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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. brother, do not lose faith in Islam have you had a Quran to read? this always helps me
  2. salaam, i also believe Quran is complete on its own. And i respect those who hold the belief that Muslims shouldn't break up into sects, i agree. The only problem with just following the Quran without hadiths or ahlul-bayt or sunnah, is then who do you think should have been the leader of the ummah after the prophet Muhammad. Also the Quran tells us to pray, but doesn't say how. so the prophet and ahlul-bayt were the examples of perfect Muslims we look to follow Allah and Quran.
  3. yes true, animals are created by the same creator but for different purposes than us humans. Allah judges us for our sins, but doesn't judge a chimp for his sins. HAHA, that is hilarious on that book quote!
  4. hello, well according to that definition, i can see your point. if it is just a classification thing. but the way i learned it from my teacher was that we evolved from the actual monkey itself. Basically he said that the offspring of smarter monkeys and then their offspring and so on eventually became human. i can see we both probably disagree with that definition.
  5. yes, our ability to sweat definately gives us an advantage. but all i'm saying on this theory of humans chasing down dinner is that their speed gives them an advantage too. like if they see approaching danger they run so fast that we will lose them, even if we can run a long time. and if we are able to track them down, by then they had plenty time to cool down. thats my issue with this theory. yes, please do explain further you concept. i am not against science, but i take issue with some theories of evolution that i feel contradicts with my religious beliefs.
  6. have you ever seen how fast an antelope can run? i am a long time hunter. what our ancestors did that would make more sense is what hunters still sort of do today and that is sneak on the animals. i've gotten close enough to a herd of elk that i could practically be close enough to hunt them without the weapons we have today. if done right, taking wind direction into account, so on, this would have probably been what our ancestors did. yes we humans can run longer than them, but they are much faster than us. and they will see you, run so fast and you can't even find them or track them down, e
  7. i always wondered about this too, or saying S.A.W after. thanks for asking
  8. yes, i heard about this on the news this morning. sounds interesting.
  9. i assume that sometimes even when it is a test, we will not know it is. because otherwise if we knew that something happening is a test, then we would do what we are supposed to do to get the highest grade. we all get tested, some times more obvious than not. for example when going through a hard time in life, it might be a test of faith to see if you keep your faith and become stronger in faith. other times it can be more obvious, like we all have those moments when we are walking and suddenly see a wallet laying on the street. we have the option to take the cash in it, or do the right thing
  10. yes indeed. so brother, what are your opinions on evolution. what parts do you agree with/disagree with?
  11. that humans evolved from monkeys, that sort of thing. or for example the other day on the radio i heard scientists talking about how humans used to chase down their food because we can run longer than animals because we sweat and they can't. As someone who lives in a state that is big on game, i can say that is not really possible. some theories people come up with don't make much sense.
  12. yeah, i guess it depends on how you look at it. i personally don't believe in some parts of evolution because to me they look like they contradict the Quran. But other parts make sense.
  13. happens to me too. a few things i find that help is to translate the words into your native language (in your mind) as you say them in Arabic. also to say the prayer slowly helps. May the blessings of Allah be with you.
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