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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You should. Repeating words of the opposite might be helpful but it could just be a short term fix and not dealing with the deeper issue at hand
  2. Salam dear brother, Well done for reaching out for help. I wonder if you would be open to receiving therapy? What you’re describing may be related to what’s called scrupulosity ocd and CBT can be quite helpful in managing it.
  3. Thank you but if I’m to do this objectively without bias then there is also this https://www.searchtruth.com/searchHadith.php?keyword=glad tiding&book=&translator=1&search=1&search_word=all&start=10&records_display=10 so the one you sent doesn’t really add much weight
  4. Do you happen to have the link to the Sahih Muslim book referencing this please? I tried to look on Sunnah but can’t find it
  5. Salam to the readers. I have been going trough an on-going crisis where I have been aiming to ascertain which denomination is the truth. It has left me feeling low and depressed at how Islam has turned out to be a religion with splits in its followers, and also at how I am struggling to find the answer. I see logic and rationally across different aspects of various schools of thoughts but worry that I’ll be left directionless and Godless if I’m not following one in its entirety. Now I know the Shias will say us and the Sunnis will say them - I am not interested in talk from the ego. Ha
  6. What is the meaning of the below and does anyone happen to know where the extract is from? إذا عطش قلبك فلا تسقه إلا بالقرآن وإذا استوحش فلا تؤنسه إلا بذكر الرحمن ... فمن أوى إلى الله آواه ... ومن فوض أمره الى الله كفاه .. ومن باع نفسه الى الله اشتراه فطوبى لمن آواه ربه وكفاه واشتراه فرضي عنه وأرضاه .. جعلني الله وإياكم منهم
  7. Once upon a time I used to be quite strong in my beliefs but as the years have gone on, meeting new people and having new discussions has left me lost and aimless in terms of the 'path' that I follow. Of course I am Muslim - in that I believe in Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, his Prophets (pbut), his angels and the Holy Book. However as of late I have really been struggling to find my feet either in the shia thought of school or sunni (originally raised as a shia) - there are some aspects which just don't sit right with me and I can feel my heart reject it - but then I worry that the truth is merely bei
  8. Salam, Can anyone tell me how to perform salatul Jummah the Shia way please!!!!!
  9. If one has to carry out Ghusl Hayz and also Ghusl Janabat, which niyaat do you do first or does it suffice to do niyaat for one of those types of ghusl?
  10. Yes..my local masjid actually provides small little sheets with the dua written on it for anyone who doesn't know it
  11. Salaam, I think this this is a great post so thank you to the OP for raising it since it's a question that's been on my mind too. Now the main argument for Imam Ali not refuting the caliphs of those times is due to the sake of unity and patience etc - However what I can't seem to get my head around is that when Imamat is such a fundamental aspect of the religion - WHY or HOW could Imam Ali allow them to continue misleading people into believing that the Caliphate was ordained by the Prophet (saww)? This is why we have a huge group of Sunnis who don't know/accept Imamat altogether -
  12. One of the recommended acts for laylatul qadr is: 14. Recite a hundred rakats and it is preferable that in each rakat after the recitation of Sura Fatiha, Sura Ikhlaas be recited ten times.(It can be recited as 6 day salat if someone has Qaza or sitting ) Can someone please explain how to carry this the name out I'm a little confused?
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