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  1. Thank you for sharing. I just wonder how you feel Sunni’ism is comparative to Christianity? I think some would argue the same for Shia’ism with the concept of tawaasul and having an intermediary
  2. To further play devils advocate, one could argue that having a guide who isn’t ‘perfect’ makes them more relatable to mankind and therefore easier for them to follow such a guide as opposed to a station considered unattainable
  3. Thank you for sharing. You mentioned that your choice was based on them not having hope of gaining anything but Sunnis can also argue the same for the caliphs they follow..
  4. Are there Shias who differ on the level of infallibility of the Imams? Personally I have found the concept of infallibility difficult to swallow
  5. Thank you for responding. Can you highlight specifically which hadiths you’re referring to that matched with Shia theology? I am aware of the two weighty things being left behind.. (which can be interpreted differently i.e. either meaning to follow ahlulbayt as guides, or to revere them in respect and acknowledgment due to their closeness with the prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))
  6. What were you shocked and horrified about? We know hadiths aren’t 100% accurate anyway…
  7. The purpose of this post isn’t to have discord on the thread, rather I want to better understand your reasonings for choosing Shia Islam in brief points so I can take them into consideration during my research. At the moment it feels there are some things in Shia’ism that make sense and sit well with me, but many other things that don’t. I also feel the same with Sunni’ism, but probably have less points of contention. Thank you in advance for your time.
  8. Does anyone have any ideas on how a Shia-Sunni couple would perform either Hajj or Umrah together? What would be the differences and can it be done together?
  9. Interesting point. I just wonder how children who reach the age of puberty would be able to dissect such comprehensive matters. Surely they should follow either one school or the other initially so reduce confusion THEN consider analysing both at a suitable age
  10. Thank you for your input. I can understand more so if there’s a risk to life but why about in Western countries where there isn’t that worry? I can’t quite understand why it would be the case for the ordinary average person to not pray Jummah as instructed in the Quran if there’s no risk to life, nor your citizenship at risk of being stripped
  11. Why isn’t the Jummah prayer obligatory for Shias when it’s explicitly stated in the Quran? Doesn’t the rationale of the Imam not being present contradict the Quran since that’s not state anywhere
  12. I mean both interpretations sounds valid when you look at it without bias?
  13. That is the question isn’t it. I guess that’s one of the things that distinguishes Sunnis from Shias
  14. Why isn’t this Hadith taken with the level of importance by Sunnis, as it is with Shias? As in, why does the Hadith about the Quran and sunnah being the two weighty things given precedence for Sunnis? Is it to do with level of Authenticity?
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