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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother it is clear you lack any knowledge on this topic as you rely on sources which are not credible, it is an advert that upto 600,000 - 1million iraqis have died in the past 5 years, you clearly are biased and just want to use any report to support your view that the past 5 years is worse off. You have disrespected the entire iraqi population by claiming those ridicilious figures, every iraqi family respects the body and when a family member gets murdered we ask for the body back or we go look for it whether it is thrown in the sea, hidden or in the street; hence the real figures come from
  2. Salam Alaikom As for the ignorant who claims that saddam time is better time period than now, then i suggest he really thinks twice and fear Allah and his messenger if he was muslim. As to whether he has actually been to Iraq during saddam time or not is unknown, we will assume he hasnt as his comments do not make sense if one saw what saddam was doing to the iraqis. I pray to Allah to forgive such people for there views and maybe they just dont know what happened for 3 decades, under saddam regime, iraq was not under control, this is a myth, saddam was a dictator and it seems Qa'im is in fav
  3. Salam alaikum bro , hope you are doing well, nas2alkum al do3a :)

  4. Baghdad residents venture out on holiday By PATRICK QUINN, Associated Press Writer 12 minutes ago Residents of Baghdad packed the capital's parks and amusement rides on Saturday, taking advantage of a lull in violence and the Islamic feast of Eid al-Adha to venture out of their homes in droves. While there have been far fewer attacks across the country in recent months, violence has by no means been eradicated. A suicide car bomb exploded at a checkpoint manned by Iraqi army and police in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Ghazaliyah Saturday afternoon, killing four people and wounding anoth
  5. Back to Story - Help British hand over Basra to Iraqi control By LORI HINNANT, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 44 minutes ago British forces formally handed over responsibility Sunday for the last region in Iraq under their control, marking the start of what Britain hopes will be a transition to a mission aimed at aiding the economy and providing jobs in an oil-rich region beset by militia infighting. With the handover of Basra, an overwhelmingly Shiite region home to most of Iraq's oil reserves, nine of the country's 18 provinces have reverted to Iraqi government control. "I came to rid Basra
  6. Maliki Intends to Lift Curfew in Baghdad Planned Easing of Security Restrictions Reflects Recent Drop in Violence, Officials Say By Amit R. Paley Washington Post Foreign Service Tuesday, November 13, 2007; A14 BAGHDAD, Nov. 12 -- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki hopes to soon declare an end to a nine-month-old security plan and curfew in Baghdad because of a recent decline in violence, Iraqi officials said Monday. Maliki expects to gradually lift the curfew, which now extends from midnight to 5 a.m., and to reopen this month 10 roads in the capital that have been shut as a security precaution, a
  7. By Missy Ryan 16 minutes ago U.S. and Iraqi troops killed an estimated 15 al Qaeda gunmen during a fierce battle south of Baghdad after the militants launched a major attack on recently formed neighborhood patrols, the U.S. military said on Tuesday. In a statement, the military said 30 to 45 al Qaeda fighters assaulted two checkpoints operated by local security guards on Monday using a mix of small arms and heavy-caliber machineguns mounted on trucks, sparking a day-long fight. At one stage, American F-16 warplanes jets dropped two 500-pound bombs on routes used by the gunmen to attack the che
  8. One peaceful Night in BaghdadPosted by Correspondent Hussein Sat Nov 10, 8:43 AM ET Today I made a social visit to my brother who lives few blocks away from our house. ADVERTISEMENT His son has a broken hand while he was playing soccer. I went there with my other younger brother who drove us there by his own car taking his only son with having him on my lap, the youngest member of the family, Mohammad, my lovely nephew who is only two years old. Till now the matter is normal, but the point or the focus is of the timing which took place at 7 p.m. lasting for two hours which means that the visit
  9. WASHINGTON - The first big test of security gains linked to the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq is at hand. ADVERTISEMENT The military has started to reverse the 30,000-strong troop increase and commanders are hoping the drop in insurgent and sectarian violence in recent months — achieved at the cost of hundreds of lives — won't prove fleeting. The current total of 20 combat brigades is shrinking to 19 as the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, operating in volatile Diyala province, leaves. The U.S. command in Baghdad announced on Saturday that the brigade had begun heading home to Fort Hood, Texas
  10. Local leaders in southern Iraq pleaded for greater reconstruction assistance this weekend even as U.S. and Iraqi officials touted tentative improvements since 2003 in rebuilding a country crippled by war. Senior members of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's government, Washington's ambassador to Iraq and other officials flew on Saturday to a dusty military base in Dhi Qar, a poor southern province where shepherds hustle animals across cracked plains and the horizon is dotted by Bedouin tents. Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih told visiting dignitaries, local tribal leaders and other officials th
  11. Syria showed off new security measures on its long and porous border with Iraq during an organized tour for foreign diplomats and journalists on Saturday. Twenty-nine diplomats, including the U.S. military attache, were allowed on the rare inspection of Syria's side of the Tanaf border crossing, about 200 miles northeast of the capital, Damascus. They were then driven for some 100 miles along the border marked by police outposts and tall sand barriers. The United States and some Iraqi officials accuse Syria of not doing enough to stop foreign fighters from crossing into Iraq. Syria says it has
  12. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Sunday that 7,000 families who fled the war-ravaged country have returned to their homes on the back of a sharp drop in violence. "Due to the improvement in the security situation, 7,000 families have returned to Baghdad and other provinces," Maliki told reporters, without giving a time frame. He said the country's streets and markets were returning to normal after a series of security crackdowns by Iraqi and US security forces over the past eight months. "People are enjoying the life that is returning to their streets and markets. We have been able
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