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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i think he should do his best to pronounce as arabic but if can not do it as arabic thats enough .
  2. salam this world means : Transition from faith to disbelief .
  3. many of them claim that from along time, the best evidence that deny these claims is the real experiment, they can enter any shiite mosque and see the quran there, they can see shia prayer in the shia holy shrines live throw satellite channels, and they will be sure that shia have the same quran and read the same verses. greetings.
  4. I think we should in the first define jealousy, if you mean the feelings that every human have that not true that Allah is described, cus HE havent the humans feeling, but if you mean that Allah agree with positive jealously and HE reject any relation out of marriage I think thats true , theres many narrations refer to the second meaning such as: (ان الله غيور يحب كل غيور ومن غيرته حرم الفواحش ظاهرها وباطنها ) عن الامام الصادق : وسائل الشيعة ج14 ص108
  5. salam laikum dear brother,

    few hours ago i have joined the fourm i commented on some topics, my problem is that i cant comment now, can you help me and inform me why that happen, thanks.

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  6. thank you, nahgul balagha is the greatest book after the holy quran it written by the student of the prophet muhammed (pbuh) imam ali (pbuh).
  7. thanks for this interesting topic, islam is linked with the appearance of man, his speech his dealings with others while iman linked with the deeper level of human it linked with heart and unseen dimention in human personality. thats what i think .
  8. asslam alalikum does the holy quran enogh to apply islamic traditions or we need to ahlulbait's sunnah also?
  9. Story and lesson : In a day over history , there was a clothes merchant lived with his wife and two children, he had a beautiful hen laid an egg every day but it wasn’t an ordinary egg it was golden egg, so he was lived a very good livelihood, but he wasn’t satisfied about that he wanted to be rich in one step, so he thought about that then he decided to collect all the eggs which his hen had, he brought the knife and kill it but he didn’t find anything, his life was going on smoothly with one egg per day but now him himself made his life miserable, the outcome of his greed was that he become poorer and poorer day by day. What is the lessons that this story teach?.
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