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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^Rude. You'd have to be a complete moron if you actually believe that the music industry does not utilize subliminal messages in their productions to indoctrinate the minds of listeners. The evidence lies beneath the catchy beats, fancy costumes and often confusing videos that, at fist glance, have absolutely no connection to the lyrics whatsoever. Many artists such as Iil Wayne, Akon, lady gaga and a few others at have slipped my mind have testified to this. I'm not going to sit here and give you a lesson on deconstruction and semiotics... I have better things to do... but I will suggest you watch lil Wayne's 'mirror, mirror' and at the very least, TRY to pick out the different symbols, religious elements and body language used to convey a particular ideology. The world isn't filled with rainbows and majestic ponies... take your rose colored glasses off and snap back to reality.
  2. What you need to keep in mind is that the music industry is a multi billion dollar industry, one that can branch out and essentially indoctrinate the minds of millions of 'unsuspecting' adherents/ fans. You really think that producers, artists and everyone else involved is oblivious to the fact that this powerful tool has the potential to brainwash individuals on a global scale... While I don't listen to music, I occasionally use mainstream music videos in my lessons to help 'deconstruct' the various semiotic elements used to subliminally send hidden messages and ideologies to unsuspecting listeners/ viewers. Once you really begin to analyse these videos you'd be completely horrified at all the tactics, symbols, signs and other elements used to convey a particular thought/ belief/ and ideology. The eye that you specifically mention is masnic, artists use it to pledge their allegiance to their Masonic beliefs.
  3. The shawshank redemption... Very powerful, it never gets old!
  4. Ali the magnificent- Yousuf lalljee A thousand splendid suns- Khaled Hosseini Both are beautiful!
  5. ^Uhh where did I suggest that there aren't bad parents around? I just don't think it's right for someone to completely cut ties with their parents without first trying to reason with them. Don't be so quick as to believe EVERYTHING you hear. I'm not putting the 'blame' on anyone. As an outsider, I'm telling you like it is and fact is you're trying to cover his tracks because you're still emotionally attached to him. Guys can be very manipulative you know. Look, I used to counsel, I've seen it happen a million times before. I'm sorry but truth hurts sometimes. Nah you're wrong. I have absolutely no problem with mutaa, seeing as it's done in a proper manner. Anyways good luck with everything.
  6. God he's so irritating...trying so hard to be funny.
  7. Here's a bit of everything from a recent trip =) Malaysia Oh dear... Thailand Singapore Iran Sayeda Ma3sooma (as) Imam Al-Rida (as)
  8. I'm sorry but for Gods sake quit being so naive. He's using his father as an excuse to move away from you. Why would his father blatantly threaten to disown him...it doesn't make sense. You're probably still infatuated by him, thats why you're so defensive over him. If he was so worried about his reputation and 'high social status' then why did he contract muta with you in the first place? Did his reputation or father not cross his mind beforehand? He's manipulative, he got what he wanted and at the end of the day you're the one who is left hurt not him. Regardless of what you may believe, what HE did to you was wrong on so many levels and speaks volumes of his character. Advising a woman who's clearly emotionally distraught and confused to abandon her family is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What ever happened to reasoning? So what do you suggest she do...run off with the next guy that crosses her path without obeying nor informing her parents because they are treating her badly... Oh please!! You cannot compare the power and authority that a male has to that of a female. Males are, conventionally speaking, the ones who initiate proposals with a person who they want. At the end of the day he contracted mutaa with her and decided to hide behind his father...wise move.
  9. I've been working in schools for a while now and bullying has always been on our agenda. I deal with many cases and I can honestly say that 90% of bullies are not physically or emotionally abused growing up, they're not inherently 'evil' or spiteful nor are they lacking love and compassion from their parents. It simply comes down to the hormonal changes and emotional imbalance that all teenagers experience, however, difference is that some cope with the changes better then others.. Some become aggressive while others become more secluded and passive. Kids crave power and control and the verification from those around them because they have, consequently, lost control over their bodies. This essentially results in them bullying others to fill a void in their minds, it's all psychological. The school I'm working at now, has zero tolerance for bullying of any sort...be it physical, emotional or cyber. We run a program every Friday aimed at having students learn more about themselves and those around them. I've found that this works much better then the usual 'bullying is bad' initiative indoctrinating the minds of students today. We also run community service programs to help students appreciate all the blessings that they have. So far it's working great! But I do agree that more needs to be done to help tackle this worldwide epidemic.
  10. You're in a very tough situation, I don't think it's wise, as some suggested, for you to completely discard your family. At the end of the day, while what they are doing is wrong and completely unislamic, you are THEIR daughter and they are possessive over you. Biggest piece of advice I can give you is to keep your faith in Allah(swt), you'll eventually get over it and move on with your life. Seeing as he was your first it's going to take you a long time to get over him. He's an idiot, he's using his father as a baracade to push you away from him. He never really loved/liked you. If he really did he'd bend over backwards to be with you. You just have to be really careful in the future. Do you still see him at the center? If so, I suggest you stay well away from him. The more you see him, the harder it will be for you to heal. Take this experience in your stride, speak to your parents and try to move on with life.
  11. ^What? That's not true. Rabbits don't menstruate, they go through heat only when males are around...they don't physically bleed though. Anyways a while ago I read that rabbit meat is bad for you because it draws vitamins out of your body, so who knows.
  12. I used to bite and chew on the insides of my cheeks...It was the most annoying yet oddly satisfying habit...took me a long while to get over it
  13. What is kettleworx? Is it a class? I try to work out at least 4-5 times a week. I don't really have much time on hand (nor the patience/ interest) so I usually just do a bit of weight training and 20mins of HIIT...I love being fit and healthy
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