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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. True lol. The Pashtuns are a Mystery. They can be found anywhere from Afghanistan to Peshawar to even Karachi. ;)
  2. Historic Persia didn't include modern day Afghanistan? The Khyber Pass? Alexander the Great? I think it was the Persian King Darius If my history is correct who lost the land...The person who came after Cyrus..
  3. Historically Afghanistan used to be part of Iran.
  4. Strategic interests. The majority of the Pashtun population in Afghanistan is more supportive of the Taliban than the Afghanistan government themselves from what I have heard from knowledgeable sources. So assuming that, supporting some liberal factions of the Taliban would gain Iran and Russia Influence in the country. They are the least worst players in the Afghanistan game as both the Afghanistan Government and ISIS appear to be the only alternatives.
  5. Recently and within the last few years there have been many articles describing Russia and Irans support for the Taliban in Afghanistan in the from of weapons Aid and training etc. Of course since the time of the soviet invasion Pakistan has historically supported them until their own downfall in 2001. My Question, If someone can answer this, would be does the Taliban have different factions whom are more moderate in nature? Or is the whole group extremist radicals? I ask this because I can't see Iran or Russia supporting extremist radical terrorists, especially Iran since its Shia major
  6. Why not give away Afghanistan to Pakistan and just be done with it? Don't the majority of Afghans live in Pakistans tribal areas and cities anyways? There is more Afghans in Pakistan than there is in Afghanistan itself so yeah again whats the difference? Obviously India would not like this and would be upset but do they have a border with Afghanistan? Whats their agenda in this whole conflict? Afghanistan is much more closer to Pakistan and Iran than India from my knowledge.
  7. I read this and looking at a map, the languages, the commonalities, aside from the Sunni and Shia divide, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan appear to have a lot in common when it concerns cultures. The languages, Farsi, Dari, and Urdu seem very similar. The traditions and cultures seem similar. Islamic Republic of Iran looking at it from that context appears to have more in common with its eastern neighbors than Syria, Iraq and Lebanon does it not? The three nations seem like a natural fit. Or maybe this is just me and my theory.
  8. -Take risks and occasional deep shots in life. -Take this life as a game of basketball or football, go for the occasional hail mary or deep pass or long 3 point attempt or foul... -Take chances but smart ones.
  9. Our nation would be better off with a parlimentaery system.
  10. If shes at that age, you should probably just take it slow with her, because the more you try and help them, the further they'll think you're interfering and they'll move in the direction which you are trying to prevent them from moving towards. Basically they will rebel the more you try to help them. I think you should just let go and they find the correct path themselves as they get older and mature. Maybe try and spend some time with her, are you both close? Try and distract her but not in a way which she may rebel?
  11. From a Shia perspective, besides the US, UK, Canada, and Iran where else would you go that you find "better"? Like it or not those four countries seem like the only safe and stable places for Shia to live in these days. I'd rather be a minority among many many other fellow minorities than living in a place where I am the main minority like Bahrain, Pakistan, or even India, so from that perspectve its not that bad.
  12. For more clarity, there is a difference between doing something sinful on your own and at your own decision and someone making you do something sinful against your will etc. If what you're saying was the case then heck why not just dip it in Alcohol or Wine? LOL the illiteracy in your comment is amazing.
  13. LOOOL! Dude theres a difference between self aversion from doing something sinful or in this context eating pork etc. and it being forced onto someone. The cow analogy was a great example, to a Hindu, Cows are sacred and killing one they consider sinful...so if you put a gun to their head and make them kill a cow.....How the heck will that matter? God Almighty is the most Just. Its an insult to Him.
  14. I have to agree with this. Historically democrats have been the more racist party. The South used to be pro democrat because of their racist pro segregation policies. Historically, we have been at war more times with a Democratic president and party than a Republican. Morally too, abortion, gay marriage, other matters. Btw, I'm not pro either party as I believe they both have such flaws that they aren't worth a vote from my end, but those are true facts. Democrats historically have been the more racist party, don't let it fool you. From Bill Clintons 1994 crime bill to Obamas armin
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