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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So according to you anybody can be a Caliph, the Caliph doesn't need to be a Hujja of Allah swt, like Sunnis claim that Abu Bakr and Omar are rightful Caliph because the Caliph of Allah swt doesn't need to be an Infallable and appointed by Allah swt. And the Successor of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh is written by name Ahmed pbuh and with his title Mahdi by the Prophet pbuhap 1400 years ago, and only an Infallable from Ahlulbayt pbut can become the Successor of an Infallable from Ahlulbayt pbut and can be given the title of Mahdi rightly guided. And Sayeed al-Sadr r.a. has made it clear in his saying th
  2. Wa aleikom salam, Shahid al-Sadr r.a. is approving something very important, which millions of Shias don't accept. First he approves that the Twelth pbuh is not the last Hujja of Allah swt and there will be an infallable Imam after him and second he approves the Will of Rasulullah sawas on the night of his death where the Prophet sawas describes that infallable Successor of the Twelth pbuh and that his name is Ahmed pbuh. And the Shahid r.a. gave two options, and this was before he met Imam al-Mahdi pbuh and before he was sent to the Hawza by the Imam pbuh, and this was very close t
  3. Sayed Muhammad Saadiq AlSader: "And from here Imam Al Mahdi pbuh will appoint a Khaleefa(successor)during his life, or at the end of his year,so that he will become the highest chief for the nation of the world of justice after him,and the first ruler from the period of the prefered and righteous ones of Allah" Mawsoo'a of Sayed Al Sader p.645 Tareekh Ma Ba'ad Al Thuhoor As for the second aspect: What AlMajlesy mentioned is summarized to admitting the existence of infallible Imams pbut and righteous preferred ones in a society after the MAHDI pbuh that are existing. But the general rulershi
  4. Sayyed Ali Kathim, Abu Righeef Also known as Abu Nuh From Imara, Iraq. One of the first believers in the call Authored books such as ‘The Path to the Yamani Call’ Biography of Biographies, volume 1 "At one time I did not have a strong connection with the matters surrounding Imam Mahdi (pbuh), however, some friends of mine did, particularly in the time of Sayyed al Sadr (may Allah bless his soul). Sayyed Sadr was the one who brought back the matter of the Mahdi (pbuh) alive taking all risks in the time of the tyrant Saddam (Allah curse him); this was at the end of the 90s. We had a fe
  5. @mrbasserby, Nasser Mohammed who claims Allah swt did not send any authority for Imam Mohammed son of al-Hassan a.s. was already exposed by Imam Ahmed al-Hasan a.s. Imam a.s. wrote 4 years ago: "On this page, I saw that someone posted a letter directed to me from a person named Nasser Muhammad who falsely claims to be the Mahdi, lying and with no legitimate proof. So he is like Musaylima and Sajjah and other liars in the time of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad pbuhap. And this liar, Nasser Muhammad, requests to make a mubahala with me, and in his statement, he wrote a mubahala in a f
  6. @StrugglingForTheLight, Prophet Mohammed pbuhap in his Will said that Imam Mohammed son of Hasan al-Askari pbuh is the 12th Imam and that these are the Twelve Imams pbut, and then he said that the Imamate continues with the 12 Mahdis and the First Mahdi is the son of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh. So how does this contradict with the narrations that Imam al-Mahdi pbuh is the 12th Imam and that these are the 12 Imams pbut? Imam Al-Mahdi pbuh is the Twelth and he is in higher rank than the 12 Mahdis pbut. Prophet's Will and the Narrations about 12 Mahdis after the Riser all proven to be authentic, th
  7. An Ansari wrote: The clothes of Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan, the Yamani of the family of Muhammad: The asceticism of Imam Ahmed Al-Hasan pbuh in taking care of the poor ones like his father the Prince of the believers Imam Ali son of Abi Taleb pbuh. Imam Ali pbuh once said: I have sewed up my garment until I became shy from the one who sewed it until it was said to me: Don't you want to throw it away? v.3 p.272 Mustadrak AlWasael In this very night in which our hearts have been broken and our tears are being shed with blood I stood up at your door hearing you mourning and I'm in
  8. Emergence will happen shortly before Imam al-Mahdi pbuh, same day as Sufyani, not appearence. قال الامام الباقر ع خروج السفياني واليماني والخرساني في سنة واحدة في شهر واحد في يوم واحد نظام كنظام الخرز يتبع بعضه بعضا فيكون الياس من كل وجه بحار الانوار ج 52/208 Imam Al-Baqer a.s said:"Khorooj" Emergence of Sufyani,Yamani,Al-Khurasani in one year,one month,and in one day,arranged like the beeds (in a string) one follows the other,and so then despair will be in every direction. Bihar Al-Anwar v.52 p.208 Difference between Thohoor and Khurooj: Meaning of Khurooj"emergence": Wh
  9. 1. The hadeeth that the scholars of imitation use in Tafseer AlAskari is proven to be weak and not only that but its content does not prove that Taqleed is obligatory because the Imam says:"فللعوام ان يقلدوه" -fa lil awaam an yuqalidooh-[Wasael AlShia v.27 p.131] "for the common people is to imitate him". From these terms it does not prove the obligation of Taqleed, meaning that Taqleed is not Waajib or Fard upon the one with the religious accountability. If it was said "فعلى العوام ان يقلدوه" it will then be an obligation because of the word "ala-على" which means on/upon the common people is
  10. @amirhosein_88, wa aleikom salam yes my fault, page is 137, not 1. Firstly, you say that its a mistake and fallacy, who from the scholars said that AlJazari made a mistake or is it just you saying that? Secondly, in the book Usool Sitat Ashar, the Prophet s.a.w.w said:Faith is Yaman and I am a Yamani. This is in page 247 . الإيمان يمان وأنا يماني So did the Prophet make a mistake by calling himself a Yamani? Sayeed al-Sadr r.a. made a mistake saying "Yamani" is allegorical meaning and Yamani is from Iraq , Sheikh Sagheer made a mistake that Yamani comes from nowhere
  11. Wa Aleikom Salam, the saying of Sayed Mohammad Al Sadr (ra) in his book Tarikh Ghaibat Al Sughra page 641: He says regarding the religious account of Al Simari: Thus this narration is not sufficient, not even for confirmation of an Islamic legal ruling. And likewise, Al Mirza Al Noori, which Allama Al Majlisi has also conveyed in his book Bihar Al Anwar volume 53 page 318, 43.30 He says: It is one report with a disconnected chain of narrators that is not scientifically obligatory [to follow] and as a result, it does not oppose these events. He is referring to the events that indicat
  12. So you compare somebody who claimed to be Imam al-Mahdi pbuh after Imam al-Mahdi pbuh was already born 1000 years ago and claimed his rightful position, with Ahmed pbuh who claims a Divine Text and he is the first person to claim that he is Ahmed pbuh from Prophet's will and Imam Jafar pbuh has said that a false claimant cannot claim a Divine text, is this even logical ? In Prophet's Will it says that the son and successor of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh is Ahmed, a Mahdi, so if he is a Successor of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh he is also an Imam. How can a Successor of an Imam not be an Imam ? About the Si
  13. Sheikh Badr from the Ansar of Imam Al Mahdi pbuh narrates to us some stories with the yamani Ahmed PBUH. He is one of the ansars who met the Imam a.s. many times.He says:‘’ I narrate to you the testimony of one of the representatives of the clerics about Ahmed Al Hassan a.s.The Sayyed pbuh sent me one day to one of the representatives living in Najaf, for the purpose of giving him dawa. His name is Sheikh Mohammed Ameen Suoody. This representative was one of those who knew the Sayyed pbuh. So the Sayyed pbuh sent me to him. After giving him dawa, the Sheikh refused the claim of Ahmed Al Hassan
  14. Wa Aleikom salam, The great Shia scholar Sheikh AlMajlesy r.a. said the following: He said that because Imaan(faith)started from Mecca which is Tuhama from the region of Yemen and so it was called: The Yamani Kaaba Mustadrak Safeenat AlBihar Sheikh Ali AlNumazi v.10 p.602 and Bihar AlAnwar v.22 p.1 So we have the words of great Schia scholars like Sheikh Al-Majlesy r.a. and Sayed al-Sadr r.a. and also Sheikh Sagheer.
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