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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shia's involvement in politics/social movements goes beyond the weak government in Iraq. It was Ayatollah's Sistani's fatwa that threatened the Americans into setting up elections after the 2003 invasion, then holding back the Shias at the height of the suicided bombings from attacking the Sunnis and starting a Sunni/Shia warfare. However, when the time was right, he gave fatwa for mobilized the Iraqis against ISIS. Iraqis are still a long way from having political foresight to elect proper government leaders, however, marja's like Sistani are directing them towards that end.
  2. False generalization, if the Shia's had not taken direction from the Marja's, Iraq would have been engulfed in sectarian civil war a long time ago. Lebanon is another example of how a proper Shia leadership is inseparable from politics with positive impact on society, to the extend which would not exist without them. If it wasn't for Shia's taking political stance in Middle East, the Muslim world would have been a very different place, and there would be no need for the zionist to create an anti Imam Mahdi tv series. Though, it's a good sign, shows they're scared.
  3. These protests were predicted month before by Iranian analysts. This is due to the infiltration of positions of power by the westernized forces in Iran (presidency and parliament). The gas price hike was the deliberate shock needed to set it off. Hence, in an organized manner the western agents started to create chaos in the country, burning and looting. The number of dead should be taken with grain of salt as its just propaganda. its in Farsi, from few month ago, but it's titled: To the path of the hot winter (meaning full of chaos)
  4. I agree with what you'r saying. We only have problems with Shia's who are pro Zionism and pro US imperialism and support them knowingly, or unknowingly. If they're misguided and unknowingly following the Zionist agendas, then we try to guide/educate and use a soft approach in dealing with them. However, if they're working with the enemies of Ahlul Bayt deliberately, then we will see them as enemies as well.
  5. We do now. This is the result of the Shia's rising up and entering the political and social arena. We now have fitna's, where munafiqs, thinking they can be victories, reveal their true intentions. Every few years fitna's occur in Shia world and the munafiqs become known. A good example is the 2009 counter revolution attempt in Iran, when they tried to create civil war through the claim of cheating in election, as part of the CIA's colour revolution attempt. There were prominent Shia's and clerics who showed their true colours by lying, deceiving and attempting to bring about the same result as what came about in Syria. This is not matter of preferences, sins, or flaws, this is complete enmity towards the followers of Ahul Bayt and siding with enemies of Ahlul Bait. No different than the roles of Omar, Abubakr at the time of the Prophet. Except that time, the munafiqs were successful and this time they're not.
  6. Very simplistic world view. Iran as example, we have Shia's in cleric clothing who are working to bring the entire Shia movement under the control of the Zionists. They will sell out everything the country has and then set it up to be divided as part of the greater Middle East plan. Shia Islam will die a slow death if they have their way. They will try to accomplish on the behalf of the western empire, what they themselves could never accomplish directly. These Shia's are the enemies of Ahlul Bayt, even though they pray, and pretend to love them. These are the people, who will raise their sword against Imam Mahdi when he returns. We have many hadith stating that Shia clerics will wage war against Imam Mahdi upon his return. Such as:
  7. We need to define what love of Ahlul Bayt means. How can one love Ahlul Bayt and yet love and support their enemies as well. Alot of Shia's fall in that category. How can we believe someone loves Ahlul Bayt just by them giving the label of Shia? Throughout history we have had CIA agents pretending to be clerics, starting movements... This is the entirety of recognizing believer from munafiq. If we cannot recognize that separation, we are doomed to repeat the Islamic history. Those who hate Ahlul Bayt are known as nasibis and Iran doesn't associate with them. They make themselves known when there is a fitna, as we the isis insurgence. Iran does not associate with them.
  8. It is correct that Islam was defeated because they abandoned Ahlul Bayt. The same is happening now, except that followers of Ahlul Bayt have social and political power and their enemies have disguised themselves as the followers of Ahlul Bayt. This is what being a munafiq is. If they didn't pretend to be Shia's then they wouldn't be munafiqs and not a threat. I use the example of Iran, cause it's an obvious betrayal of the path of Ahlul Bait and siding with the enemies of the Islam. If its not obvious for you, then you need to re-evaluate your understanding of the world around you. This is not the matter of not following a certain ideology and preferences. This is the very definition of Haq vs Batil. This is why we need basirat, so we can tell truth from falsehood and not be fooled by anyone who just calls themselves Shia. The enemeis of Islam have realized that they must create fake Shia scholars and fake Shia movements. Iran's policies are clear, alliance and support for those who are against the zionist empire. If any Shia movement is working with CIA, Mossad, MI6 or any other western intelligence agencies to create divide and conquer strategy in the region, then Iran will take action against them. Shia resistance are the ones that fought and defeated the extreme wahabi movements, not these other Shia groups, which then led to Wahabi ideology being officially removed from Sunni religion. Shia unity is being implemented by the resistance movement, hence we have Shia's from all over the world siding and being supported by the Shia resistance against the zionists and their supporters. The Shia's not part of this, are the ones siding with the zionists and hence are siding with enemies of Allah. As Imam Ali has said: "Do not seek to know the Truth (al-Haqq) according to other people. Rather first come to know the Truth — and only then will you recognize Its people."
  9. The defining aspect of our time and a blessing in disguise is that Shia Islam has become powerful enough to enter the social and political arena. Now that we have risen, our enemies outside and within are making themselves known through all the fitna's that are occurring. We have the guidelines and the principles to know where truth lies and where falsehood lies. On one side we have the zionist global empire, their supporters (direct and indirect), and we have Shia's leading the resistance against them. This path manifested itself with the Islamic revolution in Iran and has expanded outwards, including Sunnis and non Muslims who support them. On the other side, we have the Zionist global empire, lead my the western powers, with follower within Muslim world, including Sunnis and Shia's. The most dangerous of them all, are the Shia's who supported them, acting as munafiq fifth column as enemies within. Islam has always been defeated by the enemies within. In Iran for example we have a munafiq, westernized president (Rohani) and parliament, bent on selling the county out to the western powers though the negotiations (first nuclear, then trying out for missiles, regional influence, energy independence, cultural secularism). Outside of Iran, we have Shia munafiq groups seeking out the divide and conquer strategy (Shia's vs Sunnis), while ignoring the zionists, backed and supported by the zionist empire, as part of the 30 years war strategy (attempted at first phase by Isis movement). A group or someone being Shia is meaningless, unless we know where they stand in the grand scheme of this global movement. Do they side with the zionists (knowingly or unknowingly) or with the anti zionist resistance movement.
  10. If we look at the deeper spiritual hand behind the rise of the Shias, from the time of the occultation of Imam Mahdi(عليه السلام), to the point when the Shias having a revolution starting in Iran, to the point of becoming a regional power, we see that it's no coincidence. Imam Mahdi(عليه السلام) is the hidden hand behind all this, till the day of his arrival. Selection of Shia leaders in this regard, was no coincidence and were guided, directed and chosen by Imam Mahdi(عليه السلام), indirectly, from the last thousand years. The next Shia leader will also be chosen by him, assuming his arrival doesn't occur before hand, hence speculating is pointless. Most people will be surprised by it. Imam Khameni, when he was chosen, was 50 years old. what makes people think the next person wont be younger?
  11. Seems like psychological warfare directed at the masses. Attack Japanese tanker when the west/zionists are trying to get Japan to bring Iran back to negotiations. Negotiations over missiles and regional influence. The goal being to insinuate that Iran's enemies are against rapprochement with the west and will do anything to sabotage it. Hence, the sloppy attempt to blame Iran for this attack.
  12. One outcome of the revolution was that it brought Islam to the forefront of social events, and with it, fitnas, conspiracies and evolving social crisis. Unlike in the past, this has given up a new metric to measure the basirat (spiritual awareness, separating truth from falshood) of the religious leaders and marajs. A scholar or marja can be the highest rank in figh and Islamic knowledge, but when it applying their knowledge and knowing whats true and whats false, they can be a lower than an average person. Basirat, is what matters when it comes to leadership and its the output of years of training scholars receive. It is what's expected from a marja as a leader of Shia. The revolution and the ensuing fitna's exposed alot of the marja's and scholars as just been educated in figh and not much beyond that. Imam Khomeini saw through that, and hence dismissed most maraj's as unfit for leadership. A good example is Ayatollah Montazeri (who was thought to succeed Imam Khomeini). This is also why, in decades leading up to the revolution, extensive effort was made to train new era of scholars for that very purpose. Imam Khamenei was the outcome of that. In the last 40 years of the revolution, with ever increasing complexity of the fitna's occurring, there hasn't been any scholar who has demonstrated basirat even close to the level of Wali Fagih. Knowing what to say, when to say, how to act, when to act and when not to act is all part of it. As far as I know, thats no the case anymore.
  13. While the world is distracted. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2019/03/20/during-new-zealand-terrorist-attack-Israel-bombs-hundreds-to-death-press-remains-silent/
  14. Iran is not a monolithic entity where its centralized under one power. If you look at the Iran's constitution, only 5 articles apply to the Wali Fagih, 38 for presidency and 37 for parliament ( two groups that are dominated by the westernized liberals ). Wali Fagih, simply directs and guides on internal matter at this point, it's up to different aspects of the government to listen to him or not based on religious duty. Think of it this way, when ISIS invaded Iraq, and Ayatollah Sistani gave fatwa to fight them, what legal authority did he have other than religious obligation of his followers? People could have ignored his call. Now, in Iran we have authorities in power who ignore and do as they like. It's up to the people to remove them from power through listening the Wali Fagih and his guidance. In the last parliamentary election, the Wali Fagih called on the masses to not vote for those the west supports. The people did the exact opposite, and here we are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_the_Islamic_Republic_of_Iran
  15. We already do have munafiqs in positions of power (government, parliament, economy...), and they're doing exactly as is expected of munafiqs; attempting to follow the strategies of enemies of Allah, trying to bypass or dismantle Islam principles any way they can, facilitating and allowing corruption as much as they can, giving out intelligence and security information to the western agencies, removing the means of evading sanctions, removing self sufficiency, manipulating the economy to increase hardship... These people have come to power through the means of elections and influences associated with them. This falls on the people for their lack of basirat ( ability to see the truth), not on the welayat faqih or the regime. Where you see the waly faqih directly involved in, is in the Shia regional influences, neutralizing the 18 years old and 7 trillion dollars western plan (since 2001) of reshaping the region. In the internal affairs, the role of the waly fagih is to direct and guide the society, increase their basirat, manage the munafiq groups that ppl have brought to power, so they expose themselves without doing irreversible damage, and eventually remove them from the scene. This will take time, and damage the society receives from them is dependent on how quickly the masses mature and gain basirat. Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. [al-Ra’d 13:11]
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