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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Indeed they do, just like the conspiracy theories of 911 attacks being inside job. Silly muslims. You'e been exposed as being nothing but a Zionist Shill, desperate for a win. How sad. Anyways, there is no indication that i was related to 911 attacks itself. The Woman celebrating also stated it was because of something else. Same with other people honking. Regardless, this is no equivalent to the Israelies dancing, as they were witnessed filming, dancing, and staking out the place a day before. Not to mention the other Israelis caught trying to bomb the George Washington Br
  2. That may very well be true. It could also be that they deliberately used unconventional means so that the general public would have a hard time believing what really happened, and allowing the perpetrators to dismiss other means (conventional) as they would not be able to explain all that occurred. Our goal shouldn't be to prove what exactly happened though (we may never know for sure), it should be to prove that it was a false flag attack to incite the Zionist anti islamic agendas. There are plenty of evidence for that, to the point that it's an open and shut case.
  3. This is one theory that is held by researchers at https://www.veteranstoday.com/. Their claim lies in the evolution of mini nukes, 10s of kilotons as oppose to 100s of thousands, with minimal radiation waste. This claim might have seemed odd at the time, but according to their research, mini nukes have been used multiple times since, in Iraq, Syria, Yemen. (https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/03/11/neo-yemen-practical-nuclear-survival/) Nevertheless, there are other theories, among them, use of thermite https://citizenfor911truth.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/adam_taylor_what
  4. If we agree that 9/11 was an inside job, then we have to look at who had the means to: - Plant the bombs in the 3 buildings undetected - The know how to plan the bombs in manner to cause demolition style collapse without fail. Credible reports indicate mini nukes could have been used at the base of the buildings, as the crates left were beyond just using conventional explosives (nanothermites) https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/09/25/the-secret-history-of-9-11/ - Attempts were made by Israeli mosad agents for additional bombings on September 11, including George Washington
  5. So, at September 11, 3 building fell, free fall style, on their own foot print, by only 2 planes, with molten steel discovered at the base, burning 3 month after the incident. When you don't have an answer and don't have the capacity to respond properly, please refrain from speaking none sense. You're showing your lack of intelligence, arrogance and blind allegiance to the Zionists. The Zionists were indeed responsible for September 11 attacks, as basis of their new middle east agenda. Please respond to this and then we can continue. Then, we can discuss their political goals, strategies and w
  6. Someone who's deluded will always find ways to white wash history until it's too late to act. It was their manifesto in creation of the Zionist state and as we have seen in their actions since then, everything has been to set the stage for that expansion. This is why Israel's border's to this day are not defined, and Israel is directly and indirectly involved in every Fitnah going on in the middle east, from attacking Syria directly to supporting ISIS and wahabi Jihadists indirectly. Mosad's motto has been "By way of deception thou shalt do war". One needs to look at what they've done and doin
  7. Ofcourse, the Zionist are not going to make their plans public, it would create too much backlash. They will not make their plans public until its already within grasp or already achieved. We do however know, from their zionism founding fathers what their overall agenda is. This has religious bases, as the promise made to Prophet Abraham to his children https://biblehub.com/genesis/15-18.htm This promise belong to muslims which do occupy such land, but Israelites believe it referring to them. The Zionist regime attempted such expansion back in 2006 with invasion of L
  8. Allah had other plans. It was obvious Pharoh was not going to let the cheap labour go. Hence, Allah destroyed him through prophet Musa (عليه السلام), and set him on course to the promise land, where they could setup their governance.
  9. It's not subservient to the wishes of corrupt nation, rather guiding a weak nation, like teaching children how to walk before teaching them how to run. Step by step, getting them to the desired path, which is rule of a prophet upon them as was done with prophet Dawud (عليه السلام). The fact that they objected to Talut being their king, shows they're barely willing to deviate from what they're inclined towards. so, what would happen if the king/prophet separation was removed, right there and then, they would not accept. Try pondering a bit and maybe Allah will guide you.
  10. According to hadith we have describing the events, before prophet Dawud (عليه السلام), Israelites had their kings and prophets separate. Why? i don't know. Israelites had alot of tribalistic problems and history of disobeying prophets. Hence, they demanded continuation of the same with prophet Samuel (عليه السلام). What if Allah decreed that the prophet would be their king? would they accept or would it be like the even of prophet Haroun (عليه السلام). We know what Israelites are capable of, and we know that even though they were told afterward to drink only a bit from the river, only 313 abid
  11. This is where we differ. We in Shia Madhhab believe to fully establish and implement Allah's guidance within the ummah, governance is required and taguts need to be removed. Its not enough for prophet to simply confront unjust rulers, but rather if situation manifests itself, they must remove them. Hence, Allah removed pharoh throuugh Prophet Musa (عليه السلام), prophet Dawud (عليه السلام) removed the taguts in Palestine and Raoulallah (عليه السلام) removed the taguts in Meka. Though the prophets, Allah establishes his authority on earth. Since Allah's religion encompasses all aspects of
  12. So, all the verses on Khalafat are nothing? you're jaded. Appointing Khalifa's on earth means exactly that, on earth, not part of it. That is the intent, which will be fully realized by Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). The other prophets showed glimpse of that. Such as prophet Musa (عليه السلام) and Haroun (عليه السلام) (who was directly appointed as Khalifa). Ponder a bit and don't just respond. Most of Islamic laws are social and not personal, eg. usury. These require Islamic rule directed by the representative of Allah to establish. It's quite obvious in today's world. A prophet can tell peo
  13. You're almost getting it.... though then you go way off course in quoting Jewish Bible? The heck? are you a crypto jew? Anything jewish is not proof upon us. If you agree that the prophet has authority in every sphere of life, then it's just a matter of the masses accepting it for it to become official upon them. The institutions, systems and rule that prophets setup is vastly different than the ones Taguts setup. Once the prophet rule is accepted by the masses, then the hard part starts, in the masses being able to follow the prophet, which history has shown them to be incapable of.
  14. Whats to be understood from these discussions is the complexity of Allah's rule through his representatives. Allah gives glimpses of rule by his prophets throughout history to demonstrate the difficulty of holding on to them. From Prophet Musa (عليه السلام) leading the Israelites ( them failing to follow him to promise land ), to prophet Davud (عليه السلام) and Soleiman (عليه السلام), who gave the world a glimpse of what an end times Khalafa of Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام) will look like ( as their kingdoms fell apart soon after the passing of these prophets, due to the masses breaking their coven
  15. It should be noted that prophets exerting their authority is not a simple matter of declaring they have divine authority and that other should accept their rule, or else it would be like the case of prophet Haroun (عليه السلام) during the disappearance of prophet Musa (عليه السلام). Prophet Haroun (عليه السلام) was given Khalfat by Allah during the 40 days of absence, but since he went against what the masses desired, they turned against him and threatened him with violence. Only a few remained on his side. Hence, such event exist as an opportunity to understand that prophet's of Allah must mo
  16. You seem confusing kingship and Allah's rule. People can choose anyone as kings, doesn't mean it's the one Allah chooses. Israelites broke Allah's covenant and went their own separate ways, killing the prophets Allah sent them, until prophethood was completely removed from them. The authority of prophet David (عليه السلام) and Solieman (عليه السلام) is given, what the people were willing to accept is whats at stake. They finally accepted that both roles can be combined, hence prophet David (عليه السلام) took such position, putting an end to the separation. When Israelites went their o
  17. You seem to be doing a lot of dancing around, trying to wrap your mind around something you don't understand. Welaya of Allah is a difficult topic to understand. The prophets have unbound authority from Allah, how they exercise that authority is based on what the masses can bear. The prophets guide (welaya) the masses so that they would reach the conclusion that they need their rule, rather than them just telling them (command). This is done by teaching them about the Islamic social laws and goals (requiring leadership), teaching about obedience of the representative of Allah (unconditional),
  18. This again is based on consideration of the context of its time. We're talking about primitive people at primitive times. What the masses have capacity of is far different that what Allah wants in the long term. It takes decades and centuries to get the believers to a state where a prophet's direct rule can be fully accepted by the masses. You seem to have very little understanding of methodology of Welayat of Allah. After all you're young and raised in a madhhab of dictators and taguts, how could you know better. Better to learn than be argumentative, patting yourself in the back based on you
  19. The separation of kingship and prophethood was a special case for Israelites before the take over of Palestine. This rule was removed with prophet Dawud (عليه السلام), when the Israelites were ready to accept the combination of roles. We had hadith that explains this. Regardless, it was Allah's decree to treat Israelites differently, for whatever situational reason. Allah set alot of rules for Israelites that were out of norm and were later removed. This has more to do with the Israelites, their deficiencies, biases, and general tribalistic tendencies than with with the authority of the prophe
  20. Khalifa of Allah (representatives of Allah). Its not only limited to the direct example in Quran and Allah has specified Khalifa on earth on multiple general instances regarding those he chooses. such as: Their rank and scope might differ. Some for their own community, some greater. eg. multiple prophets at the same time follow a hierarchy. prophet Ibrahim (عليه السلام) had higher authority than prophet Lut (عليه السلام). Regardless, being representatives of Allah (prophets, messengers, imams), gives them authority from Allah. The scope of their authority upon the people, howe
  21. Prophets are Khalif-at Allah on earth, from Prophet Adam onwards. Their authority is not limited and its from Allah. Its up to the people on earth to accept such authority, hence by accepting, they’re accepting authority of Allah, if not authority of taguts (false authorities) Hence, when the people accept the authority of Rasoulalah (عليه السلام) ( all encompassing) , they’re accepting authority of Allah. We see that Rasoulallah excersizes that authority through leading the muslim ummah. Therefore: Khalfa is tied to accepting Allah’s authority Khalifa of Allah has no
  22. Enough with the western worship. You cant even do proper research on what occurred 19 years ago ( September 11), and yet you're giving opinions on Vietnam war. It's becoming tiresome. On every radical point you made, you've been proven wrong. You still have a lot of growing up to do. A Satanist, usury based country that blows up its own building and blames muslims for start of clash of civilization war against Islam can never be beneficial.
  23. Allah does not use his enemies as means of his command. When Allah removes his blessing from muslim group, it's natural the enemies of Islam will try to dominate them. This doesn't mean Allah wants it to happen. This is the same arguments dictators use to justify their power "if we came into power, its cause Allah willed it". This is justification of Evil. It's a false argument. If India or China take over a muslim nation, would you praise them the same way? It's absurd. Instruments of Allah are those who are believers and carry out Allah's will.
  24. Good to hear you're clarifying your views. Though what you say and what you are different. Being a Hanafi Sunni, doesn't mean you need to be westernized, evident by your inability to even accept their luciferian agendas, including blowing up their own building on September 11 for their agenda in muslim world. If you cant accept that, you cant accept their intentions and we wont be able to move forward. It's a litmus test that you failed on. You need to do remove your biases, do proper research and understand the truth. Also, you cant place the Shia Islamic revolution in the same category
  25. We will let you know. You will see it first hand. We Shia's plan centuries and decades in advance. This revolution was in the making since the time of Imam Musa Kazim (عليه السلام). We're patient and the world will be impressed. Unlike the Sunnis, crying for Zionist take over due to their failures. How sad. WF respects the choices of the masses, and guides them to spiritual and political growth ( basirat ). This takes time and patients is required. This is hard to understand for those used to dictators breathing down their necks. It was the same during the time of Imam Ali ( as the pe
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