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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. studentdoctor.net is a forum and people usually post links to many good books and websites. Thats what I usually use as another resource when Im studying. Hope that helps
  2. I quoted from ziyarat jamiah al kabeer. from the ziyarat it says the kalimah is incomplete without declaring the aimma a.s. mawla. You can interpret the way you want but I did not say anything about ur Iqamah, the Imam is telling you the we complete the kalimah and without our declaration you have no kalimah.
  3. Ziyarat Jamiah Kabeer says the opposite of what ur saying " Wa bimuwaalaatikum tammatil Kalimatu" By declaring you MAWLA the "Kalimah"(basis of religion) has been completed.
  4. Honestly after reading the hadith I posted maybe I should not have posted them. But the things that were being posted I felt people needed to reflect on who is reading the chat. When you have curses being thrown around like its nothing letting everyone read them I thought I should let you know what the Imam says about the deen.
  5. Malang Power once again i tell u to read the two hadith i posted. The Imam specifically tells you to protect what you know. You are not doing this when you post stuff on the WORLD WIDE WEB! I dont think when the Imam says that the qalb(heart) of the momin is where his true eman is was referring to the internet.
  6. Thats what u understood from my post? Im not telling you her deeds are no secret, Im not telling u anything for that matter, the Imam a.s. is saying to protect and keep hidden what u know from those who do not deserve to know. You think the philthy nasabies who are constantly reading threads like these have the right to know?
  7. The Imam a.s. has repeadely said be careful who u display our deen to. How is it that so many of the people are repeatedly putting up so many hadiths of our aimma a.s. on the internet so all the salafis, nasibies and other shayatan can read and allow them to get upset and react. Think about it, when a nasibi sees u swearing about them who do u think he will curse at? (astagfarallah) If u think u r doing a good thing displaying the Imams hadith and provoking a reaction think again. Protect what u know is told to us by our Imams. Not go put it on a chat forum so sick wahabies can see and have a
  8. If voting is a form of baya then it is haram not only an unislamic country but an islamic country as well for our baya is only for Imam Sahib AlZaman (ajtf)
  9. Subhanallah what words people would use to sell c.d.'s these days. When talking about the family of Imam Hussain a.s. we need to be careful what we say even if it rhymes in your hook line.
  10. the source is Usul al Kafi ch. 4( the book about people with divine authority) H 595, Ch. 32, h 6
  11. Muhammad has narrated from Ahmad from Ali ibn Nu‘man, in a marfu’ manner (rafa'ahu) from abu Ja‘far (a.s.) who has said the following. "They try to absorb the little moisture but ignore the huge river." Someone asked him, "What is (this) huge river?" The Imams (a.s.)said, "It is the Messenger of Allah (s.a.) and the Knowledge that Allah gave to him. Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, combined in Muhammad (s.a.) the Sunnah (traditions) of the all the prophets from Adam onwards to Muhammad (s.a.)." Someone asked him, "What are those sunnah (traditions)?" The Imams (a.s.) said, "They are all th
  12. Thanks for the post but I was looking for a different Khutbah not Dua Kumail. I was looking for this khutbah in arabic. I found the english. Ill post the english if someone recognizes it would be great for the arabic Kumail bin Zyad RA says that once Amirul Mumineen held my hands and led me towards the cementry. When we had passed through it he heaved a sigh and said: "Kumail, All hearts are recepticles of knowledge and wisdom, and the best of them all is the one that can hold the most, and what it holds it can preserve and protect in the best way. Therefore, remember carefully what I have to
  13. (salam) Does anyone have a link to the khutbah Imam Ali(a.s) gave to Kumail bin Zaid (r.a.)? It was said to be when Ameer al Mummineen a.s. took Kumail out of the city and told him his final khutbah to him. I was looking for both the arabic and english khutbahs. Thanks
  14. Thanks for the post but I was looking for ahadeeth to see if the aimma a.s. encouraged the study of medicine, or to practice medicine to heal others. Specifically if the aimma a.s. would approve of a western physician that is present today. Thanks for the help.
  15. I was wondering if anyone had hadeeths from the aimma a.s. with regards to medicine. Im in medical school and I want to know specifically if any of the Imams a.s. have any hadeeths about medicine or the practice of medicine. That would be of great help thanks
  16. Both of your points have been refuted by shia scholars, and please if you claim to be a shia of Imam ali (a.s.) when mentioning the first imam's(a.s.) name, write imam infront of his name. Everytime you mention sayed faddlalah it doesnt seem like you have a problem writing ayatollah in front of his name.
  17. Please give us parts that contradict the quran. And just because according to one marje its unauthentic there are many who say its authentic. Dont just give me the reasoning of the marje that you follow please show me parts that contradict the quran. As you Imam Jafar a.s. has also said dont follow blindly!
  18. Noone is saying Imam ali (a.s.) is Allah astaghfarillah. but try to read the hadith in arabic, look at the part where it say if Abu dharr knew what was in the heart of salman hed kill him. theres obviously something in salman's heart that he knew that abu dharr couldn't comprehend. im gonna ask my local sheik to clear up the mix up, but if i remember correctly this is what i was told.
  19. ^ i know what the opinion of the majority shia alims are, but this ziyarat is the opinion of our holy imams(a.s.). please y dont u tell me what ur opinion of the words in the ziyarat mean, due they mean that the wilayat of imam ali(a.s.) is not integral to our kalima or is it saying the it is just as important to complete the kalima? let me know ur opinion
  20. Ziyarat Jamiah al Kabeer: by declaring you "mawla" the kalima has been completed. wa bimuwllatikum tammatil kalimatu. From this ziyarat you can easily see that if one does not recite the wilayat of maulana ali(a.s.) the kalima is incomplete. The recitation of wilayat of Imam ali(a.s.) is just as important to the kalima as the recitation of there is only one god Allah"(swt) and muhamed(a.s.) rasoolallah.
  21. I also aksed this question and was told that the knowledge Salman had about the aimma(a.s.) in his chest, and how high their true status was, Abu Dharr wouldnt be able to handle it and would have killed Salman. This is not to critisize Abu Dharr, it was said to show how high the status of the holy aimma (a.s.) has. I also read a hadith cant find it now but if i locate it ill post it, where it says that Salman had so much ilm of the ahlul bayt(a.s) that he couldnt tell anyone bc noone could comprehend it so he used to dig up a hole in the earth and talk about the holy status of the ahlul bayt
  22. It is a twelver website, but the akhbari sect. Twelvers split into usooli's and akhbaris. its realibilty depends on which sect you are.
  23. Allah swt states in the quran to Prophet Ibrahim(a.s.) that the sacrifice is saved for a later generation (37.99-111). All shia tafsir and some sunni tafsir even state that the later sacrifice that Allah is talking about is the ultimate sacrifice of Imam Hussain(a.s.). Theres an article on al-islam that goes into detail on this subject
  24. Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of Maftih al jinan that contains arabic along with english translation?
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