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  1. Australia- Melbourne Pros: Teaching technics here are also considered one of the best, especially that i've met people who switched from UK to Australia just to study. Not expansive as comparing to UK I heard And also Con: hmm.. I can't think of any now Wish you all the best :)
  2. sallam welcome to Melbourne :) I live in melbourne and i know almost everything here There are number of shia mosques here , the one i go to is the main one and the biggest in melbourne and it's easy to get from Melbourne uni , the address is : Imam ALi Islamic Centre , 90-104 LOWSON ST. Fawkner MELBOURNE 3060 AUSTRALIA tonight a Pakistani group will read there as well For the halal food places ,, melbourne is full of halal shops the closer one to your uni is in Sydny Road, you take just Tram 19 which is right next to your uni and it will drop you there , any where is Sydeny Road , there must be at least one shop of halal food , Butchers and etc if you have any other question just private message me , and i'll give u my email address or my phone number ,, feel free to ask :)
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