n her frankness. N one of Iranian martyrs (Ali Sayad Shirazi) once announced in the mosque about his unmarried sister n told the guys if u want u can propose to her.
  5. Do u know Elahi Ghomsheis??? All of them studied theology, literature, philosophy n I admire them. Becoming a lecturer sounds amazing. What about Master Shajarian? Master Farshchian? Don't u think they r more successful than lots of mathematicians. Or Ali Hatami. They were my role models as a child. We only live once, better to follow our heart... This film n its music changed my life when I was 16 n nobody could do that except an Artist
  6. Teaching, I always have a guilty conscience about everything n think I have to do something special in my life
  7. I wish I hadn't gone to university!! My mother forced me to study mathematics but I was into history, philosophy n literature. I was really into Farsi literature n I also used to use lots of expressions n poems in my everyday conversation but my mum didn't even give a toss to my feelings!!! So I was depressed as a teenager... This point of view can do nothing except bringing up hopeless n aimless ppl. Everyone has their own preferences. Actually I studied my favourite subject at uni (Architecture) but I wasn't satisfied... Instead of studying I could do more important things....... I never for
  8. Everyday someone starts a topic about Mutah There r more important things to discuss, believe me !! In my community it's considered as irresponsibility... Ppl who r afraid of starting a new life n accepting its responsibilies do that n religious playboys as well... I don't want to discuss about it. I haven't got its knowledge n I don't want to mislead ppl as an individual brought up in a feminist family but I just can say it's not beneficial for muslim women!!! Wasalam
  9. I really think so. We have to do so . We must always pay the zakah of our knowledge as Imam Ali said : زکاه العلم نشره n I think lack of knowledge is the mother of all evils.
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