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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not possible for me, I am spent, I have no time to give this place. You MUST continue! Lead it with Allah's help! You have our history, see where we stumbled initially and Go forth! Was-Salaam
  2. Comrade, I am not available much these days, please take feel free to take up the mantle and continue where we left off. While many people welcomed the idea, we didn't get much support from Admins and Mods at the time we started, I hope you succeed where we failed. In the meantime as a audio book narrator please visit my Download My Books Torrent , on the last page, is a collection of Islamic books, I hope it's helpful. Was-Salaam
  3. Islamic Books & Stuff (Collection 21-11-11) Here is the original, lot of links are not working anymore on those sites.
  4. As anyone interested in continuing, may Allah be with you and guide you always. The time we started this, it was a bit too progressive, too far ahead of it's time, hope it's your time now. DigitalUmmah, cm'on man, you got this! hameedeh you're an admin now Masha'Allah. Was-Salaam
  5. I remember the theme of this forum used to change, i.e go black and red during Muharram. It just sucks now like it does year round.
  6. It's funny that I said this in June because I buried my mom in October according to Sunni rites, the shi'as in my community didn't come through for me... ...but whats new.
  7. This one seems to see it. Just my two cents: There is another hadith by Imaam Ja'far (AS) which says: "His attributes describe other than Him." which goes to point 2.
  8. I'd have your liver and spleen checked out... ...but I am not a doctor.
  9. I was busy with house rennovations so for 3 months and was not as active in my duties as I should have been, though I have little respect for him- admin Inshallah because he insulted me: "you haven't been able to contribute much to the role from inception" (As any of the other mods would tell you was simply untrue) never the less it must be acknowledged that he asked me if he can give my moderatorship away to more active members or do I commit myself to remain on, in fairness he did give me the option. I stated a quick protest to him personally because I was in discussions with bro Ya Aba 3abdillah to form a new shiachat dev team called "Wikipedia taskforce" but did immediately accepted the request to abdicate as it was in the best interest of the forum. I never wanted to be a mod as sister Serenity` will tell you, what I really wanted to do was to work on the wikipedia taskforce, I even designed the banner for it , we didn't get enough support for that innitiave from senior members but again, that is just as well, it gave me the time I needed to write a book on Islamic Theology called "A Rebel's treatise On Understanding God." So I thank Allah for that. Now you know the story... Was-Salaam
  10. The inside of the Kaabah is quite ordinary looking, it has three pillars, that's about it.
  11. I also had this thought because I am in a majority sunni community, I hope my mother and the 0.5% shia friends that I have here do do things according to our school...
  12. If I was going to ever report anything, sadly, I would have reported it to Haji because having served with him, I know him to be one of the hardest working mods here, if I was to contact an admin, Ya Aba 3abdillah, Serenity` and repenter are all good choices, I have known all (incld Haji) to be fair-minded.
  13. Yes, that's right I was a moderator here, I am well aware of the policies of the forum being here since 2005, I alluded to this point and in the thread that was hidden in Thinker's Discourse. Ask longer standing members of this forum such as Marbles, Hameedeh and Gypsy (We were part of the wikipedia taskforce), Fiasco (we used to debate sunnis on other forums together many years ago), yassameen, Ya Aba 3abdillah, Serenity` and others, I trust they will give good testament to my behaviour here over the years.
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