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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What is wrong? Hussain (as) knew he would die but did it anyway i am comparing the fact that he knew he could die (just like husayn did) and not the situation in wich it occured.
  2. Well do you have a depression? Sometime it's just adrenaline you might not even be aware of it's effect but it is hapening in moment of stress. The human brain has 3 reaction facing danger. 1 is run, 2 is fight, and 3 is bug. Anyway i am sure you didn't sinned don't be too woried about that
  3. Well i don't think so. We wouldn't have army if being safe was a priority. Imam Husayn as knew he would die but he fought anyway so i don't think it is haram especially in your case you thought war was on and your brain didn't function in the right way due to stress you didn't knew how to react so it's perfectly normal and not a sin for sure
  4. What sin have you commited i don't see any? Are you talking about not be afraid to get shot?
  5. Is there a site with english Shia book you may be aware of ?
  6. I said ''not for Tawassul'', i don't get why everybody is talking about Tawassul. Because i said it very clearly NOT FOR TAWASSUL. They call upon imam for actual help. Not for asking to Allah swt. I'll add more just so everbody understand NOT FOR TAWASSUL NOT FOR TAWASSUL NOT FOR TAWASSUL NOT FOR TAWASSUL NOT FOR TAWASSUL
  7. Yes you are right brother thank you
  8. In what way? Why are you trying to avoid the subject ? Anyway your awnser are useless don't worry your awnser won't be missed You are telling me i would be better opening a book and reading instead of asking on forum? Well tell me a book to READ. Guide me if you are so right and such a librarian. I am open to everything that's why i am asking for help. For real just leave you are as useless as it could be. Your awnser are plain stupid. Most of the time the one telling another to open a book instead of being on the internet is the one not reading at all
  9. You gave the awnser yourself. Look at the V. don't you see the connection before the seperation? That's my spot. Should i go up ? Left ? Right? No because the start was Muhammad (saws) and the Quran and his Ahl al bayt. There was no ''Ya Ali'' and people thinking Ali (as) was God and that he could grant us things, in that time so why should i go right or left if it's not what it was in the beggining. ''ither you are with us or you are with the terrorists'' Pretty much what you are telling me
  10. Brother it's not on youtube i see it with my own eyes. The problem i have is not with Shia islam for me it is perfect it's the Shia themselves i can't withstand. Where i live very few Shia pray or go to the mosque. This year for Ashura the mosque was empty, and the people that came were laughing and joking in the back. More than half of them are hyporcrite they pray but then go to the club. I am not judging and telling false things this i saw it from my own 2 eyes brother. This is what i like more in sunni, when some are muslim they are muslim till the end (not all their is a lot of exception) and when they are not muslim they are till the end too. I am not saying you shouldn't do good because you are doing bad i am only saying that these ''Shia'' i know are hypocrite. In fact the only one that goes to the mosque is a guy i don't even know. We don't talk much but yet he is here nearly every day. But he is 1.... one guy on perhaps 50-60 Shia i know.
  11. Anyway thank you all for your awnser not all were usefull but some surely were
  12. Did you even read what i wrote? I said '' not for Tawassul ''. So in that case yes they do ask directly to Ahlul Bayt and that's the matter
  13. Either what or what. Tell me precisely. You say there are no fence? Well tell me how can there be 2 side but no middle. Either this or that is a very weak minded awnser. Seing things all black or white is never the good option
  14. I know brother Shia are not united either where i am from. Sad to say that Jews are way better at being a comunity than us. If you want to open a buiseness open it for Canadian and not for immigrant or Shia community. It's sad to say but your buiseness won't work if you do that. Try to find a need and exploit that need. Ask yourself what you miss in that city and work on it. Inshallah things will work for you.
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