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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you brother @IbnSina and @shadow_of_light. Much appreciated. Jazak Allah.
  2. Salam I recently heard this Noha, can any Farsi speaking brother or sister translate it in English for me. Jazak Allah.
  3. Respected brothers and sisters.. I will just shed some light on the given topic. The American War College(U.S. Army Combined Arms Center,Combat Studies Institute,Fort Leavenworth), published a report, a proper military report with the title We were caught Unprepared: the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel War for the unbelievers here is the amazon link : https://www.amazon.com/Were-Caught-Unprepared-Hezbollah-Israeli-Occasional/dp/147816199X In this report they clearly admitted: the two biggest (so called) military powers on earth in present time, that we were unprepared, we were outsmarted. PERIOD. Regards.
  4. Exploring the Universe.. Subhan Allah.. COSMOS
  5. ^its alright i got one from 2008 i guess.. but it works just fine.
  6. Windows 10 is pretty easy to use. Most of the things are automatic. You using wifi to connect to internet?? Click on the little message icon on right lower corner, right next to the time icon. There make sure that your wifi is on. Windows 10 is just like mobile phone software. If your wifi is not ON from there, then you might be having trouble.
  7. How old are your systems?? Try installing Microsoft Security Essentials. Its free from Microsoft website. Its the best out there. After downloading scan whole of your system with FULL SCAN option. Restart. If it improves then it was a virus and now regularly keep updating your MS security essential software. If its still slow, then get yourself a new RAM from market depending upon the laptops or PC you have, an 8gb RAM will surely speed up your system. Also look for free space in your Windows drive (on majority of computers its C: drive) 'cause in some cases this can also slow down the system. If after doing all above you cant speed your computer up; it's time to go shopping for new one. Hope it helps.
  8. Tolerance for each other, respecting others beliefs. Finding your own faults. PERIOD.
  9. Salam everyone. I found this channel on youtube. Please watch all the videos closely, give it time. And then please tell me what you think? Some of the videos are very old even before what happened in the Middle East. Some might say that this person is conspiracy theorist, but it doesn't seem like one. I pray for the safety and hasty return of Imam of the time so that he can lead the world movement against tyranny and falsehood and restore the humanity to its honor and dignity. Ameen.
  10. There are 2 things I recently came across, wanted to share here, hope it helps: 1) Sabr= Patience: Whatever happened you accepted it, did not react. But somewhere in your heart there was this feeling O God why did it happen to me. 2) Raza= You are totally at peace with what happened. This occur because of your complete 100% trust in this fact: Whatever happens is Allah's act, and Allah's act is the best act (its an urdu saying). I know its very difficult to let go of things. There are some events or people in this world which we never want to let go. Although everything is past, we still burn in that hell. My humble advice is to try to LET GO. You will achieve peace. Complete inner peace. All those emotional scars you talked about raise conflict inside you, those conflicts become a means by which shaitan misguides you. So sister just let go and become Razi: Whatever happened, for whatever reason was under God' Command, its best for you, maybe you dont know today, but who knows after 10 years you look back and realize the biggest lesson of your life came from this particular event. Iltamas e dua
  11. May Allah paak help you in this difficult time. Keep praying. And give lot of Sadqa just in the name of Allah. It would help you. Help strangers too, financially. Maybe a very small gesture, will pay you off in terms and ways you cant imagine. Stay Strong brother.
  12. Careless wandering through the whole city, no fear of anything. No worry about the day or night. Playing for so long till tiredness wont let me play. There are so many. Cant decide on one particular though. What's yours @starlight??? P.S: ''r'' is missing after YOU in the topic. Thanks.
  13. My 2 cents would be. Try to understand why Hijab is important? The moment you understand this, everything will be easier. But keep this in mind, not your mother, nor anyone from this forum can TEACH you about Hijab. Only YOU can understand it better. You took the time out to make an account and then post in this forum. Good. Now one step further and search in the forum or google or youtube as to why Hijab is important for a lady?? The sooner you do this, the better you will feel. Iltamas e Dua.
  14. Maula Ali (AS) prolonged his prayers and sujood in the dark of night. Fasted all day. Cried from the fear of Allah. And we shias will go to heaven just for being born shia. YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF WORTHY. PERIOD. Pathetic notion held by illiterate shias of (mostly) sub-continent.
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