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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Alaikum, Brother I think this is a mistake here. I think the rise of Liberation Theology in Latin America proves that perhaps Marxism is not the best way forward even in the Secularized West. I think Marxism is just as difficult for the average non Muslim Westerner to adopt as Islamism is. Hugo Chavez and many in Latin America understand that Marxism ( given the devout feelings that many in Latin America have toward Christianity ) is not easy for most of the population to adopt given its harsh stance on religion. Hugo Chavez continuously refers to the teachings of Jesus Christ (as)
  2. Salaam, I recently ran into the same problem with my wife, we have a child together and now after 7 years of marriage it is over because of another man. I chose to end my marriage though as I don't think I could trust a women who is like this. I hope everything works out for you Brother. Everyone is right though if they ever meet again it could be bad. So be careful. Ma'Salaama
  3. May Allah Almighty grant him paradise, InshAllah.
  4. ""I used to be Madkhalee salafi, and rejected those speakers also, but I find that when most Americans say "wahabbi" they mean Al-Maghrib Institute and QSS.
  5. Salaam Alaikum, I too used to be a Wahabi, and I would have to agree with Ninjaslim, that they are not really Hanbali. They draw from the Fiqh of Ahmed ibn Hanbal more than the other 3 Sunni Imams and like Hanbal are Athari in Aqeeda, but that still doesn't make them Hanbali, as they reject Taqleed and most of their big scholars, such as al Albani, Fawzan , and Makhdali tend to avoid identifying with one Madhab or another as this would make it seem that they do Taqleed ( Taqleed for many of them is seen as Shirk). Most Hanbali Scholars agree with Hanafis, Malikis, and Shafis, that Taqleed
  6. Deobandis are in no way connected to the Salafi Sect. Deobandis practice Sufism and admire ibn Arabi. Look at their major scholars today like Muhammad Taqi Usmani to correctly understand their beliefs. The Salafis have issued fatwas that it is not allowed to pray behind a Deobandi in Salah because they pray in places that house the graves of their saints. Where Deobandi and Barelvi, differ is that the Deobandis have a more sober type of Sufism. Barelvis tend to have loud music and dancing in their sufi rituals. Also Barelvis believe Rasul Allah (as) was a being of light and not a normal human
  7. I am 12 years younger than my wife and Alhumdulilah it has worked out well. Don't worry about age, marry the one who is the most close to you in ideology and who seems to have the best intentions.
  8. You only need to do Istikhara in circumstances in which logic and fatwa do not solve your problem. In this case logically you two are well suited for each other so you should not have done an Istikhara to begin with. I saw a show on TV a while back and there were some Hujjat ul Islam at a Marja's office in Mashhad who were tired of people calling for an Istikhara for every little thing that came up in life, it is best to use only in circumstances when clear logic or the fatwa of a Mujtiheed can not guide you. Therefore if you can't see any problem with the person you wish to marry, don't look
  9. Exactly, I think what the students did was good, you can not have civilized debates with representatives of un-civilized war criminals.
  10. The Rabbi in that video got rich off that charity: ""Jewish-Christian NPO paid exec $824,000 salary By Anshel Pfeffer Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, received an annual salary of $824,000 last year, according to a tax return that the nonprofit organization filed in the United States. The IFCJ, founded by Eckstein in Chicago 27 years ago, raises millions of dollars each year from the evangelical Christian community, mostly in the U.S., for Israel and Jewish communities worldwide. Advertisement According to the tax return, the IFCJ raise
  11. The Petition: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/irvine11 The event that took place:
  12. Yea but I'm wondering if he really is just lying or if he actually believes this stuff. Maybe someone told him this and he didn't bother checking his facts and he actually thinks its true, or perhaps he really is just lying, either way it is not responsible behavior. He should be taken to task and somebody should go on TV and rebuke him by highlighting that Iran is a majority Intha Ahsari ( twelver ) state, Ayatollah Khomeini was one and never tried to ban them ( I don't know where that came from lol ) and that the majority of Muslims both Sunni and Shia are waiting for the Mahdi (as) and by c
  13. He also claims twelver Shias are a minority in Iran and that Ayatollah Khomeini tried to ban them, lol.
  14. Wa Alaikum Salaam Go to this website www.momineen.com create an account and then go to the Ilm al Ghayb section they have some e books and articles on the subject.
  15. Wa Alaikum Salaam, You didn't comprehend what I said at all. I didn't say I want a Mosque for white people. I used the example to show that Black Muslims are not devoid of privilage and have some privilages that White Muslims do not. The same thing which is said about White Muslim privilage can be said about black Muslim privilage as well. I do not want a White Mosque as that concept is not acceptable in Islam ( just as an all Black Mosque is also not acceptable ) however you can see the biased attitude in the Muslim community in the West as an all White Mosque would come under huge f
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