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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. assalam o alaikum , i am a married girl i need your help i had a past which ruined me .my marriage is a love marriage and i told my husband about the past about the guy but still not in the depth that what sort of conversation we had . although told my husband that i felt it was love but it wasnt and i told him that we were having conversations wchich were beyond limits thats why i broke up . at first my husband got so close to me and now he dont wants to live with me he says he hates me and i am a liar and he says i am not pure and not a good wife . what should i do i need help. our ruksati is also taking to much time . as in the beginning we had our nikkah against our families so we were living together later our families said that people dont know about our secret nikkah so we will make it publicized by doing it again infront of everyone . i am not yet pregnant but still know my husband is taking gtoo long for ruksati and that is making me depressed that i am suffering from Irriatable bowel syndrome . i need help plz how should i gain my husband's trust . as i hide some of the things from him which my elders told me not to say but still i share each and every thing which i thought that should be shared and i love him and obeyed him . as well as cared for him . i never spoke lies except on few places . i seriouslly repent but i want to save my marriage please help me . i promise i will give my best and workhard in my marriage and wont do anything which would hurt my husband
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