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  1. hey everyone!!! what kind of things are you guys speaking???? just stop this discussion! this post wasnt meant for these kinds of debates! this was meant for informational purposes for Gods sake guys! if you want to curse then curse them in your hearts! After prophets passing away there was a time when it was compulsary to curse imam Ali AS nauzubillah!!! it continued till abdul aziz abbassid guy! he then stopped public cursing of imam Ali AS!!! that doesnt means they did that so we should curse them too! we are no one to curse anyone! curse is for Allah! if anyone who can curse is only Allah! anyways whatever it is! infront of christians i wouldnt say jesus wasnt a God if its not a debate! because we shouldnt hurt feelings of others! in general every christian knows we believe jesus AS was just a prophet nothing else! likewise sunni brothers and sisters knows too what we know about sahabas or wives of prophet! so we dont have to disclose that we are cursing them! like this it would only create chaos and i dont think anyone could be guided by these kind of useless debates between us Shias! debating that we should curse or no! Moreover! if youre following Ayotullah sistani then you cannot curse any conpanion of prophet or hazrat ayesha!
  2. i didnt curse anyone did I ??? I didnt say I curse anyone !? I am no one to curse, curse is from Allah! even we dont say Curse be upon Shaitan! we say Allahs curse be upon shaitan! its different thing! I didnt say anything bad about Sahaba or Prophets wives! dont minunderstand and dont create misunderstandings!
  3. Salam ! we respect sahabas companions of prophet and wives of prophet!!! we never said they were bad?!?!?! we are just saying what happened! iblees was a good worshiper of God, when God says he is RAJEEM, can i still not say something against him? When God has cursed Iblees , we have to curse him too, but as you see i dont think in this post someone except few has said some disrespectful words against Companions of prophet or his wives! When 1+1 is always 2 , how can i deny that its not??? Anyways, we dont have to curse them in a place like this! i feel guilty to start this post, actual reason was that someone here post something informational so that sunni brothers and sisters can have a look at the reality! i belive there are some sunni brothers and sisters on this website searching for the truth! so please everybody, if you have references from any sunni authenticated books that where was Abu Bakr when prophet passed away then please pass them on! I respect the website rules, sorry moderators and admins of the website if i have caused any kind of inconvinience to you or to other members because of this post! Salam Peace Live like ALI AS Die Like HUSSAIN AS
  4. salam please recite surah al hamd that you do in each prayer ! اهدنا صراط المستقيم - صراط اللذين انعمت عليهم غير مغضوب عليهم ولا الضالين quran tells you pray! you have to research on your own how to pray! quran says sirat al mustaqeem! find it yourself! quran says dont follow the misguided ones! and follow the ones whom were blessed! now find out yourself who were blessed and who were misguided ones! its not wrong to curse someone who is cursed! you say about prophets wife? prophets wife ayesha was the one who fought against islam with Ali AS!!! if she wasnt against Islam she wouldnt take war against Ali AS!!! please go and read some authentic books of History! You say that we are speaking bad about sunni religion? no we are not! we didnt say anything about sunni religion! we are saying what the truth is! Just like if i speak to a christian and say i believe jesus AS was just a prophet! not a God! then ofcourse their feelings would be injured! so that means infront of christians i shouldnt admit that jesus was a prophet right? we say what the truth was!!! and this post was meant to bring up information about the first caliph of ISLAM! When prophet passed away from this world, his SO CALLED succesor didnt even attend his burial! and was busy in Saqifa! well, good luck salam
  5. so what? Ayesha bein prophets wife so we cant curse her? Abu Bakr being prophets father in law so we cant curse him? we are not cursing anyones grand father ir grand mother! we are cursing the ones who were cursed by Allah
  6. Yes no one denies that this world came into existence through big bang! but who gave the conditions of big bang? who gave the materials? those atoms? so that big bang occurs? lets suppose, i give you a car and its keys and i put the keys in the ignition place , if i turn round the key the car would ignite, but suppose i give all the conditions for ignition, i put the keys in tight place but wont turn them round! would the car ignite itself? common sense dear! good luck
  7. where was this great personality when prophet passed away?
  8. They know it very well , this question was asked by zakir naik , he says that yes it is possible for prophet to speak nonsense ( nauzubillah) because he was just a human like us! MashaAllah, their Most beloved Ashaab can ever be wrong and can never speak nonsense but an infallible prophet can speak nonsense, what kind of nonsense is this? they narrate prophets hadith: لصحابي كالنجوم بأيهم اقتديتم اهتديتم my companions are like stars, follow any of them you will be guided! THEIR PROPHET CAN SPEAK NONSENSE!!!! not our prophet! our prophet is infallible and isnt a human like us! Just like Jibreel AS when he was sent down to Maryam AS! in the form of human! IF THEIR PROPHET SPEAKS NONSENSE, THEN THE ALL THE AHADITH THAT ARE AGAINST OR IN OPPOSITION OF AHLUL BAIT OR ON ASHAABS SIDE ARE ALL NONSENSE ! BECAUSE THEIR PROPHET CAN SPEAK NONSENSE!
  9. Salam Sahih Bukhari mentioned in 7 different places about the death of Prophet SAWS , the thing that most of us are familiar with that when prophet asked for qalam and dawat , Umar refused and said to people that Quran is enough for us and Prophet is getting crazy ( in urdu sahih bukhari it is HIZYAN - means nonsense ) nauzubillah! Now after 1400 years some non muslims made a cartoon of Prophet pbuh , and all Muslims of the world started to strike against them to protect the prophets personality! Why dont these muslims come on streets and strike against Sahih Bukhari? why do these Muslims still believe in such a Book? According to Quran, for everything theres a need of 2 witnesses, for rape, for murder, for marriage, indeed for all the things that needs witnesses needs 2 always! this thing is clear second thing : لا تبديل لسنة الله theres no change in Allahs rules Now, on the day of judgement , all muslims belive that when we will be asked about our deeds, for example one prayed 2 rakat fajr prayer, prophet will be witness on that day that yes, he prayed! but as it needs 2 witnesses, who would be the second witness here??? We shias believe second witness would be Ali AS , for those who dont believe in Ali AS , then please start to worry about yourself and find another witness for yourself! Moreover, For completion of religion and to be on the right path, we need two things too, For us Shias we believe : Quran And Ahlul Bait e Rasool, these are the two things that we follow we would never be lost on the way! but for those who say Quran is enough for us? i dont want to say anything more, would just say please worry for yourself!!! Ya Ali AS
  10. @LabaikYaHussain Salam ! again im here with another philosophy! things i mentioned earlier were just some proofs from sunni books and all... now i am talking some serious stuff about shia sunni prayers! next time you see a thing like that hadith or anyone asks you why shias pray the way they do , you must answer what id say now.... " i dont know why we Muslims have different ways of offering prayers, but i do know why i pray the way i pray! I believe in Ali AS and would never suspect that he AS did anything against Prophet pbuh, and i donot think any Muslim would say that he AS committed anything against Prophet pbuh or in opposite of what prophet showed him , i donot know about others but i have firm belief that Ali AS did as he was taught by Prophet, Ali AS ofcourse taught his sons and his family the way of praying, Hassan AS and Hussain AS ofcourse prayed the way they were taught, Zain Ul Abideen AS prayed the way he saw Hussain AS praying, Baqir AS prayed the way he learned from his father, Sadiq AS prayed the way he was taught by parents, Musa AS prayed the way he was taught, Reza AS prayed the way he saw his father praying, Jawad AS prayed the way his father did, Hadi AS prayed as he learned , Askari AS prayed the same way too, and Mahdi AS prays like all other imams and like Prophet SAWS , so the way we 12ers pray is the way we learned from our imams and imams from their parents and that to Prophet pbuh, we learned the prayer from one generation to another and noone ever changed the way of prayer since then, so this is the proof of how i pray, now please tell me where did you get the way you pray? thanks and good bye!" thats what your reply should be Salam
  11. actually shias are blamed that they made bid'ah in Islam ( bring up new ideas in Islam) for example they say prophet prayed folding hands but shias made bid'ah by hanging hands in prayer, actually its sunnis who did bid'ah and most of bid'ah started in Umars time, bida of taraweeh Narrated Abu Hurayra: Allah's Apostle said,"Whoever prayed at night the whole month of Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping for reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven". Ibn Shihab ( a subnarrator) said, "When Allah's Apostle died, the people continued observing that (i.e. Nawafil offered individually, not in congregation), and it remained as such during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr and in the early days of Umar's Caliphate." Abdur Rahman bin Abdul Qari said, "I went out in the company of Umar bin Al-Khattab one night in Ramadan to the mosque and founf the people praying in different groups- a man praying alone or a man praying with a lottle group behind him. Then Umar said, "In my opinion I would better collect these (people) under the leadership of one Qari(reciter) [i.e. let them pray in congregation]". So, he made up his mind to congregate them behind Ubayy bin Ka'b. Then, on another night, I went again in his company and the people were praying behind their reciter. On that Umar remarked, "What an excellent BID'A (INNOVATION in religion) this is; but the prayer which they do not perform, but rather sleep at its time, is better than the one they are offering.' He meant the prayer in the last part of the night". - Sahi al bukhari, volume 3, book 32 number 227 bida in azan Malik's Muwatta ; Book 3, Number 3.1.8: Yahya related to me from Malik that he had heard that the muadhdhin came to Umar ibn al-Khattab to call him to the subh prayer and found him sleeping, so he said, "Prayer is better than sleep," and Umar ordered him to put that in the adhan for subh
  12. When Iranian prisoners were brought before 'Umar, they stood before him with folded hands. On being asked the reason, they said that it was their custom to stand before the elders with folded hands. ' Umar said: Then we too should do the same when we stand before Allah in prayers. When Anas ibn Malik, a companion of the Prophet (s.a.w.), went to Syria, he wept and said: "I do not see here anything which I used to see in the days of the Prophet (s.a.w.), except this prayer and that too is disfigured." - Sahih al- Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 10, Number 507 Narrated ‘Aisha: That she used to hate that one should keep his hands on his flanks while praying. She said that the Jew used to do so - Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 56, Number 664 Jabi bin Samara said: ‘Once Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) came to us and said: "Why you fold your hands as the tails of horses, you have to settle in prayer." -Musnad Ahmed bin Hanbal, Volume 5 page 93 Hadith 20905
  13. the prophet (pbuh) did not fold his hands in prayer- umar saw a delegation of diplomats, either from persia or china (i forget which) and as a sign of respect to him they bowed their hands and folded their hands, umar thought that would be a good way to show respect towards Allah (swt) so he included it as part of the sunni namaz. since shias reject anything and everything he instigated they carry on reading namaz the way maula ali (as) did, hence the way the prophet (pbuh) did Condemnation of folding the arms We read in Holy Quran: 009.067 YUSUFALI: "The Hypocrites, men and women, (have an understanding) with each other: They enjoin evil, and forbid what is just, and are close with their hands. They have forgotten Allah; so He hath forgotten them. Verily the Hypocrites are rebellious and perverse." This verse stipulates that closing the hands is the sign of a hypocrite and they are condemned in connection with this act. If the hypoctite hadn’t closed his hands Allah (swt) would not have condemned him, hence such an act cannot be incoprprated into an act of worship. When Allah (swt) condemns the closing of hands, then he would not incoprpare this same act into the great act of worship, Salat. The verse is of general application, and is not restricted to a specific individual. At no other times have there been any orders to close the arms such as when conducting, Hajj, giving Zakat, participating in Jihad. This proves that the condemnation of folding the arms is common. The Shi’a books repeatedly quote that Imam Jafar e Sadiq (as) demonstrated this method when educating his companion Hammad about prayers. Sheikh Muhammad Ya’qoob Kulaini [rah] and Sheikh Sadooq [rah] state: “Our Master turned his face towards the Ka’ba. Completely removed any contact between his hands and placed his hands on his thighs, closed his fingers and placed his feet near to each other.” 1. Al-Shafi, translation of Furoo al Kafi, volume 2, page 65, published in Karachi. 2. Man la Yuhdhirah al-Faqeeh, volume 1, page 166, published in Karachi. Allamah Waheed’udeen uz Zaman Khan writes: “Whoever says that offering prayers with unfolded hands is a custom related to Shi’as, that person is at fault in this regard, because not only the Shi’as but the whole Muslim Ummah offered the prayers in the same way, especially during the life time of Holy Prophet (s) the companions did it the same way and no one knew about the folding of hands.” Hadiyatul Mahdi, by Maulana Waheed uz Zaman, Volume1, page 126 Wahid uz Zaman also states that Imam ibn e Qasim reports that Imam Malik offered prayers without folding hands. Tayseer al Bari Sharh Sahih Bukhari, translated by E’tiqad Publishing house, Delhi, volume 1, chapter 707, page 489 Abdul Hai Lucknawi states: “Ma’az says that when Holy Prophet (s) used to stand for offering the prayers, he used to raise his hands up his his ears while reciting “Takbeer” and then he would leave his hands unfolded.” Fataawa Sheikh Abdul Hai Lucknawi, Volume 1, page 326, first edition Ibn Abi Shaybah records that Hasan Basri and Ibrahim ibn e Musayyib prayed with open hands. 1. Nayl al Autaar, volume 2, page 194, Idar Al-Jaleel Beirut, Bab ul Salat 2. Al-Sharh Al-Kabeer, by Abdullah ibn e Qadama (Died 682 A.H.), volume 1, page 514. Dar al-kitab Beirut. The main reason for folding hands: to oppose the Shi’a We shall prove this by relying on the following esteemed Sunni works: 1. Fathul Qadeer lama Jaza al Faqeer Voilume 1 page 250, Dhikr Salat 2. Kifaya Sharh Hidaya Volume 1 page 250 Dhikr Salat 3. Tanveer al Aynain page 38 4. Hidayath al Mahdi page 126 Fathul Qadeer: “Ahl’ul Sunnah’s act of folding the arms in Salat, Funeral prayers and Eid is a habit, the arms are folded in opposition to the Rafidi [shi’a] as they pray with the arms open” Kifaya: “The Ahl’ul Sunnah state that the opening of the arms in Salat is in the Madhab of the Rafidi, the Ahl’ul Sunnah fold their arms, and the reason is to oppose the Shi’a” Tanveer al Aynain: “Imam Malik gave an order to read Salat with open arms, and the Sunni Ulema here (i.e. the Indian Subcontinent) sau that praying with open hands in the cities means imitating the Shi’a. The Hanafee Ulema have rejected opening the arms in salat, opening the arms is a Shi’a practice, and nothing else will remain, and the Prophet (s) said ‘protect yourself from acusation”
  14. يا مدبر الامور ya mudabbir al umoor يا باعث من في القبور ya ba'itha man fil quboor يا مجري البحور ya mujriyyal buhoor يا ملين الحديد لداود ya muliyyanal hadeed ledawood صل علي محمد وال محمد ... وافعل بي ... salle ala Muhammad wa aale Muhammad ( waf'al bi ... means do these and these things for me - when you are asking for something for example Make me rich hehehe )
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