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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam un alaikum ,

    my name is muhammad . Allhumdu illah i am shia . i would like to be one of the volunteer in such a noble cause . just let me know what have to do .. u can contact me on ( mhj2512@gmail.com ) .

    khuda hafiz

  2. Salaam Alaikum,

    I can help you out with your project if you wish, it looks really interesting. I have some experience in Flash, Photoshop etc and I can make PDFs too.

    I'd love to help :)

  3. Salam Aleikum Wa Rahmut Allah Wa Barakatuhu,

    Jazak Allahu Khayran. InsaAllah Kheir.

    I will to send an email but it is not working I don't know why ?

    For me there are not problem, I can working for the project. And I can translate books in french too !!!!

    My email is : n n c s e d @ h o t m a i l . fr (not space)

  4. salam i was working in music industri n still workin on it. cos i was worried about the halal of the music or such thing as that, i contact 3 marja at the same time 1. ayatollah sistani --> he said its all right, as long as that music not use in party or such thing like dancing, so my music considered halal (its a kids music) 2. ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi --> said that so 3. ayatollah fadlhullah --> said its ok so i continue making children song for learning quran and islam til today maybe thatll help
  5. who want to make freeware islamic chilren ebooks with me, please contact

  6. salaamun 'alaykum dear friends, after i research n search thorough the internet, i found so little islamic children books who are equally good with standard children books while the islamic child books that is good, is VERY expensive. imagine that you have to buy a book that cost you two month expenses.. killed me in the throat, that is im very concern about my child who are now totally consumed in barbie films, and christian books, that WAY better visually compared to islamic child books i bet some of our brother n sister might have the same problem here with their babies, or maybe their lil sister n brother and i think waiting for someone to do that is risky. I made some previously, but they sell it very expensive, and i dare not free it.. cos it will get trouble.. really now here is the project. I want to make several FREE e books about quran and islam but i need some friend to support me for that. this is a freeware project so i expect some volunteer here i will give some story and some picture, i have captured from pet society in facebook, i think it violate some terms.. somehow. so i need someone to edit it out too.. ill help making the character, but i will concentrate on the stories.. after that i need someone to put it together in flash, or in html, whatever you like, or PDF now is there someone who is willing to give time and brain for this? please email me if youre interested, and i hope it will bring us barakah and rahmat So far i make 2 books. with your help, insyaallah we will make about 10 books 'my first time reading quran' the first book is something like greetings with quran, so i give 1 ayat first, with story that explain the meanings, and this will be the most thick book after that 2 ayats with story that explain the meanings after that 3 ayats in a books after that 4 ayats in a books and i will end with a story that contain one ayat in one sentences so it resembles quran so, after this books, children will easy to move to quran after that, i will make 5 books that actually 5 stories in quran, re-written in books with the ayats, but with illustration. we will select something that safe to illustrate, like al fiil with the story about it. now what do you say..do you interested? if you do, contact me and lets start doing it. i will make a free website that upload it, and whoever want to upload it too, i welcomed them, as long as they keep it free too i hope this project will give benefit for us all
  7. sorry :( - I accidentally deleted your comment to me - clicked in the wrong place

  8. oh yep :) no need for flashy chandeliers, a candle does the same job!

  9. i know someone who will explain it to you, ill PM his mail
  10. fine alhamdulillah. i have a hard time finding time ups i mean finding electricity too haha, ive got electricity problem so we live in darkness for several days, its quite interesting anyway ^^ how a candle can light such a big room

  11. hi batman hahaha... im fine too (now alhamdulillah).. hope youll overcome the schoolwork ^^

  12. fine, just got an electricity problem for several days ha ha ha .. its quite interesting that people nowadays (me) so dependent to electricity.

  13. not bad alhamduliAllah, just hardly finding any free time, aside that, how have you been? :)

  14. Thank you for your support n dua.. if you need tools for teaching them quran, let me know, i always happy designing something to help people learn quran happily n swiftly May Allah guide you too.. remember the way to convey quran is not the easyway, its full thorn n tears.. so be prepared n always pray to be guided
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