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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not possible for me, I am spent, I have no time to give this place. You MUST continue! Lead it with Allah's help! You have our history, see where we stumbled initially and Go forth! Was-Salaam
  2. Comrade, I am not available much these days, please take feel free to take up the mantle and continue where we left off. While many people welcomed the idea, we didn't get much support from Admins and Mods at the time we started, I hope you succeed where we failed. In the meantime as a audio book narrator please visit my Download My Books Torrent , on the last page, is a collection of Islamic books, I hope it's helpful. Was-Salaam
  3. Islamic Books & Stuff (Collection 21-11-11) Here is the original, lot of links are not working anymore on those sites.
  4. As anyone interested in continuing, may Allah be with you and guide you always. The time we started this, it was a bit too progressive, too far ahead of it's time, hope it's your time now. DigitalUmmah, cm'on man, you got this! hameedeh you're an admin now Masha'Allah. Was-Salaam
  5. I remember the theme of this forum used to change, i.e go black and red during Muharram. It just sucks now like it does year round.
  6. It's funny that I said this in June because I buried my mom in October according to Sunni rites, the shi'as in my community didn't come through for me... ...but whats new.
  7. This one seems to see it. Just my two cents: There is another hadith by Imaam Ja'far (AS) which says: "His attributes describe other than Him." which goes to point 2.
  8. I'd have your liver and spleen checked out... ...but I am not a doctor.
  9. I was busy with house rennovations so for 3 months and was not as active in my duties as I should have been, though I have little respect for him- admin Inshallah because he insulted me: "you haven't been able to contribute much to the role from inception" (As any of the other mods would tell you was simply untrue) never the less it must be acknowledged that he asked me if he can give my moderatorship away to more active members or do I commit myself to remain on, in fairness he did give me the option. I stated a quick protest to him personally because I was in discussions with bro Ya Aba 3abdillah to form a new shiachat dev team called "Wikipedia taskforce" but did immediately accepted the request to abdicate as it was in the best interest of the forum. I never wanted to be a mod as sister Serenity` will tell you, what I really wanted to do was to work on the wikipedia taskforce, I even designed the banner for it , we didn't get enough support for that innitiave from senior members but again, that is just as well, it gave me the time I needed to write a book on Islamic Theology called "A Rebel's treatise On Understanding God." So I thank Allah for that. Now you know the story... Was-Salaam
  10. The inside of the Kaabah is quite ordinary looking, it has three pillars, that's about it.
  11. I also had this thought because I am in a majority sunni community, I hope my mother and the 0.5% shia friends that I have here do do things according to our school...
  12. If I was going to ever report anything, sadly, I would have reported it to Haji because having served with him, I know him to be one of the hardest working mods here, if I was to contact an admin, Ya Aba 3abdillah, Serenity` and repenter are all good choices, I have known all (incld Haji) to be fair-minded.
  13. Yes, that's right I was a moderator here, I am well aware of the policies of the forum being here since 2005, I alluded to this point and in the thread that was hidden in Thinker's Discourse. Ask longer standing members of this forum such as Marbles, Hameedeh and Gypsy (We were part of the wikipedia taskforce), Fiasco (we used to debate sunnis on other forums together many years ago), yassameen, Ya Aba 3abdillah, Serenity` and others, I trust they will give good testament to my behaviour here over the years.
  14. If my threads were viewable at the least the latter one, you would be free to comment having the whole matter before you giving you full liberty to pronounce, unfortunately all you have is the publicised PM of Haji stating his reason for stopping a thread about music which is playing on your sensabilities and not to mention the other unwarranted crime of not allowing my second thread. Ofcourse it makes me look like the idiot pushing the envelope publicly for a matter that could be resolved privately, the reality is because you are not cognizant of the fact that I was not informed privately of the hide, in part prompted my new thread which was then also hidden, you will never truly be entitled to pronounce on the matter due to insufficient information.
  15. I am very upset by the way this whole thing was handled, my thread that has been hidden about freedom of speech has pretty much been vindicated. I think some swift reforms need to take place here and a structured way of dealing with post needs to be outlined for mods and admins, after giving my soul to this forum for nine years it's about time I move on, if mods and admins can't handle such elementary matters pragmatically and respond efficiently to issues, then I will use this last open thread to note some reforms to bring us into the 21st century, that is unless they lock/hide this one too unwarrantedly... ...to all my brothers and sisters I love you all and wish you all the best in the future. Was-Salaam
  16. So I take it you are as the moderators and admins are not interested in freedom of speech, I really didn't expect such poor taste from you by posting a PM TO THE WHOLE FORUM FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. Instead of letting my thread in the thinker's discourse remain visible which DID NOT violate any shiachat policies. I could've expected this from an admin like Almufeed who historically renamed other members accounts to derogaroty names or kicked people out of the chatroom, for his own amusement but definitely didn't expect this from you since then he has probably matured I am not sure, nevermind him. I am posting this publically because you made this a public matter when you posted that PM. That was not sporting.
  17. Why don't you donate that money to other disabled children, that might act as a kafarra or something. AKB
  18. You don't understand. Shi'ite is the same as saying Israel'ite, Hitt'ite and Hashim'ites. Sometimes I say Sunnite too. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The british use a derrogatory slang word and that is coincidental.
  19. So in essence if a serial killer is released from prison and murders you and your entire family, this is an example of natural selection to you? Because that is what you are saying! For goodness sake, native Americans- especially from the South, native Australians etc. were not 'primitive' as an aged eurocentric worldview would have you believe, these people had advanced sciences and given everything you know about Islam's past glories I am amazed that you could have such a parochial (bloody social darwinism at that) outlook on the matter. I would go as far as to argue that some of these 'savages' even had the 'deen' or sorts, I remember reading that about ancient teachings of the Hopi people that they had stones of instruction and eagerly were waiting for the Pahanas (whites) to come, because it was foretold to them that they had the Pahanas had the teachings of 'the other stone.' (Stone Tablet) I don't mind believing we share a similar genetic history with flora and fauna but that [Edited Out] you just said crosses the line, it is antithetical to Islam. We are not in disagreement.
  20. Sounds like a stretch, no offence my friend but it seems you are putting things where they don't necessarily need to fit. We know the verse has to do with Aas Ibn Wa'il (Amr's father) as an archetype of the Jahiliyyah pre-Islamic order. His 'time' came to the end with the triumph of Islam, he has also been 'cut-off' because his own grandson admonished them at Siffin, did not pay allegiance to Yazid and so we are told died in Madinah in one of Yazid's raids. Suffices to say Muhammad's line and system lives on, Aas's is scorned and cut off. Humans are adaptable anyway, the reason why people have pale skin and light eyes in Europe is lack of exposure to the sun over several generations and they say (although I don't know how true it is) that pale-skins cope better with cold and light-coloured eyes may have helped them hunt in lower light conditions than their darker skinned, darker eyed counterparts. On the flip side people with darker skins cope better in hot climates and their darker colored eyes can tolerate regular to brighter light conditions far better than their pale counterparts. That is just naturally... ...Now one important other point has to be raised, humans are adaptable (almost) REGARDLESS OF CONDITIONS because humans have something that differentiates them from animals, the ability to use resources intelligently, eg. kill animals and make coats out of them for cold, make dwellings, layer lots of fabric to protect from the sun, underground bunkers to survive nuclear holocaust etc. So what is the need for trying to fit Darwinism into it? Also another point that occured to me when I reread your topic is that 'white people' massacred the native population in America, it had zero to do with ideology, just plain genocide. See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHZWG_WDUYs
  21. There's no way America is run by aliens, aliens wouldn't be such callous overlords!
  22. I'm guessing English is not your first language, that's what I've written in. Nowhere did I say that Shaykh Al-Mufid practised qiyas.
  23. Ofcourse there are many ahadith about qiyas, about ra'i and the people of ra'i and even about aql/ijtehad. (Yes there are!) This is the same argument that akhbaris level upon usoolis anyway: "They interpret (ta’wil) traditions and lie upon Allāh" We defend ijtehad ardently, don't we? When the issue is raised, we say "That was during the time of the Imaams because no opinions of others are acceptable in the presence of a guiding (active) Imaam." ...Yeah, you are free to go to hawza and learn that line... Ironically; when the issue of qiyas is raised we lose our nut. All I merely illustrated is that it has a place and time like any branch of knowledge. Qiyas is not merely shooting from the hip and having an opinion on everything, that is what is been argued here- even modern sunni scholars don't go around wantonly analogizing everything in their fiqh. We all know Iblis himself was the first to apply qiyas in a law matter and that is a good enough reason to stay away from it but like I said from the onset (not necessarily pertaining to fiqh) it aids one's overall logic and problem solving. Was-Salaam
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