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  1. hi salam to all dear fellows

  2. This picture is not a good one for the image of Islam. Please stop showing the world something which is not ISlam. The gun does not in anyway represent true Islam. Islam means peace nand that is what we should all as Muslims practice.


    visit www.alislam.org to know about true Islam.

  3. salam i'm ali from lebanon i like sayed hasan is the best

  4. Jesus is the way the truth and the life, islamic extremist will loos against this holy war with the one true living God because he is the Most High, accept Jesus

  5. Hello all, my name is Hassan, i'm looking for an honest girl to get marraid with her, if you are an honest person, please write to my personal email(hassan_hassni@yahoo.com) we will talke more about ourselive there, if you are dishonest please don't waste your time or mine


  6. Assalamu Alaykum

    **** If you want to receive daily Islamic News, (especially Shia News) please send your e-mail ID to this address: kozeh2009@gmail.com , please type Islamic News in your subject Box. Also you can give our Email to your friends to join us.

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  7. This "code of practice for muslims in the west" is completely absurd. Islam doesnt change when you live in a western country. If we change our laws to suit the western laws then we are destroying Islam from within. That transcript above fails to answer anything and I wouldnt be at all surprised if those questions had positive answers. There are many fatwas in this book that are absolutely nonsensical eg allowing ribaa and allowing muslim women to wear perfume in front of men!!! furthermore the reasoning behind those rulings are laughable. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...10entry721310
  8. They have made Filasteen into a trashpit, throwing all the filth from all over the world in it.
  9. America= Evil, Saddam=Evil, so I dont know what removal you are talking about. No the Iraqis did not have any Intifadha or Jihad they rised in the hope of USA helping them out against Saddam and they saw what happened when you ally with the Kuffar. Allying with the Kuffar makes you a Kaffir no matter how much you want to defend it thats why the Imams or the prophets never once Allied with the Kuffar against the Tyrants. And do you think Iraq is any better of if not worse under USA than it was under Saddam. The USA just wants the Iraqi oil it couldnt careless about Saddams brutality, but since you lack intelligence you see the Kuffar as you heroes and kiss geroge bush like he is your saviour, when infact he is humiliating your people worse than Saddam
  10. I rather see the muslims die fighting the Kuffar than live under their rule. Your argument is really pathetic, if it wasnt for Imam Khomaini(ra) or Hizbullah there wouldnt be any bloodshed and the muslims would live happily under the rule of Kufr, but they chose to die rather to give in to Kufr as the Prophets, the Imams and the Sahaba (pbu them) did. An atrocious lie, you should see some documentries of prisoner abuse innocent civilian killings and the discontent of the Afghans by daily protests instead of some children chasing the foreign soldiers tanks that the American media floods your brains with.
  11. Yes the oil of the muslim land is owned by each and every muslim. I will not even bother responding to such an idiotic question. [Edited Out]
  12. Source: http://www.rense.com/general33/vs.htm Source: http://www.change-links.org/Iraq98.html http://www.socialistworker.co.uk/1774/sw177402.htm It is a historical fact that USA has nuked, carpet bombed and massacred innocent civillians so why bother wasting my time to prove to you the obvious. If you dont believe in this then you do not know anything. ]Hmm and this is very BRAVE of them and you think the suicide bombers are cowards lol. And offcourse you would rather forget the nuking of two densly populated Japanese cities, as you cannot say anything in regards to it.
  13. We dont control Europe and persecute its people and then establish an Islamic country with an Islamic government. (although we should though but we havent). And we also dont terrorise Europeans on a daily basis, demolishing their houses and massacring its people. No we just want USA to stay inside its borders and not to meddle in other countries affairs. USA is the one that needs to move out and if they get killed they have no one to blame but themselves. Guess who is freinds with curropt leaders like the kings of the Arab world and the dictator of Egypt you guessed it the USA so you see USA does not want us to establish an Islamic state it wants its puppets goeverning our lands. Quit plundering our oil Why did Donald Rumsfeld make him so powerful if you dont like him. America created and funded Saddam its a fact and now you are saying you didnt want Saddam in power, You people gave Saddam his power and therefore responsible for all his crimes. You see nothing you say has an ounce of truth in it you shouldve stopped posting after I made a fool out of you. Now your just making yourself a clown.
  14. Indeed. You side with any of them the blood of the muslims is on your hands too.
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