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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. A prayer:

    Ya Allah! You are the witness to all injustice that has happened, and is still happening to the Ummah of Muhammad (SAW).

    Ya Allah, I beg you in the name of Muhammad (SAW) and his pure & pious progeny, to ease the burdens of our Muslim brothers and sisters wherever they are in the corners of the world. Enrich their lives with happiness, mercy, kindness, patience and good health. Make them successful people in this world and the next world. AMEEN

  2. For the blessings, love and kindness you showed me,,,, i would forever be grateful to you my LORD :)

    La ilaha illa lah, Muhammad rasool Allah Ali waliyullah.

  3. agr larki shiaa ho aur larka sunni ho tu nikah konsa hoga agr suniyon wala ho kia yea sahi hoga

    1. fatemah kareema

      fatemah kareema

      Main hindee samajh mein nahin aata.

      Kya aap angrejee (english) bolate hain?

  4. :) For as long as you keep me in your company, the world worry me not, my dear Lord.

  5. If a person's goodness can prevent his hardships, Al Hussein (AS) would never had suffered...

  6. Sometimes, the people who sacrifice everything for others to be happy are more lonely and sad in their own lives. :)

  7. That unforgettable moment, when you're living...while knowing you're dead... (recall)

  8. Really missed the old days....missing my drawings :(

  9. :bismillah: A dignified death is better than humiliating life - IMAM AL HUSSEIN (AS)

  10. :bismillah:   "The wisest of all men are those who spare a moment to think about the reality of life, the essence of man's creation, the existence of a diety, the mystery behind death, and the unseen consequences of man's actions" - My conclusions about life.

  11. :bismillah:"Do not criticize he, whom u have no idea of. Do not judge he, whom u have no knowledge of. Focus on perfecting & purifying your inner self cos u have no idea who's to hell & who's to paradise" - My conclusions about life...

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