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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. One of the best technical projects in the Shia community is getting ready to be launched. Portraying the tragedy of Karbala in Virtual Reality! Check out VR-Karbala to see how far they've gone. https://www.tahafunder.com/VRKarbala-new They need support to make it happen.
  2. Salaam all, If you've seen the touching videos of people around the world trying out VR-Karbala, you must have been very moved by it. This is just an example of a demo day in Copenhagen. VR-Karbala's demo has been presented in many other cities including Mashhad and Karbala (in Baynul Haramayn). The team has gone really far to this stage. Now, they need your support to take it further and be able to deliver it this Muharram to all. This is a where the community can come together and support the production of one the most innovative and valuable projects of our ti
  3. Salaam all, VR Karbala Demo scenes are ready and were sent/being sent to the previous campaign backers (it's a mobile app and you need to have your own VR goggles). There's a new crowdfunding campaigns for the new scenes and its continuation and you can pre-order your app and get the opportunity to see the demo as well: https://www.tahafunder.com/VRKarbala-new Hope this helps. Taha Funder Team
  4. Salamun Alaikum, Each project posted on the platform have their own Ulema and our role is just to verify the projects. You can check VR Karbala project or the Muslim Community in the Caribbeans projects to find out more about the Ulema involved in the projects. Hope this helps. Have a blessed Ramadhan Taha Funder Team
  5. Dear brother/sister, Salaam All projects on Taha Funder crowdfunding platform go through a rigorous verification process. This project being run by a well known Islamic College in London which is known to the community. Moreover, you can take a look at the video on the project page and find out more about the Ulama who have given their endorsment to this project. Please do let us know if you have any questions. Taha Funder Team
  6. Dear Shia Chat Community, Salaam We are blessed to be hosting two crowdfunding campaigns managed by AIM Islam and ICIS, each fundraising for the Shia Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago as well as Ivory Coast. We would like to invite you all to take a look and pledge any amounts you can for the development of our communities in those countries: https://www.tahafunder.com/ivorycoastschool https://www.tahafunder.com/campaign/149/muslim-community-of-trinadad-and-tobago Spreading the word of mouth on Social media could massively help them. May Allah reward us all
  7. We're now Live on Facebook. Join Us! We'd love to see talk to you. Taha Funder Team
  8. eAhlulbayt is back with a new Shia azan clock. New design and now more affordable. It supports Azan timings of more than 1500 cities throughout the world. Great discounts available for a limited time. (limited stock) https://www.tahafunder.com/azanclock2
  9. There's a great opportunity to sponsor Hawza students in Najaf. This project is to rent a simple house for one year to be shared between 10 students of Hawza ilmiya in Najaf, so they can focus better on their studies and aquiring knowledge and worry less about their expenses. Follow the link to know more. https://www.tahafunder.com/campaign/140/housing-amenity-in-najaf-hawza-e-ilmiya-students Share this with those who might be interested in doing something worthy in the month of Rajab. Other projects of value you might want to be part of: Al-Houda school in C
  10. Dear all, Salaam As you may have heard, VR Karbala Project has been crowdfunding for a days. There are 6 days to go and the project is 97% complete. They will need to hit their 100% mark to claim the money for their project. https://www.tahafunder.com/vrKarbala It would be great if you could share and support the project so they can hit their target. Please do let us know if you have any question. Kind Regards & Peace, Taha Funder Team
  11. Salamun Alaikum, Apologies for the delayed response as we have been extremely busy these days with quite a few projects starting on the platform, including the great VR Karbala project. The documentary was successfully filmed during the Arbaeen walk and there are some Updates available sent by the director on their page: https://www.tahafunder.com/campaign/77/i-m-a-servant-of-hussain.-من-خادم-حسینم?stream=3#Streams The editing and finishing touches should be done in couple of months and the documentary should be ready for screening inshalllah soon. Many thanks for everyone'
  12. A great opportunity for community members to get involved in the organisation of Muharram Majalis in London. Please visit www.tahafunder.com/projects/fundraising-for-muharram-majlis-of-imam-hussain-as/ Please donate generously, indeed every penny spent in the way of Imam al-Hussain (a.s) will return in thousands. Rewards include recitation of Surah Fatiha for your deceased ones or Dua Shif'aa for unwell members within your family during the Majlis.
  13. Are you for Arbaeen walk this year? Be part of a documentary team with the aim of showing logistics of Arbaeen 2016 to the world. http://www.tahafunder.com/projects/im-a-servant-of-hussain-من-خادم-حسینم/ Every penny spent in the way of Imam al-Hussain (PBUH) will indeed return in thousands. The rewards for your contributions include: Photos from behind the scenes Download the documentary for free Your name among the Credits at the end Be among the camera crew and documentary team members if you are travelling to Arbaeen this year
  14. It definitely does. So far more than 70 clocks have been pre-ordered from about 8 different countries. The features are worth the price and will become a great brand within the Shia community internationally insha'Allah.
  15. Salamun Alaikum, A brainchild of a 3 year old Syeda Zahra, world's first Smart Azan Clock is being produced for the Shia Community worldwide and is ready for pre-orders. Watch the great video about it and make a little investment to strengthen Salaat as the pillar of your faith: www.tahafunder.com/projects/eahlulbayt-the-worlds-first-truly-smart-azan-clock/ Taha Funder Crowdfunding Platform
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