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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Western methodology is not total censorship (not yet). Their methodology is coercing the majority and coopting the minority. Through mass media, and social media, they can capture the minds and hearts of the majority and direct them as they choose. For minority, they create so much noise, counter movements, false conspiracies (like flat Earth), or movement coopting, that they are always in state of confusing and disarray, hence providing no actual resistance. At best minorities become like headless chickens, running around in every which way. Hence; why various sites and people that expose certain aspects of their plans can operate. It becomes a problem when a minority group finds clarity and purpose with proper leadership, like the Shias. Then, they do everything they can shut them down. eg. Iran and western relationship in the last 41 years. The westerners alternative media on the other hand, poses no real threat.
  2. Maybe they eventually will. They're at the phase of cleansing popular social media sites of "conspiracies", which accounts for majority of what the masses are exposed to. Individual sites are on the other hand are being dealt with by search engines with pushing them back from the front page of search results or removed from results entirely. Google search is not the same search as few years ago for instance. If a site is not popular, or deemed to be not a threat, then it's ignored. It's a step by step process.
  3. No doubt they have secondary and tertiary agendas in play. Hence why we must rightfully identify the reality of whats going on as to be prepared to whats to come. There is a world of difference between a virus breaking out naturally and our enemies taking advantage of it vs them releasing it as part of their multistep agenda. In the second option, the enemy has preplanned this far in advance and will be moving quickly from stage to stage, hence our state of readiness must be much higher. Other agenda that could be in play is shifting towards the NWO model through collapse of the dollar and moving towards global centralization http://www.alt-market.com/index.php/articles/4160-the-crash-of-the-everything-bubble-is-here-and-its-not-going-away-anytime-soon
  4. Same thing can be said about Sep11 attacks conspiracy theories, but the truth is truth and must be investigated. Ofcourse, there will be many theories on who actually is the culprit, but thats the point of research and investigation. It's not helping the matter to dismiss them entirely just because the water has become muddy.
  5. Absolutely correct. By ignoring the culprits behind the attacks and calling them an act of nature, we're emboldening them to move on to further stages. These are the same satanists behind September 11 attacks, and yet the masses ignored that, and here we are. I don't doubt that this is a trial run before releasing a much more serious virus in the future.
  6. One way to look at it is the westernized masses didn't participate in force. Large turnout has not exactly turned out in favour of the Islamic republic in the last decade. Though the westerners will try to cling on any "victory" they can get their hands on, the very fact that the parliament has turned out more to be more revolutionary now will heavily limit their political gains and their push for Iran to further back down via Rohani.
  7. You are correct that it's a hybrid system that must be changed completely. However, we have to look at the quality of people and knowledge of sharia based systems at that time, or even now. At the very top, we have WF ( High scholarly knowledge, wisdom, and leadership skills), Hence, welayat based system. However, at the subsystems, we don't have the people or the knowledge. Take for example the economy and financial system. What Sharia based economic theory did we have, or trained scholars well versed in such economic theory for the complex society of today? very few scholars even attempted it. These require development and take decades. We're talking about a society with 1000s of systems working with one common philosophy, much like wests liberalism, darwinism, capitalism... all based on common materialistic understanding of the world. The path to production of Islamic knowledge and Sharia based system building requires massive social movements, even once these theories are developed. The masses must reach a point of maturity where they want Islam and sharia, and must support those who want to implement these systems. According to Iranian strategist like Hasan Abassi, Iran does have alot of these systems figured out, but the political, social will for them doesn't exist as of yet. If the masses are not supporting, then even when the Imam is ruling over them, nothing will get done, as evident by the history of the Ahlul bait, government of the Rasulallah (عليه السلام) or Imam Ali (عليه السلام), and the end result will be the same. Hence, these elections, at very least, represent the basirat (awareness) of the masses and if the proper revolutionary people are selected, then the regime can moved ahead and start tearing apart the existing system.
  8. Iran does no such thing. Iran sets forth the path to Imam Mahdi's (عليه السلام) revolution and government. A society is made of systems and institutions, these institutions direct a society to a certain path. eg. Usury based economic system is war against Allah and will move the society away from him, hence away from wanting and supporting Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). There are well over thousands of systems governing a society. The role of the Islamic revolution in Iran and its influence elsewhere is to setup and direct these institution to move the society towards God. The more systems it can convert from Westernized to Islamic, the closer and more ready the society becomes for Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). This is the purpose of the Islamic revolution that will go on till the revolution of Imam Mahdi. Its a revolution cause its aways revolting against the existing systems.
  9. Weak Iraq government was the design of the Zionists. With Iran out of the picture, pressure will mount to remove the Shia militias in Iraq and set the stage from another Isis type invasions, or something else along the lines of Shia/Sunni conflict. As long as US is in Iraq, Iran needs to be there too.
  10. Still far away from Iraq being able to stand on its own two feet, either militarily or politically. Until then, Iran has to be involved or else the Zionists will devour Iraq and split it into 3 separate regions as per greater Middle East design.
  11. Trump follows the script he's thrown at, like a wrestler in WWE. His personality is there for western consumption. As soon as the attacks happened, the entire western mass media went on damage control claiming nothing had happened, no casualties, no damage. A narrative they're still sticking too. It's too unbelievable for them that the Shia's can damage a super power. All the claims of US attacking 52 of Iran's target if they attacked any of its assets were just a bluff, and to keep pressure off themselves, they down played the entire attack and lied about what occurred. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/08/breaking-america-lied-devastation-at-two-Iraqi-base-video-evidence/
  12. Are people under impression the US will reveal how many have died? https://www.tehrantimes.com/news/443924/Over-80-U-S-forces-dead-in-Iran-missile-attack-to-targets-in
  13. Something that dawned on me, is the similarities of whats happening to what took place in karabala and the contextual situation around that era. 1. We have Obama as the role of Muawiya, indirectly waging war against Iran, crippling sanctions, waging war through Isis, but holding off from direct confrontation 2. Trump as role of Yazid, bolden by affects of sanctions on Iran, protests in Iran and Iraq, thinking he can finish the job by attacking Iran's generals directly, taking out Shia resistance leaders and finishing the job 3. Shia world disunited and in state of disarray to an extend, feeling the effects of the pressures 4. Soleimani invited by Iraqi and US request on diplomatic mission https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/06/exposed-by-msm-soleimani-in-Iraq-at-trumps-request-not-Saudi-to-end-embassy-violence/ 5. Death of Soleimani united the Muslim world like never before 6. American's allies abandoning Trump as the realities are setting in https://www.businessinsider.com/us-allies-are-abandoning-Trump-as-he-escalates-threats-Iran-2020-1 https://www.thedailybeast.com/netanyahu-distances-from-soleimani-slaying-says-Israel-shouldnt-be-dragged-into-it-report What will happen next? With Shia's revenge, we will see history repeating itself (much like Mukhtar's revenge), as Trump will become abandoned and isolated, blaming anyone other than himself. disarray will ensue in the American supporters in Middle East as the final phase of America's influence will be triggered. Beginning of the end for them.
  14. That is the purpose of Trump. Trump was brought into power as the crazy president, giving the zionists a free hand to carry on radical strategies blaming it on Trump and his nationalist supporters. Hence, if they ever want to change tactics, they will just switch presidents, and the masses will dismiss all the has happened as a bad election mistake, as it was with switching to Obama from Bush.
  15. The Zonists failed on taking on the Shia resistance through ISIS, then failed again trying to create an Arab/Iran war through Saudis, so now they're getting involved directly. It's the final phase before completely defeating and kicking them out of Middle East. Iran needs to answer in kind and hit their central command and take out their equivalent in military leadership, or else they will be boldened to strike Soleimani's replacement, Shia leaders in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq... They're not fighting through proxies anymore. Once the US retaliates for that, then we need to target their military bases all around Iraq and mobilize a war against them, with Marjas giving fatwas for Jihad. They're stupidity has brought them their end. Shia's do not lose war against external enemies.
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