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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "Not from those who are the cause of wrath nor from the ones who strayed" is the meaning. However, they put the "ira" and the "ni" very close so it looked like the word "iraní" and it is quite easy to confuse it.
  2. How can a hadith be transmitted from Imam Ali (as) to Imam Zain al abedeen (as) if Imam Ali (as) died when Imam Zain al abedeen (as) was around 1 or 2 years old?
  3. Ummah is horrible, many people there support terrorism and killing of innocents. Also, probably intelligence services are looking at that site (with good reason) and blacklisting people who do look at it.
  4. To OP's question, I'd consider both of them wonderful men.
  5. Hi AleviTurkmenKhorasan, Do you know any websites in English (or Spanish) where the history and fundamentals of Alevism are discussed? Also, how is the situation of Alevis in Turkey?
  6. A terrorist organisation that splits from another terrorist organisation is still a terrorist organisation.
  7. Even if David66 was an Israeli jew, he always seems to behave really well and I think he does not deserve to be kicked out due to where he was born or his religion. If he spreads misinformation it is the task of the people here to counter it so that everyone can benefit from seeing if it is misinformation or not and everyone can learn from it, not silencing others opinions (like Saddam Hussein and Yazid would do).
  8. I do not like him, I think that he and SOME of his soldiers have committed many war crimes. However, with that said, I do not think that a genocide of Alawis, Shias and Christians would be any better, so I believe he is the lesser evil and I support him against the terrorists.
  9. The quality of this translation is very good from what I have seen. I will help, just tell me which videos to translate. My idea is also to create a page just about Shia Islam in Spanish to reach the Spanish-speaking public (which Sunni pages have convinced that there is only one kind of Islam or that Shias are not Muslims to begin with). Judging by the quality of the translation, I gather you must be a very good Spanish speaker, so I ask you to please join the project I do not know how to put the subtitles like in the video though so that may be an obstacle in translating the videos.
  10. ¿Sabe usted si hace falta pedirle permiso a páginas como al-islam para traducir sus textos? También, ¿cual será el nombre del blog?
  11. Busqué el término "chiísmo" en google y tuve que ir a la segunda página de google para encontrarme la primera página musulmana que habla sobre el chiísmo y es una página suní. Lo que estoy pensando en hacer es crear una página blogspot y coger a voluntarios chiíes y traducir textos sobre el chiísmo (de páginas como al-islam) y poner todo lo que traduzcamos ahí. ¿Que les parece la idea?
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